Christmas 2005

                            Pictures from Christmas Day


This one is from the day before, making cookies for Santa     What Atticus did while we were making cookies                             


                                       I think they are happy with what they got!!!



                                                                   MMMM this sure looks tasty...... 







                                                                                                                               This looks tasty too









Here are a few pictures from Breakfast with Santa, DH was one of the 

Santa's and he does such a great job.  He heard that from a few people.


They started with a movie. Notice Aiden's eyes, he didn't want to be interrupted.      Aiden with Santa


                      All the kids with Santa                                          AJ asking Santa for lots of good presents


                    Lola and Atticus with Santa                                           Atticus wondering who this could be


            These two pics were to show off his Santa diaper, ain't he a cutie!!!

Pictures from the Embassy Christmas party.

                                              Matt and the Sex Bomb singers