Bohol May 2006 


Our trip went well, or at least I think it went fairly well.  The weather was great, the sand was warm and the water was relaxing.  I did manage to twist my ankle within hours of being there. Thankfully though swollen and painful that day it was easier to walk on the next.  The kids had fun and enjoyed it. Well Atticus didn't like the sand or water except for a tiny bit and you can see why in the pictures. Any other pictures you see of him standing in the sand he was not happy, but he will almost always smile if you play peek-a-boo. He stops fussing just long enough for a picture. In Bohol there are the chocolate hills and tarsier, tiny monkeys but for us it was to long of a drive. It would have been a few hours by car, with no carseat, not for us. The beach was a much better place to relax.  Aiden loved swimming, in the pool or the beach. The pool was right by the restaurant and he could barley make it through a meal before heading to the pool.  Our first lunch there I made the mistake of saying you have to eat a bite and then you can swim. So he took one bite and thought he was good to go.   I think the pictures will tell you more.  

The view from our room.


The restaurant.                                                                                   On the way to the restaurant  

On the beach

Atticus napping, in the breeze and shade of a coconut tree.


I joined Atticus for a nap.  Matt and Atticus, he is holding a small starfish.

AJ swimming....

Notice Atticus feet, this was his reaction every time you tried to set him down...until

Until the starfish and he couldn't get down fast enough.....  Hey maybe this sand isn't so bad......

The starfish were plentiful and fun to find. (we had them out just long enough for a picture, we had them in the shallow water)


AJ and Matt sitting and enjoying the view......                                                        Matt and Lisa enjoying the view...                 

The kids balcony, ours was right next door.                                Atticus and Aiden.