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My mom and niece came for only a week, so to keep them awake we kept them busy. They arrived at dark o'thirty Sunday morning instead of Saturday evening due to flight changes as they couldn't fly through Japan. Instead of taking a day to rest, they said let's just keep with the plan. So off to Taipei 101, the Jade Market and the Flower Market we went.


Yes Abraham is barefoot, somehow we left home without putting his shoes on. They loved the floors with the city and moving clouds.

The view was amazing.


On the outside level....


You could even mail postcards from the top of Taipei 101.

What's for lunch? Yea the younger boys and Ashley stuck with McD's... Mom was brave and let Matt order like I did.

I thought it interesting the way the plants and dirt were just hanging there.


I know he was tired of walking but not sure what he is summoning.

Ashley with the candied tomatoes. She didn't try them, but my mom and I did. They were eatable but that's about all I can say. It consisted of a cherry tomato with a hard candy shell.

I thought going to Geothermal Valley or "Hell Valley" would be fun for all. How did I know that the museum and park would be closed. We did get ice cream and then soak our feet in some warm water.




Abraham didn't get the idea of just soaking your feet. Should have got the picture of the nakid boy in the front carrier on the way to the van.

I am not sure what the first face is for but it look pitiful to me.


Oh here I am, actually Matthew took many of me here, but most of them I had half a cone in my mouth trying to help Abraham or Atticus.

 Well after that surely the Modern Toilet would be fun and not a bust...I should have listened to the negative review and gone down into town in hopes of a better Modern Toilet. The food was good. However the service was some of the worst service I have ever had. They took us upstairs but didn't mention we had to come down to place and pay for our order. They didn't get us our drinks until we were all done eating and waiting for the ice cream. Which looked like chocolate and vanilla but was coffee. They had no high chair and Abraham wanted nothing to do with eating or sitting. Did I mention we were upstairs in a small room with steep stairs going down?  Live and Learn here's the pictures

Notice me slapping my head that says it all.  Oh and notice the Christmas decor.

The last picture was actually a wall near the table, not in the bathroom.

Next time we might try the Cannabis place.


The next outing took us to Jiufen old street.



In case you wondered what we might snack on, the first a sweet sausage, waffles(sometimes they fill them), ice cream. I didn't see a beer float offered like they did at Taipei 101.

I though Abby(who didn't come with) would like an Ocarina, then the boys did too. As soon as they started to blow, I am sure the shop owners wished we hadn't bought them. I don't think they would sell many listening to my boys play. You can see him trying to give Aiden a lesson which was very nice. Once home Aiden did use his booklet to play songs. Atticus did not and so thankfully they are forgotten.


They call it jelly but it is just like Jello, lots and lots of Jello.

Once through the old street, here's the view.


After the old street it was on to the Gold Mine that is near by.

All the boys were asked this week at least once to have there picture taken with some girls (whom we had never met), even AJ.

In the museum.

In the mine.  AJ walked stooped for most of the way as you can see below.

We went to the National Palace Museum, just the girls and Abraham. Matt and AJ were home sick so why drag the boys. They don't allow cameras inside but here's the outside.

On to the Zoo. AJ was in charge of the camera, he is great about taking lots of pictures so here is a sample.

We didn't expect to see Katrina at the zoo but she sure reminded us of her.

In case you wondered what's to drink. Aiden's hand is near the two the kids usually choose CC Lemon and Sarsaparilla.  Should have gotten a picture of our lunch/snack of french fries with cheese or sour cream, hot dogs and corn dogs.

In the second picture you can't see the teen age girl that crawled in there to have her picture taken with the boys.

an overly friendly squirrel

The little white dots in the picture are the gondolas, we rode them to the top once before this time we stopped at the zoo stop so we could walk down the hilly zoo.

Yes apparently they use animal poop for electricity. This bathroom even had an Abraham size potty, so cute.


The little boys felt sorry for the gorilla who was wrapped up in his blankey, as if he was sick.

Aiden and Atticus pretty much wanted to be done after the first few animals. However at the end was the insectarium which I had no desire to see and thought we would skip. However AJ wanted to and Aiden ran off to go with him.  Atticus once in the van send he had so much fun.

That brings us to Saturday and just my mom and I went to see the Flower Clock here on Yangmingshan. I had no idea how pretty the walk would be from the parking lot to the clock.

If need a snack, breakfast, lunch on your walk you have your choice of places. You want balloons for kids, a drawing or you or friend you can get that too.

There were waterfalls everywhere, all so pretty. There were lots of pretty flowers too, but after all that Abby took at the Floriculture Center I didn't feel the need to repeat them here.

A A tea party with Ashely.

Making music with Grandma.


Drawing with Grandma

a couple of random pictures of AJ. The second has the building he worked in for a while in the background.