We head up to Bayahibe on Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday. It was a lot of fun for the kids and I, Matt enjoyed it and would have more if there had been someone

to go golfing with. There were many families that went so lots  of kids to play with. I seldom saw Abby and AJ, it was all inclusive so they could go get drinks of food whenever.

 They had drinks available from I think 7am-2am and food just about the same, with a couple of buffets for lunch and dinner and a snack bar on the beach. I think the older two

 choice of drink were Pina Colada's, but Atticus learned to say "I need a banana mama." I find it funny that he "needs" it. I think Aiden like that he could have all the ice cream

he liked, "for free"...the pool was great, with the walk in shallow part and just a bit that was to deep for Aiden. The beach was warm sand, sun and surf....with the waves Aiden

 LOVES. I think he and I could go up their weekly.  One of the mom's organized a murder mystery, it was to be for adults but when not all the adults showed up who said they

 would the teens got to participate. I know Matt was a senator and his wife (not me) had to bribe people, AJ was the murder victim but I hear he was not a nice guy, I will need

to ask Abby her part.



Look what Aiden found on the beach, think he has a new pet?



No, he doesn't have a new pet and he didn't find it on the beach, they were going around taking posed pictures....Aiden did the snake on Sunday

Atticus did the monkey on Sat, Aiden did the monkey as well but they were not worth buying the one above and the next 3 below were bought at the Resort.

This next batch is random pictures around the resort, that Abby took




Once again at the beach and Aiden LOVED the waves...the more they pushed and pulled him the better. Now that he is going under and swimming a bit it was even better.

Above : Aiden under water...... and waiting for the next wave to hit

Below: Aiden was laying there letting the waves push him on shore


Above : Atticus actually got in the ocean on his own free will and liked being splashed....a first for him

Below the only picture of Abby....she did great getting some of AJ but I didn't see enough of them to get pictures.

They had a kids club...which for us meant there was someone fun to play with the kids for a bit, some pictures from playing at the beach with them, painting and snacks...