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April 2008

April 29th

Two days in a row....wonder what that means, it surely isn't that I have nothing else to do as right now I should be getting Aiden up, feed and off to speech....

Matt is turning 40 today.... I was thinking I should have him write about that as maybe he has some insight to turning 40....it does seem a bit odd to me. It really doesn't seem that long ago we were early 20's and getting married. Though time does seem to have a way of marching on. It does seem as if each year goes by just a bit faster, maybe that is just to make you realize you need to enjoy each day that you are given.

Aiden made it through the allergy testing, they did 50 pokes and not in groups that I guess some get them, each one was individual. He did the first 10, pretty good. It was a bit of work to get the second 10 on his other arm, but with a bribe and a deal of 2 minute break he did it. Then game the 30 on his back which I think went the best. It helped that I had new cartoons on my Ipod just for him, his bribe was buying more. The hard part came next when they needed to do 4 more. The first 50 were just tiny pricks, the next 4 were actually needles.  We did get them done and with lots of "why you do this me?" "Don't you love me?"" You don't love me".....funny the screaming and hitting don't bother me, the pitiful little boy questions do. Though the "You don't love me" is something I have heard so many times from Abby (when she was little) and recently from Aiden, that those words don't phase me in the least. We had to wait to see the doctor after that and by the time we saw the doctor he was calm again and cuddling with me. We spent over 3hrs there.... first the 45min wait to get in to get the shots, then getting them, waiting for his dermatographism to settle down and see what the real reaction to the allergens was, then the other shots and waiting for there reaction. Then at least a 30min wait to see the doctor. His allergies are basic ones, minor to eggs and shrimp, then dust was a 3,  dust mites 4, other mites 3, Bermuda grass  4,  grass mix 4, mold and mold mix 4.  The doctor said allergy shots but I think we will opt out at this point. We haven't tried anything else, the shots are years worth, I don't don't know where we will be in a year and if we will be able to continue, at first you got 2x a week, Aiden HATES needles, they don't always work, so why put Aiden and I through it at this point.

Now I really should go or Aiden will not get breakfast.


April 28th

Saturday was  Our Anniversary, Matt and I have been married 17 years. I am sure there are plenty who never thought with getting married so quickly after meeting we would be together at this point. I guess it is fair there have been some bumps along the way that I didn't think we would make it through.  Thankfully we did choose to keep on trying to make the commit last and work together to get through the hard spots.  We did make it out to eat, just the 2 of us, it has been far to long since we did such a thing though maybe that made it even a bit more special.  Saturday was was to be Habitat for Humanity Day, the kids and I were looking forward to it, but for unknown reasons Habitat for Humanity cancelled. I hope it is something that can be done at a later date. As Matt's back was really bothering him it was a good thing he didn't have the little boys to himself that day. What else happened on Sat......Aiden managed to get a goose egg on the side of his head and bruise his collar bone, his head was still sore last night when I was washing his hair....we went and hung out with friends after dinner, our boys were still going at almost midnight when we left the other 4 kids were asleep. Atticus did have a 3-4 hour nap, Aiden just never crashes it seems.

Sunday Matt managed to play golf and finally beat AJ and Nelson in a ping pong. It has been at least 4 weeks that AJ has decided to go with us to the pool and then the guys play ping pong but AJ and Nelson have always beat Matt and Gustavo. The people was a bit icky, just full of leave bits, but the boys still did a bit of swimming and burning off energy.

We are doing Matt's birthday cake and dinner today as tomorrow is cub scout night and Aiden LOVES going.  I think I should go make his cake, he choose banana this morning before we spend a few hours at the allergist and Aiden needs mommy time and there will still be dinner and school work to take care of.

April 24

Since I wrote last that I woke up so early I feel I should say it was a good day. Atticus was up by 6:30 so we had an early breakfast of waffles and strawberries. The others had pancakes when they got up. I did go to the store and get fabric, and their are pictures of the quilt top I made on the picture page.

Yesterday was Take Your Child to work day at the Embassy, only for those in 4th grade and up so Aiden didn't get to go which is probably best. Abby spent the day there and I am told she learned a few things in the fraud section but not so much in the ACS section. AJ  joined them there after school where each section told a bit about their jobs.

Today Aiden had an appt. with an allergist. I learned that he might have perforated his ear drum yesterday when he stuck a toy light saber in it, I didn't think much yesterday as though he did cry a tad he wasn't really bothered by it and went back to watching the movie he was. I guess yesterday I should have remembered to say to Aiden "Don't stick light sabers in your ear!" and to Atticus "Don't bite your brother's nipples!" Odd what I should say to my kids. Back to the allergist, she feels we should do a skin test, that they are more accurate and that the blood draw one didn't cover enough. I wish I had looked for an allergist to begin with or that the pedi. and mentioned it oh well. We do the skin test on Monday, what fun that will be with my so easy quiet Aiden....LOL!! She also mention Dermatographism, "skin writing", I was clueless when at the doctor so didn't ask much. Though she did say it can be related to but maybe not to allergies. I will hopefully be able to ask more on Monday. She mentioned it as she was putting pressure on his sinus areas and one place she touched left a welt where she touched but others appeared as well. Then she lightly ran a tongue depressor on his arm and it left a red mark as well. So of course after getting home and reading that it is "skin writing" I wrote on his back with my finger nail, I have done it many times as a guessing game to which letter I drew, and yep it left a big red "B" on his back. Reading online it doesn't seem their is real treatment unless it is itchy which sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't, but you just use an antihistamine. I do wonder how that will effect the skin test, I will ask as I wouldn't want a bunch of false positives. This would explain why when Aiden tripped the other day and I tried to catch him but instead his cheek hit my hand, everything looked fine right then. However maybe 5 minutes later his eye and cheek were cover with hives. Then within 30 minutes they were almost completely gone and those didn't seem to bother it all.

