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January 2011




January 22nd

  I didn't get to finish yesterday oh well. Today the sun came out for a bit and it didn't rain. Abraham, Atticus and I went out for a bit. We took down the ripped trampoline net and put up a new one. Hopefully the stray cats won't rip this one, they are exactly cheap. Matt and AJ went to get us fried rice but they were closed so brought home some Korean food. It was tasty and they got out for a walk.

   A couple of lessons I learned over the last couple of days. A rice table inside might sound like a good idea, they have them in preschools, right?! If you have a not quite 2yo in the house you may end up with rice throughout your house. Someone managed to walk through the dining room, living room, hall and into my bedroom before losing a good amount of rice.  The next lesson was be careful where you leave a bowl of chocolate after scrapping it. You might end up with chocolate on the walls, cupboards, refrigerator, dishwasher and all over the baby.



   One other reminder I received, Abby wanted some yarn.  She was out and hadn't let me know ahead of time so I could order more. We were going to go find the fabric market and there were a few yarn shops listed that were suppose to be close so why not?! I was reminded of why not as we drove around and around looking for the first with no luck. On to the second the first trip around we missed the turn and with one way streets it was a bit to get back around and then the turn was down what may have been a road but it wasn't big enough for more than scooters. The Garmin is good but not perfect. So back to driving around to try and get to the other side but again one way streets and what not it wasn't easy. However we did find the alley it was down and the store was there. I did buy the yarn but the price was another reminder of why we order online.  I easily paid 3x what I would have if ordering.  After driving in circles to find that we skipped the fabric market. I am fairly certain it is something that you need time to wander for and I didn't have it.


   Last weekend we went to Eddy's Cantina. A Mexican restaurant near here in Danshui, about an hour from our house. I had read about it somewhere and had been wanting to go. First off we thought it was worth the drive, but next time we will plan to do more out that way. It was a cold wet day or we could have just hung out at the park across the street. It was cold or we may have enjoyed the meal a bit more as they didn't appear to have any heat. Since we were driving to a place to eat, we weren't really dressed to hang out in the cold.  They however had soda for all A&W Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero (you can't get that anywhere). The appetizers were yummy (nachos and papa fritas), the desserts were yummy, the entrées well we will try some other things. AJ and I both had chimichanga and Matt had enchiladas. The little boys did like their quesadillas.




January 21st

  It has been yet another wet cold week. Well maybe not to terribly cold but definitely not summer weather.  I think one day I walked to the store with Abraham but that was about it for being outside. Matt was sick most of the week so I was lucky enough to get to go to AIT and Costco with just Abraham. I was a bit nervous as it took the Garmin until I was halfway down the mountain to connect. I do not know the way to AIT on my own, I think I have only driven it one other time, otherwise Matt drives and I don't pay attention. I may have been able to get to Costco from AIT and I could have gotten home. However it was nice not to have to guess.


Januaray 15th


Maybe one day I will do this on a regular basis. We had a good Christmas as pictures will tell.  We had thought about going down to Taipei 101 for New Years but opted out. I was slightly disappointed and I think the older kids were too. However come midnight I was glad to be in my nice warm home were the youngest two could fall asleep and not have to be worried about. Atticus made it until 11:30 but couldn't hold out. We did watch the fireworks and count down on TV it was good enough for this year. Hopefully we will do one New Years Eve down there before we go.

   I thought a bit about where we were this time last year and I think Abraham's changes amaze me the most. He wasn't walking yet let alone climbing or talking. He is everywhere now, as the picture page will tell. In fact right now I think he is on the kitchen counter and I should go get him down.  He talks alot now too. I think my favorite right now is his WOOO HOOO. He will say that when asked many things like want to nurse, want to watch Law and Order, want a piece of candy.  Which would be another word he says very well, candy and cookie but that is for real cookies or crackers. He can't say Mickey Mouse but he LOVES Mickey Mouse, he says Mo Mo adorable. He gave up calling Atticus Acky and says something a bit closer I was sorry to see Acky go I thought that was cute. A word we could do without  is "NOOO" he says it for everything even if he means yes and especially if he isn't getting his way. We are still working on potty training, I wish I had ordered the training pants a loong time ago but I really thought we wouldn't start before he was two and even then only if he was interested. He has many signs he is ready stays dry overnight and at naps, can stop when told to, goes at least 2hrs between needing to go, he sometimes tells me but not nearly often enough. The biggest thing is he hates diapers I put one on once when he was still awake and he scream and cried and carried on for a long time and pulled and pulled at the diaper. I don't have many diapers that he couldn't just rip off. So we plug along and hope for only a couple of accidents a day. He does get a night diaper but I wait until he is asleep and even so he has only wet it twice in the last 3 weeks. As soon as he wakes up or sometimes when he is half awake he takes the diaper off.  He for some reason will wake during the night and be wide awake. Sometimes it is because he went to sleep to early I guess even if it is 7:30-8 which is sometimes OK sometimes not. He will usually nurse and lay there for a while before giving up and getting up. The other night he let himself and the dog out. I knew he let the dog out but didn't realize he was out until he was opening the gate for them both to go into the street. I got to greet the police officer in my PJ's at 2:30 in the morning. At least Abraham was dressed often when the diaper comes off the pants don't go back on. Hopefully GSO will help us get a new lock for the gates and/or the sliding door. They have a simple lock and then a bar but Abraham can undo both of those easily and quickly.


As for the others they have grown in the last year in many ways but much more subtle. We have moved half way around the world and are back living as a family which is awesome. However that does mean we left some family thousands of miles away and that is hard. We have made some great families here which makes the moving a bit easier. I really like on nice weather days being able to take the kids outside and knowing we will see kids and moms. This is a nice spot to be.


Matt spent some time at the port over the holidays practicing his Chinese and seeing some interesting sights. Hopefully he will share some photos on here. He had some days at home to but it rained pretty much the entire time he was home so we didn't get out and about. I am still hoping for a nice day to actually go see Taipei 101.


As for school and the younger boys it is moving along. I hope Atticus will learn to like school a bit. Maybe if we get back in the grove he won't complain so much it drives me nuts. He doesn't seem to mind it once started but getting started isn't easy for either of the boys after a break. The speech therapist online seems to be working out and hopefully it will continue too. We are getting some more hands items that I think they will like for Math, Science and Language Arts.  AJ is keeping up with school and the winter work for a few more weeks. I am trying to think of some extra school classes for him. Any ideas?


We had our Home School field trip this past week. It was just a fun board game day. The boys were happy to go and they had fun even if they only played a couple of games. I was a bit nervous as it was street parking and you never know if you will find any or not. We did and just a real short bit away. I was also a bit nervous taking Abraham out it boxers, we would be gone long enough he would need to use a potty and they don't always have commodes. Thankfully they did and he used it and stayed dry.  I am really happy to have a home school group to get together with once in a while.