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December 2010


December 16 2010


  I just can't seem to find time to write...it's either to much Facebook or the kids, will blame it on the kids. We have started online speech therapy using Skype. We just finished week two and I think it is going well. Atticus is good about focusing and doing what he needs to. Aiden is sometimes. I think part is his knowledge level is much more than the level of his speech. He is a bright 9yo but his speech sounds are below K. The therapist I think is good and I think she will work with Aiden and I to make it doable.


AJ is working full time for winter hire. He leaves at 7am on the shuttle and doesn't get home until about 6pm. He is lucky enough to have the 45-60min ride down and back so he can keep up with his school work. He is working at the CLO for the first 3 weeks and then he moves to a new office...Cultural Affairs I think. I know after the shuttle ride down he will need to catch another bus to get to that office.


Abraham is talking more and more. He has said a few 3 word sentences not often but I have heard them. He calls Atticus,  Acky I find it adorable. He is really good at giving you the mean look, shaking his finger and telling you "No, No, No!" I find the face cute and funny even if he doesn't mean for it to be. A favorite thing for him to do is push the Little Tykes chair around and around and around and chase the dog some. He will actually play with toys now, little the Batman and cave or Little People toys. I think he is a precious baby, even if he woke me this morning at 4:30 to start the day.


We went Ice skating a couple of days ago with the Homeschool group.  I took just Aiden and Atticus. I left Abraham with Abby and they did fine. Aiden and Atticus may or may not say they had fun. They didn't want to go on the day before but I think they had some fun while we were there. Aiden did a good job of trying and getting somewhere, considering he hasn't ever really skated with wheels or blades.  Atticus screamed lots and would say he couldn't skate but he did Ok and would have done fine if he wasn't so scared. There were suppose to be snow and bubbles while we skated and a visit from Santa but we left early. Aiden had gotten his barefoot stepped by someone is ice skates and he was done before that. Walking back to the van we were passing a Buddhist Temple and stopped in. I thought it was pretty and loved the carvings of the dragons. The best part I didn't get stopped by the police and I didn't get lost. I did drive somewhere that after turning onto that cars weren't really meant to go but.....