August 2008


August 30th

 AJ made it through his first week of High School, without much issue besides the Hurricane that passed by. He came home soaked on Monday and Tuesday, he did say the only class with a leak was the gym. Last year he had a few more with leaks. They are building a new lunch room, so the temporary lunch room, is just a tin roof with no walls, when the wind blows and it is raining hard, I hear it makes for a wet and noisy place to eat.

Aiden did well with his first week of school, he still really doesn't want to do anything that involves a writing utensil but with proper motivation he can get it done. His motivation this week was me playing hours of Lincoln logs with him and of course a few threats.  Abby is doing great with hers so far, she just does it without issue or really needing any help. Though I need to see if Matt with do the Japanese with her so she has some feedback on it.

As for the newest Taylor, s/he should arrive in February. We have a due date of February 28 and since I have yet to go past it I can hope right??!!  I like that the kids would still have their own month and it would be a different birth stone.  The day we, Aiden and I, went it was so rainy but Aiden had speech right before and we hadn't been since June, and the rain let up a little at the time we were to leave, so we went. We did get a little wet walking the half a block from speech to the clinic, mainly due to crossing the street with huge puddles. The wait for the ultrasound was far to long in my opinion. I had a 10am appt., I was told that they do a few at each time slot so there would be a wait, I did not expect to have to wait until after 12:30 to be seen. I had brought Aiden's school work with but Aiden decided to fly through that in record time. He did well waiting with me with nothing to do, I forgot his DS or my Ipod with movies for him, sure glad Atticus was at home with Abby. However Aiden made up for being so good there once we were home he was bouncing everywhere and annoying Atticus every other minute. When I asked what was going on he said, "I was so bored this morning."  I am hoping there is someplace else for ultrasounds, that or maybe I will try an afternoon and see if it is like the labs and things are quieter.


August 25th

We did go to the End of Summer party, the weather didn't look too bad when we went. However the rain did not hold off. It pour buckets and the wind made the one tent pretty much pointless, but I moved the boys and I up under the tent by the house and though we weren't dry, we weren't getting rained on. We used that time to eat. Then the rain let up some and Aiden went to play in the rain. The rain did stop and the kids did go back into the pool and had a bit fun. Abby go to see Britney and I think AJ met up with a friend or two but most of the boys his age are gone.  There was cotton candy  and suppose to be a clown act, Aiden had the cotton candy but we missed the clown act. Aiden was throwing away his cotton candy stick when he fell and hit the back of his head on a rocky sidewalk. A nice new lady there helped us and Carmen to get the bleeding stopped and then we went to the nurse for another opinion, whether stitches were really needed or he would be OK with out, since this is Aiden. She said the most it would be was 2 stitches and really not needed, she shaved his head a bit and put strips on it. With his long hair you can't even tell you shaved it, however with the shave you can see where he had his staples from trying to ride the dog on the bed a few years back.  The injury did mean no swimming on Sunday and a day at home to drive me crazy, but at least AJ was there to play with Aiden as well.  I am thankful that I have yet to see the inside of the ER here.


August 22nd

I have been slow with pictures and updates as we have a new computer, but I can't update with it yet and we don't have a router to make the laptop wireless.....we had one somewhere, actually the router was found but not the antenna.  I hope to put a few pictures up today, I resized the all this week. The boys were all out playing basketball, AJ has realized how much you lose if you don't practice, but I hear little boys in the house. It has been great having Abby and AJ back home. I like knowing they are safe with me and it helps that they help with the little boys. AJ is great about playing games with Aiden or helping him out, gives me a bit of a break. They made it home last Sat. without much of an issue. They were delayed a few hours in Miami and I guess it was due to the delay that they finally got to eat. The airline will hear about that, as I was assured if I choose to put them as minors they could get food when they were hungry and really there wasn't time in Chicago but they had a few hours in Miami but they were dropped off in a "holding" area and no one to take them for food. Oh well at least I didn't have to worry about them stuck in Miami overnight and alone, like I didn't when they flew to Madison and we had no idea what would happen in Chicago.

Tomorrow is to be the Embassy, end of summer/back to school party, it should be fun as long as the weather holds. We are hoping to see a few new families and some that we haven't seen most of the summer. Next week also brings school, getting up to wake AJ so he can be ready for the bus with a lunch by 6:40 and hoping Aiden won't battle to much with school work, yea right, I can dream. It might be a slow start which is good for Aiden and me ease into it actually we have started the chapter book already. We have a dr. appt. Monday morning, Tuesday morning is speech and an ultrasound( I am excited to see the little bean again and get a real due date), Thursday will be speech again and maybe squeeze in one more dr. appt. Oh an I think I heard something about a cub scout meeting.  I hope the cub scout year goes well, I know there are some good plans out there, just have to see which ones actually pan out.

Off to put up some pictures....


August 14th

We have been home a few days and are settling back in. Though it hasn't been a fun week, I am still so exhausted. Though maybe it would help if a certain little boy went to bed earlier, another little boy slept through the night. As well Monday, Atticus threw up thankfully just once in the morning and he hadn't eaten anything yet. Aiden however through up Wed. morning just after he drank a glass of lemonade in his bed.  He was white for a few hours after but thankfully just threw up the one time. Then there was also the dog bit Aiden's face, got him right under his eye and his nose. I thought they were just playing tug of war but I didn't see it so I can't be sure Aiden didn't do a bit more. That was Sunday night and Monday Aiden was right back at playing tug of war with Bryson, they both need to burn the enegery.

I was suppose to finally see a Dr. yesterday but just as Matt pulled in the drive she called to cancel. I really hope to see her today. I want a due date and I want to hear the heart beat.

