August 2007


August 30th

AJ has started school and is enjoying it. Though this morning his alarm did not go off and Matt isn't feeling well so he did not get up for work, which means nothing woke me as I was in the little boys room. I should say nothing woke me up on time, Atticus woke me but it was 6:40, AJ needs to be at the bus stop at 6:45. However now Matt knows that he is my alarm and AJ can when needed throw clothes on and run out the door. I did get his lunch packed and handed him a bagel.  On the photo page you can see AJ's first day of school picture and AJ with his bus stop group.  Hopefully we will add Abby's and Aiden's soon.  We do have Aiden's box day pictures up. He received most of his school books, just waiting for the math. Earlier in the day when I told him Daddy had his box of school books he groaned, I thought that was funny but worried a bit too. Then I reminded him how much he liked the math and critical thinking workbooks we have, at which point he did at least 10 math pages and wanted to do more after supper. So he was excited when Matt came home with his big box of books. I didn't think we would officially start until Monday so that I could review the books and get set up. However Aiden wanted to read NOW. So I let him choose a book he choose the Children's Encyclopedia, so I choose the first read a loud. We are using Sonlight for Aiden, it is a literature based program and I think we will both be happy with it. The first read a loud book is The Boxcar Children, Sonlights schedule has us reading a chapter or maybe 2 a day...we are on day 2 and read 10 chapters. We did a bit of letter review with the Handwriting without Tears, Aiden just had fun I doubt he even knows I quizzed him. This is what I want for Aiden to have fun and love learning. Without the headaches of dealing with schools and wondering if they are meeting his needs.


August 25th

We (AJ, Aiden and I) went to a movie last night. AJ was invited to go with friends and Aiden wanted to see the movie as well. It was our first movie here and I can say I don't think we will be doing often. One cost it isn't like Manila, the price is a bit cheaper than the states but not much. It may have just been the crowd that was there but they didn't turn off cell phones, so you heard them going off and people answering, as well as just chatter.

August 14th

   Matthew received some of the best news this morning, he was tenured.  He had read over the weekend of some of his class receiving the email of the other sort. Which is not unusual many are not tenured first time around as not everyone has the chance to meet all the criteria for tenure. That said Matt is very pleased, to say the least, to have made it on the first time around.

In other news, 2 months until Aiden turns 6. Aiden is doing great with his words, in the past week he has used some of his new words in sentences, the other "words" weren't understandable but the one new word was. This is a huge step for him, as up until now his sentences didn't contain any understandable words. I am hoping this will make learning to read easier, or teaching him to read easier.  I am homeschooling him  and teaching him to read is my biggest concern.  Well I guess get him to do handwriting won't be much fun easier but again baby steps are fine, as long as there is a step forward.

Atticus is doing fine, talking more and more. He loves to pretend to be a pokemon. I find it so adorable. He doesn't get the whole evolution thing and will evolue from one pokemon to other without carring if the go together or not. He will obey AJ with attacks, cracks us up. Oh he got Matt good the other day. We were sitting at the dinner table and Atticus wants to join in the conversation. He will call a name until that person answers and then say sentence of gibberish. So instead letting him just talk, I was asking him questions. Like

Me- "Atticus, what color are your eyes?"

Atticus-"Brown eyes, daddy brown eyes"

ME-"Atticus what color is your hair?"

Atticus-"brown hair, mommy bown hair" Then turns to Matt and with his arms out palms up, "Daddy where's your hair?"


Abby is Abby nothing much new there. Hopefully before Sept is over we will have her school books and get her started in horse back riding.

AJ is doing good. He took his test for Carol Morgan and we get results back next week. I assume he did fine and he will start school there on August 27th.