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May 19th

  The sun was out all day yesterday, YIPPEEE!!!  Abraham and I were out a lot too. So nice not to be locked inside with Mr. Curious. There is just less trouble for him to find outside. Matt was home sick though and AJ was online on the Xbox, so you can guess what Aiden did most of the day. It is nice that AJ can still entertain him.  This morning we had an early start which can be a good thing, up and done with school before speech means no worries about fighting to get it done. However up and a nap before 10,  might mean we started a bit to early and that it will be a looong day. The toilet is fixed so I shouldn't get any more early wake ups to the toilet is making a mess.  It really is nice to have someone to call and know they will come and fix it promptly.  We will see but there appears to be a lot of trucks out front so maybe that will be our entertainment today or it could lead to a lot of  crying and screaming, only time will tell.

May 17th

  Another wet day here, I think it is the fifth day that it has been raining.  I really need the sunny warm days and the boys do too. We both enjoy playing outside and visiting our friends.  We have gone outside in the rain the past couple of days at least for a little bit. It is cool but not to cold.  It is not nearly as warm as it was in the Dominican Republic when the boys could just put their swimsuits on and pretend it was like playing in a sprinkler. I guess I should just be happy that it is warm enough to be out and not cold and wet like it was all winter. I do worry that it will just be a wet summer. Did I mention I like the sun and being outside in it?!  Guess it doesn't help that Abraham has not slept well the last few nights. He had a fever one night and woke around 11 and was up until after 2. Then last night he feel asleep about 7 which I thought would be OK since he only napped for an hour but it wasn't. He woke up an hour later and was up until midnight.  I can hope tonight will be a better night for sleeping and that tomorrow will bring the sun for a bit?!


May 14th

  The rain has returned, hopefully just for a few days.  Yesterday we invited one of Abraham's friends inside to play.  I got busy talking and didn't notice Abraham take the marker with him when he left the table. The boys were practicing for tattoos later in life and got the couch too. So thankful for washable markers.  Daisy learned a new trick yesterday, how to jump through a window. We had gone outside to play for a bit and I had taken her at first. However then Abraham wanted to sneak into the neighbor's house so I put her inside so I could keep a better eye on him.  There was a window left open in the toy room and she went right through the screen.  I hope whomever adopts her can help her with the separation issues.



   Well another month. I think I need to find just a few minutes everyday to jot something down, maybe if it was routine I would be better about this.  AJ has been gone a month. We miss him but it isn't as bad as I thought it might be.  We can talk to him on Skype and now that Aiden has his Xbox account he can play game with him too. I was worried the boys would be really upset or asking about it tons. Thankfully that is not the case. They do however ask when we are going to Wisconsin, they can't wait to go see him. I just don't think about it much or try not to. You always know that the kids will grow up and go out on their own but I guess it feels hard having only part of my family. Aiden didn't realize that AJ wasn't coming back with us in the fall, that was hard on him.   

  I went to book club last night, the book was Blind your Ponies. It was a good book with a happy ending.  I enjoy getting together with the women and chatting about the book or whatever other topic happens to come up.  As it was in the neighborhood I walked. However it was pouring rain about the time it was to end and Matthew thought to call and ask if we needed a ride. That was ever so sweet and thoughtful.  I go out without the boys so very little, like to book club once a month.  I love walking back in and getting 3 jump in the arm hugs.  You think I hadn't seem them in long while, not just a couple of hours.



April 9th

 Another month come and gone. Another birthday too, AJ is 17.  He is such a great kid, so easy going and happy. I can't believe he is 17. He leaves Monday for the States. He is going to spend some time with friends from the Dominican Republic in Miami. Hopefully he will see some family too. Then off to Wisconsin so he can go to Prom and stay for graduation and all the parties that will follow.  There is a real good chance that he will stay there for his senior year. He wants to be with friends and have a fun senior year, can't say I blame him. However those who are still here will surely miss him.


There weather here this week has been mostly nice. It started off a bit odd last Sunday with warm weather at lunch and then by late afternoon it was cloudy, windy and chilly.  I am hoping that we are through the cold rainy winter. It was sooo not the weather I had expected when moving here. I had been told to expect a few weeks of it being cold and our last winter was in Wisconsin so a few weeks oh well we would be fine.  However this winter I hear was colder, wetter and lasted longer than the typical winters. What a way to start off our four years here. However the last few days the sun has been out and it has been warm, warm enough to play in the sprinkler even.


  My mom and niece have been and gone. Lots of pics here.


March 10th

   Life is interesting... Abraham is now 2 and Atticus is 6. We did cake and presents for Atticus on his birthday. When we go outside to play I keep looking for my little ones but there is only Abraham. It always feels like I am missing someone, then I realize that Atticus is no longer a little one that needs constant watching.  He is such a fun little boy. His imagination is always on and running. It is a great thing but it sure makes school work interesting to say the least. He can never just write his letters or the answers to his math problems, there are pictures all around them or the letters and numbers turn into aliens, animals, space ships. I recently heard of a writing curriculum called Draw, Write Now and I think that will be great for him. Hopefully with the space to draw and then write his writing won't be so full of pictures you can't read it.  He has also started a series of dentist visits. We went to one who recommend another as he thought Atticus would need sedation. It turns out that hospital was quite a distance away but a nurse at AIT called around and around and found us a place right down the mountain that didn't have a 2 month wait. We went the first week just for an exam and x-rays, he thought the work could be done without sedation which I hope is true. He has been back to have a fluoride treatment and a small cavity taken care of and he did great. We got back in a couple of weeks to pulled and then he'll need to go again to have a capped replaced that fell off between the first and second visits.


Abraham is still adorable. He is doing good with the potty thing, though he has a couple accidents a week. Still not bad for just turning 2. He is adding words left and right, so cute. One of his favorite words is still "No", often if you ask him a question like "Are you 2?" the reply is "I no 2!"