The March Birthday boys Abraham and Atticus

The birthday cakes, the Teddy Bear one was made by my mom. The Power Ranger was an ice cream cake.

  Their faces as we sang Happy Birthday. Atticus didn't mind the center of attention thing, Abraham was not so sure about it.

Atticus talking about his wish and Abraham with his cake before he was allowed to touch it, Katrina volunteered to hold him without let him touch it.

  First he neatly picked off the sprinkles, then time to eat it without touching it?!


Ice cream in one had cake in the other.                  Doesn't he look thrilled?!



That quizzical look is what he had throughout the opening and checking out of the presents.

He was poking it open with one finger and then peeking to see what was inside.

A train!! Thanks Grandma Toni!



Atticus hunting, finding and opening presents. The hunting started thanks to a friend who gave us the idea when we couldn't find any wrapping paper in the DR.


Abraham on March 4th

Birth minute picture

Eating a favorite treat

Some last pictures before he is a year old.


Atticus on his Birth Day March 1st

Birth minute pic

Just waking up                                                          His choice of breakfast a poptart and movie

some of his favorite things, playing on the computer and playing his DS


Chuck E Cheese party for Atticus


Atticus getting an early present.

I LOVE the blue tongue, we stopped at Sonic after Chuck E Cheese for their 1/2 price drinks.