Abraham George Taylor

March 4th 2009   5:09 AM

10LBS 30Z    21INCHES

Abraham's Baptism 9/5/09


Abraham with his Godparents Ashley and AJ

The best pics we got of the 7 kids

Well we are all in the picture, right?


Abraham 6 month and eating for the first time

Just waiting for that first bite



I love the way he is looking at the spoon and then watching Matt each step of the way.


This face would make you believe he didn't like it but he did

Holding tight to Daddy's hand so the spoon wouldn't leave.

Daddy wasn't fast enough he had to lean over to get it or better yet just do it himself.


Below Abraham at 5 monthish




Enjoying bath time

BELOW; showing off a wool cover I made for his cloth diapers, just posing and then with his blanker from his Great Grandma.



14LBS 14OZ                  24.5 IN

A smile for the camera(5/3/09)



Finally a picture of Atticus with Abraham

My favorite outfit of Abraham's.

Some snapshots from today(4/7/09)



Abraham after his first popsicle, OK not really he had thrush and the medicine stains everything purple.(4/05/2009)

His first real bath, I think he is the only one who didn't scream through the whole bath or even part of it.(3/16/2009)


2 Weeks as well it is his passport picture....so LOL


A week old


The little boys wanted in on the action.

First sponge bath from Daddy.