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April 2006

April 30th

Matt had a good birthday, so he says. He got to play golf and watch movies, what more does he need.  He also got Enchiladas and Ice cream cake (his choice). If you look on Atticus picture page you can see how much Atticus enjoyed it. matt got a couple of presents, one a huge basket of mangoes from Iloilo. We kept a good portion of them to make mango cobbler, mango frozen dessert, mango shakes and just eat. There were however more than we could eat so matt took a few into work to share.

I made one last trip to Green Hills/Pearl Market. I got a bit of jewelry but what I really went for is the chest below. If you click on the pictures they will in large. I have wanted one since I first saw them shortly after arriving and  I finally got one. They are made of Nara wood, a local wood, with Mother of Pearl inlay.  Aiden thought it was a perfect spot to hide in and AJ can fit in it as well. Of course the minute AJ was in and the lid shut Aiden sat on it.

Image166.jpg (62953 bytes) Image167.jpg (57483 bytes)




April 25th

It is finally coming together a bit and I feel a bit more organized. I wouldn't say that I am but I have a few things accomplished. Our move got put off a couple of days all for a cat...hhhmmm. She needs her rabies vaccine 30 days or more before the flight and since I just did it today we have to wait, 27 days wasn't enough.  We could have been confirmed for business class if we had left as planned but now we are on a wait list.  As well as getting flights, I have our pre pack-out survey schedule  and our pack out scheduled.  Then not sure if it wise or not but we will take a trip to the beach between pack out and leaving.  The dates work, so that AJ doesn't miss any school and we won't have much in the house to entertain them.  Hopefully it won't be too much for Aiden and Atticus which in turn would be to much for me and Matt. 

April 22

matt is back in Manila... we are happy to have him back home with us.  He is close to a normal sleeping schedule which is good for him and us.  It would help him if Atticus didn't keep waking him up at night with kicks and little fingers poking him.  Of course if Atticus didn't wake me up, them I wouldn't but him in our bed.  Ah well the time will come where he sleeps through the night in is own bed.

      In other news we are going to go SMA, just means the kids and I are coming back to the states and leaving Matt here.  I hope it is the right choice. It isn't for a really long time but 4-5 months isn't that short of a time either. Aiden's new ST isn't getting anywhere with Aiden.  Aiden may have had some very slight improvements over the last few months but it wasn't from anything he learned in a therapy session.  I will say it isn't just the ST fault. I had hoped the ST would have some "tricks" up his sleeve to get AIden to do what he needs to do. Alas Aiden is to much of a challenge for this therapist and we hope the therapist we have found in the states will be better for AIden.  We plan to leave Manila May 20thish.  We wanted to let AJ get in enough time here to finish 6th grade.  Hopefully it will be enough time to get our van part way to the States before us.  The kids I will be going Wisconsin.  Wisconsin offers us a few things, family being the most important.  Then for Abby and AJ it is all fairly familiar, they have some friends, a library and swimming pool they can walk to and a grandma's house to sleep at.   

  AJ's play practice has been stepped up a notch, he has it 6 days a week, Sat. being a 8 hr day.  His day's are longer than Matt's.  His bus comes at 6:30am and brings him back at 5:30, so often Matt leaves after him (sometimes with) and is home before him. At least AJ is enjoying it and homework hasn't been piled on.  

Atticus is jabbering up a storm.  He does wave and say bye now. He loves to read books, well have you read and he tells you something.  He really likes Brown bear Brown Bear and Polar bear Polar Bear he will look at them over and over at bedtime.  Aiden LOVES to read Counting Kisses to Atticus, he loves it that Atticus giggles through the kisses.

Abby is working on finishing up her school work... Can you believe she will be a "high Schooler" next year.  I keep wondering how the years past so quickly.    I contacted the speech therapist Abby saw when she was 3 in Wisconsin, that was 10 years ago.  She would wear nothing but dresses then, even in the dead of winter. She has changed a bit since then.  She will LOVE having access to a "real" library again, probably be there every other day.

Aiden is Aiden, guess that will always be.  He I think had the hardest time of the kids with Matt gone.  I do wonder how he will do with him gone for longer.  Hopefully we will just keep busy and it will fly by.  When he talked to Matt on the phone he would tell him to come home for supper.  He has shown some real patience with Atticus recently, which was so good to see. Atticus has had 2 molars and 2 eye teeth break through in the last couple of weeks and he has a couple of more swollen bumps trying, so he tends to bite anything, Aiden included. Aiden has yet to retaliate, which is something I was pleasantly surprised about.  



April 9

Me made it through AJ's birthday. The last few days were so busy trying to get her and there and what not done.  Aiden and Atticus were troopers taking them all over on Friday, so I took them swimming in the afternoon.

Yesterday was a hot day with lots to do. We started with the Easter festivies at Seafront. Abby and AJ came to help and they were good about it. Aiden got to color eggs, hit a pinata, meet the Easter bunny and hunt for eggs.  Atticus did meet the Easter bunny but he was less than thrilled and hunt for eggs. Well not so much a hunt as Abby placed him right by a few and he picked up two, which was all he needed to make him happy. After the egg hunt, I left the kids at home to go get the cake and a couple other things.  Then a short break before time to head to the pool for the party.  Which was nice as it was so hot and water felt good.  Due to his birthday being at the start of spring break here a lot of kids didn't make it but enough did for him to have fun. We brought a couple home with us for the night which helped.  Then I took 8 kids out to breakfast... it went well helps that besides Aiden and Atticus they are all old enough to behave and help.  Oh and I guess Aiden was really wore out he was out at 8:30, even with extra kids here.  That has never happened before, maybe 10 but usually he will last until midnight when AJ has a sleepover.

A cute story I think away, Aiden was playing with a friend and a happened to catch them trying to turn on a light. Aiden bent down so Matthew could step up on him to reach.  Thought it was cute how they helped each other. Though the mischief they could make with that I would rather not think about.

Pics of the party and of the Egg hunt, just click.


April 7

Well once again the days have flown by and I haven't updated.  Well matt made it to DC and is freezing, the weather is colder than we thought it would be and he should have packed some more sweaters. He sounds like is cold is coming back, just hope it doesn't get as bad as before. He says he is enjoying the class and learning a bit.  Aiden keeps asking about him, he talked to him the other day and told him he needed to come home and eat. Maybe he thinks daddy doesn't eat if he isn't at home?

On an Aiden note he discovered club penguin on the internet and LOVES to go. He plays games a bit there but what he really likes is to click on other penguins and ask them to be his buddy. He gets such a kick out of them saying yes and checking his buddy list.  So last night at bedtime we had penguin stories.  I told 2 with a bit of help and then Aiden told me one all on his own.  Which is interesting to listen to as he used only a couple "real" words, though with them and his sounds I think I got the main idea of his story.  We have started Occupational therapy with Aiden.  I don't know how much good it will do but I don't figure it will hurt so we will give it a go. We have only done the evaluation so not sure what the sessions will be like. We shall see next week. There are a few areas the OT (occupational therapist) feels he needs to work on, the one I think is most is more is getting him to cooperate with therapy.  He is very non-complaint with his ST and since he really needs ST if he is to talk..... Though I will say I have talked to two ST in the states who have a different opinion on Aiden and I am anxious to get there and start with them. She may feel differently after meeting him but she has years of experience and I hope that means many tricks up her sleeve.