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Photos 10/08-??/  Christmas 2008 / Puerto Plata

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Most of the pictues below are from Manila, some from stay in VA and then our R&R in '05

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AERA Fourth of July Celebration

and our first trip to a Dominican Beach

I think most of the pictures are self explanatory.   The first couple are Atticus just before we left. Then there are some beach scenes, lots of Aiden and Atticus, a couple of Matt and even me. Only one or two of Abby and AJ as they were back and forth for the beach to the pool with their friends and so we didn't see much of them to snap pictures. Aiden LOVED the water, he liked the waves knocking him about, he had fun gathering rocks, to put by the sandcastles (before Atticus found them) and just playing. There is one picture that is poor quality but it shows how he felt about the day.








I think the above picture deserves some quote like "God Help me get these wet clothes off, mom won't. " And the rock in this picture Atticus talked about a lot and even told it bye bye.

Playing with a sandcastle for a moment and then...Destroy, must destroy



Aaahhh... the last one is destroyed!!!