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Photos 10/08-??/  Christmas 2008 / Puerto Plata

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Most of the pictues below are from Manila, some from stay in VA and then our R&R in '05

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Doesn't Matt look thrilled, of course this was the start of the trip, the driver was 45min late and we arrived to learn the plane was already over 2 hrs delayed.

Asleep in Miami

Upon arriving at my BIL the pool is what Atticus, Aiden and Sydney wanted.

We opened the table umbrella and WOW on all the frogs they found.

Grandma Toni with Aiden and Atticus, yep they taught her about playing games on the DS.

Matt with his Dad and Mom

Grandpa Bob with Aiden and Atticus

Aiden and Atticus in the balloons Aunt Carla brought home

Aiden playing the music he wrote....

At Down Town Disney


Aaaahhh a quiet flight, the way home they took turns sleeping, Aiden one flight, Atticus the next and Aiden for the last.

Abby's sweet 16.... notice Matt's hand in the background, he wasn't the only plugging his ears. Abby LOVED all her presents and the neighborhood knew.

She got just about all of her list, the gas mask was top of the list....I am sure every 16y girl wants one.

Abby got a new cut and yes read streaks....they are gone now, but she has a new color but I LOVED seeing Matt do her hair.

Below are pictures from House on the Rock

                    Aiden and                                        Yea Matt is pointing at the newest news and addition


Abby, AJ, Aiden and Katrina with Grandma Susie....Ashley choose not to come so we left Atticus with her. He never would have made the walk.


A couple of the things we saw, Aiden really like the cravings.

There were huge collections of all manors of items, these are just a few. Notice in the second doll house the baby going over the stairs and a boy about to go out the window.

I will note that AJ found only one roll of toilet paper in about 100 houses.

The infinity room was cool, it has no supports starting about in the middle and goes way out over the rocks. First is a few from the side, they a few of the end and you can see the window you can look down.


Pictures from the Rock County Fair

Abby and Ashley............................................................................................Aiden and AJ

No picture of Atticus on the Merry Go Round, he refused a few rides after that too, thankfully he got into the swing of things and had a blast


The second picture, Atticus kept looking at the guy operating the ride, I think because you speed around the corner and the guy is right there, I would bet he thought the guy kept making him speed. He Loved it!!!!

My family watching the ducklings. I should put up a shot of when AJ and Abby were Atticus age doing the same thing. Then the corn box that was LOVED my the little boys.

           AJ and Aiden look thrilled, but Aiden was and even more so when he got to drive the next time.    Doesn't Matt look cute and                                      Aiden giving me a thumbs up on the fun house.                                  


Ashley riding with Atticus and Aiden being a great big brother. Gotta love those moments


Aiden looks terrified there but he went down the slide over and over and over. Atticus the cutie.


Below are the only pictures I took at the Zoo in Madison, not a single picture of an animal.

When we went to Hutchinson to see my cousin and see Zayne's hill, we got a bonus, a trip to the firestation, where my cousin's husband works. The kids loved it, minus Abby getting her fingers smashed in a door.

You can see Atticus driving and jumping in a puddle, he was hilarious when the turned the siren's on dancing all around.

Below is Aiden driving and wearing a very heavy fireman's helmet. He had fun and was so full of questions, just like every day.

My sister and her girls with our grandma and Dad....and the back of Atticus. Hopefully my sister got a picture of me with them.

Aiden doing what he loves, he wanted a picture like the one below that wasn't so easy to catch, I kept getting air shots. I think he swam everyday in Clay, which was good as I thought it was to cold in Wisconsin.

                                Katrina, Ashley, Atticus and AJ                                                                     AJ posing                           Look at that belly