April 19

It is a Saturday morning and I awoke at 5:30 for no really good reason. The boys are asleep, the dog, no school to get AJ up for and it wasn't that we were doing anything special today, I just woke up at that hour and couldn't get back to sleep. At least I know the house will be quiet for a few hours, I would guess Atticus will be first up around 7. Aiden was up a bit late, I think 11. I had read a few stories from one of his kids Bibles, an the a chapter from his Winnie the Pooh, but he wanted more so I sent him to Matt. I was falling asleep reading it and figured Matt deserved a turn, they are not short chapters. Aiden did come back after Matt read to try and get me to read more, but no luck I was already asleep and just had him cuddle with me.

I do think I will go to El Canal today and see about some more material for a quilt idea I have. I went there for thread yesterday and they had Republica Dominicana fabric that I got but wasn't sure what I would do with I just like it. Now that I know I of course need more fabric to make a lap quilt for someone.

It was report card and conference time this week. AJ is doing well, with a bit of room for improvement. The conference were a bit different that any other I have been too, in that they were student lead. AJ had gathered samples from each class of something he thought he did well in and why and then something he thought he didn't do so hot on and what he could do better next time. I enjoyed hearing what AJ thought of his own work and that he does know what to do to do better. His homebase teacher was there to answer any questions and did give his feedback of what AJ had to say. AJ has also been disappointed that the class overnight trip was changed to a day trip. So rather than just complained I suggested he do something, why complain if you are willing to try and change it right?! So he did right up a paragraph or two and got most of the 8th grade to sign it, the principal didn't seem to find that note worthy at all. He did say he would list to a presentation of why it should be overnight, AJ was thinking of ideas last night. I don't hold out high hopes that he will change their minds but at least he is doing something.


April 14th

We had a great weekend, Saturday was the softball with the Embassy at a Arizona Diamondback training field. It was fun, Matt played in the game, AJ did a little bit, I watched a little bit and tried to keep up with the boys, Abby watched a little and I don't know what her and AJ did when not watching. They had 2 fields, one was for the game and the other had a volleyball net for the kids or whatever they cared to do on the field. They even had hamburgers and hotdogs...so an All American day or so it seemed. There are pictures on the picture page.

Yesterday we did the pool and golf thing. Aiden is still jumping and going under and LOVING it!!! He even wanted lesson yesterday on how to swim. I did the bit with holding his hands, he kicks and puts his face under, takes a breath and under again. He did great. I was really proud of him, guess for him it is in his time. I am hoping with all things he will get their just in his own time, he is having a some issue with school work related stuff.  He has discovered the game of Life and Star Wars Monopoly which he would play daily if he could. Well life we do play a bit more, SWM is AJ's and so we wait for a time when AJ can play too. It isn't much fun with just 2 people anyhoo.


April 10th

  We have Aiden's allergy test back and it showed dust class II and mites class IV, now to see what that really means and see what else they tested for.  I am thinking pet dander wasn't include and wondering why or if it matters. This was done through a pediatrician but I think I will contact an allergist to find out more.  The meds are definitely helping to some degree. We missed his does Tuesday morning as I woke him up for speech and he was not ready to wake up, it took a lot just to get him to eat and go to speech so I skipped the meds. and then he fell asleep before getting them that night, OOHHH the sneezes he had the next morning and the splats on the marble floor.  He still gets a bit of a rash, that I can not find a correlation too, seems to be anywhere but his legs and it can appear after playing outside, after bath, when waking in the morning or just sitting playing video games. Guess that is a question for the allergist.

AJ did make it to 14, I did a page up of him here. He had a quiet birthday at home, well maybe not so quiet as he was thrilled with his presents and Guitar Hero for the Wii isn't exactly a quiet game.  I am thankful I have him and that he is doing so well. It is coming up on a year ago that Zayne left this earth and just reminds me how lucky I am that God has given me this time with my kids. There are days it is hard to remember to be thankful, but I am.

We are still waiting for answer about his AAC....one of those get one step done and wait and wait and wait...we need to get the official report, then hopefully get approved for rentals on the 3 we like or 2 as Tango hasn't gotten back to me to say they will approve renting to an APO address, then we will wait for rentals to arrive try them out for a month, then most likely wait for approval to buy and finally hopefully order one and he will use it. 

We haven't done much recently. Though at the pool Aiden is jumping in and going under...well the last 2 Sunday's we went he did. The water is only waistish deep, so he really has to try to go under if he just jumps but he LOVED it. He was even falling in backwards. This is a big step for Aiden. There were a few times he would put his face in but not really go under, he was even rolling around under.  He might actually learn to swim yet. Atticus is still just having fun in the water but not under.  We do have some fun things coming up, a softball game this weekend with the Embassy, in a couple of weeks Abby, AJ and I are going to help Habitat for Humanity, hopefully a birthday party for AJ at the beach...a bit late but he has his reasons. 

It is after 10 here and I should get Aiden to do a bit of school. He likes it in short bits but to be done by 1ish when the neighbor boys get home.