Atticus REALLY enjoyed Matthew's birthday dinner (Enchiladas) and the Ice cream cake.

Double Trouble!!  The gate blocks the stairs sort of.


Atticus the fireman (notice he is on the table)

Atticus the nudist.  He has learned not only to take his diaper off but to climb up on the table, too.

Aiden teaching ":MeMe" to sword fight



First is his birth minute pic, he was just waking up.                Second, Hey where's my food, it is MY birthday


Piņata time, It was a pull string one, Aiden pulled the bottom came off but nothing came out.

Don't worry we set the candy free and the kids did get to scramble for it.


Time for presents


                               OOOHHH plastic!!!                     Not sure who liked this better Aiden or Atticus

Time for cake.  Mom just gave me a little piece and I didn't get to make a mess.

Then I found someone else's cake and got to have fun.


A great end to his First birthday.


In a new birthday outfit from Grandma!!!                                   Daddy and his little boys.                                         

Look what I can do!!!                                                                    How the stairs should look               


Look at what I can do!!! He is pretty steady just standing there, but still only takes maybe 2 or 3 steps.



Before and

After feeding himself(11/9/05)


Gee mom, I guess I needed a nap.



Look what I can do!!!!! 


Atticus in his new diapers.

Atticus with his first taste of "food"

                             Gimmie Gimme Gimmie......                           What did you give me???

             I can do this.                                                        Take notice of his toes 




                                                                                                       Notice the hands, I thought it was a cute way for them to fall asleep.


What Atticus did to entertain himself at the fair