Christmas 2006

A few days before Christmas, Santa made the rounds in style!!!

The pictures above were from after attempting Christmas Eve Mass, we didn't leave nearly early enough to even get standing room in the Church. So we decide to just return home and do our own thing. Atticus was trying to sleep but at 5 that wasn't allowed. AJ had stayed home as his throat was sore and very red.


Opening a present Christmas Eve, Atticus still just wanted to sleep.


Our "Christmas Tree",  the toys Santa left and presents from Matt and I.


                 AJ got a WII. Matt hid the WII and to let AJ know he was getting one, he took a picture of himself with it and put it on his laptop for AJ to see. He was just a bit happy with it as I am sure the neighbors would tell you.         

The Picture on the laptop and where it was hidden


Abby and a couple of her presents. The forehead protector is a Naruto item, that Aiden got her because I said no way.


Atticus with toys from Santa.  The PJ's are a bit big as they are really Aiden's new ones, but they were "GO, GO"  and so.

Atticus opening a present he didn't get to open most of his as Aiden was being a bit to helpful. He did like them as you can see, he is kissing the police officer.

A picture of Matt and I, even if Matt doesn't like it, it was the only one taken of us during Christmas.

Aiden with his presents