I think due to lack of sleep I am, shall we say pissy.....that really doesn't go well when I have a new maid. I really just want Yaneree back who knew how I liked things done, but alas she is allowed time off to have her baby boy. At least I know she is coming back and I do still have someone to mop the floors and do the dishes. Will have to work on the laundry and get her not to just stand around me doing nothing but watching, that drives me nuts.

Pictures from the trip to come.....



As there have been no updates since Matt's about our fun flight this one will be a bit long and as I didn't write as it happened I am sure I forgot plenty.


We did enjoy our time in Florida, we kept it very low key which is best for Aiden. He got to do lots of swimming in "Cousin Sydney's pool". He loved being able to get up and go swimming first thing or anytime throughout the day. We did take one day and went to Downtown Disney. We walked around a bit and got a couple of things.


Our trip up to Madison on the 15th went so much smoother. Our flight out of St. Louis was delayed a bit so it was a loooong layover in St. Louis but we still made it into Madison in time to get the rental. Aiden and Atticus were plenty ready to see AJ and Abby by then.  I was happy just to be in the Midwest again, it just feels like home seeing the fields. AJ was happy to have subway for supper, I must say it did taste yummy.


Then on Thursday after a week of being nauseous, I took the test and learned that #5 is best guess is early to mid March for a due date. When we get back to the DR I will find a doctor or midwife and hopefully an Ultrasound will give us a date.  If you are wondering I am planning another home birth.


Saturday brought us to Milwaukee and a family get together. It was nice to see everyone and I do wish I didn't have to wait so long in-between. It isn't a really long drive there just a couple of hours but Aiden thinks the 15-20 minutes to Janesville is FOREVER so it was a looong trip with him. It would help if he could play his DS in the car but he gets tummy aches if he plays even for short times in the car and we had no DVD player.(I took care of that before the drive to KS)


The next week brought shopping trips, everyone needed something, shoes, shirts, pants, socks.....the first trip took care of a lot but not all so there were more shopping trips to come. We also went to House on the Rock. My niece, Ashley, did not want to go so we left Atticus with her. It would have been to much walking for him and I am not sure how much he would have cared to see. Aiden did seem to like it. I think my favorite part was the doll house collection. The 4-H Rock County fair was this week as well, so we went on wristband day. It was a warm day but not hot. The kids definitely got their money worth on the rides, even Atticus. We did check out the animals a little bit but neither of the little boys were thrilled with them. They did like checking out the baby ducks that go down the slide for food and playing in the corn box. Aiden did a nice shiner, after he listen to Matt and stopped and turned around as the boy behind him didn't stop. Thankfully the cut wasn't bad and a minute of two of ice and Aiden was off again. My mom thought she should let all the kids try for a fish, they do it every year and maybe one or two win. This time 7 fish were won.  After almost a week they were added with "Corn Dog", AJ fish from two years ago and all were still alive. However as I write this one a friend who was with us fish has gone on and Corn Dog did too.


Matt couldn't stay the month and left back to the DR on the 26th. Boy was he missed by this tired Mama with a little boy who had to much energy.

The next week brought a bit more shopping, still trying to get everything I thought the kids needed and I wanted to get a stroller/car seat and baby bed to take back with us. Aiden really wanted to go swimming but I just couldnít bring myself to go swimming with temps in the 80ís, felt too cold for me, I am such a wuss. 

Thursday rolled around and it was time to head to Kansas. A friend lent us his Suburban so we could all go together, nice as Sandy did the driving and I didnít have to worry about staying awake.  The drive there wasnít terrible but I wouldnít call it fun either. There was a bit of displeasure in who sat where,  Katrina got car sick(she didnít puke at least) and Aiden asked about a billizon times if we were there yet, let me know that this was way to far to drive and why did I want to do it, why did I do this to him and he was never doing it again.  It took about 11 1/2hrs and we only made 3 stops, not bad with 8 of us. 

Friday, Sat. and Monday we had breakfast at the Tasty Pastry, hmmm I miss there blueberry donuts and cream filled nut rolls, though I canít say it was the best thing to feed Aiden.  We met high school friends of mine for lunch on Friday (Pizza Hut Buffett). I havenít seen them for at least 10years so that was fun and I am so glad they came.  Sat. we drove to Hutchinson (Aiden jut loved me for that), more Taco pizza there (YUM).  We hung out at Brandiís for a bit, did lunch and went to see Zayneís hill.  It is so sad that he had to leave here so early. I might have cried through the visit if I wasnít dealing with all of Aidenís questions about Zayne, transplants, death,  but the hard one for me to answer was why do we visit the cemetery. I didnít want to reply with talking to the person who died or visiting them, as I couldnít begin to imagine where that would lead him.  He did accept my answer of to show respect and went off in a new direction of questions.  Then we went off to my Aunt and Uncles to swim.  Aiden did get plenty of swimming in, in KS.  Sunday was the family get together at my dads, the weather was lovely if you like temps a bit over 105, I hung out in the house mostly. It was great to see everyone and I really wish it wasnít so long between visits. I really hope we can do a big get together next summer with those who live out of state.  Monday was the fun drive back home.  It wasnít terrible but I am glad we left when we did and made decent time, just after crossing into WI there was a nasty storm behind us with 60-80 mile hour winds and hail. Thankfully we didnít see it.

Then brought the countdown of the little boys and my time left in the States.  I was ready to be back with Matt and have Aiden back at home but it was still sad leaving my mom and the States.  Our trip home went OK, there was an hour delay in Miami that made our 3hr layover 4 and the boys could have done without that.  They were good for the first 3hrs the last I would like to forget about.