DC April 2010

For spring break the kids and I went to Virginia to see Matthew. It was a loooong drive out with Abraham screaming for the last 6 hours. He didn't scream the entire six hours but even in his sleep he would cry out. I guess he could have screamed the whole trip or the kids could have fought the whole way. Aiden and Atticus did really well with next to no fighting. The drive home was a bit better for Abraham, I turned his seat around and the Easter bunny brought him a Blues Clues DVD. I think that combined with some of his favorite snacks helped.  With Matt having only a one bedroom apartment and the addition of 3 beds and a crib it was tight quarters so we went out daily. In our outings we didn't ever really loose anyone, though there were a few occasions that I wasn't so sure. Atticus got on the elevator alone in Matt's apartment building and since the kids thought I had him and I thought he had stayed with them there was a slightly frantic search for him. The Natural History Museum was so crowded that it was easy to have someone next to you one minute and then gone. I will remember not to go during spring break next time. We did have fun and it was great to have Matt with us for a whole week. The pictures below show most of what we did for the week.


Waiting in line to get into the Museum, notice the difference in the way the kids wait?


The first picture was just for Atticus who loves to say "Curse you Perry the Platypus!"





We had no highchair or seat and the stroller only worked if he let me feed him, but the table top worked good for feeding himself.

And the bruise on his forehead, yea it is on his passport photo too.

The Cherry Blossoms were pretty and the photos of them are by Abby.




Although if you ask Atticus about the Zoo he will only mention the tunnels to crawl through, I think they really liked the hands on room. I know Aiden was full of questions as usual.

The Zoo photos below are courtesy of AJ.