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Easter 2012

It's time for another fun filled afternoon brought to us by the CLO. Yesterday it was hot and humid enough I turned on the air in our bedroom. However today it was chilly enough to need jackets. It rained this morning so things were wet, but thankfully it didn't rain on the egg hunt. Atticus told Matt this morning that he knew that Matt was the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. He knew because Matt was never around when Santa or the Easter Bunny were. However I think he believes that Daddy is Santa's Helper because Santa can't be everywhere and he needs helpers. So the Helpers, like Daddy take the kids wishes and send them on to Santa.  It was kinda sad, but I guess it is kinda nice that he was smart enough to realize Matt wasn't around at just the right time.

We had a fun time at the Easter Egg Hunt. I do think there must be some rule that if photographing more than one child they may not look at the camera at the same time. If it is it is one rule my boys learned well. To bad that don't know the rule about keeping their hands to themselves as well.

The egg hunt was done in two age groups at the same time so Matt got to try and photograph 3 kids who weren't really close to each other. He did a good job and got at least one decent picture of each.

The ever fun egg toss. Matt was Aiden's partner and a brave Dad whose son didn't want to play teamed up with Atticus.

Although Abraham liked the egg hunt, he LOVED looking over the edge and spent a bit of time wishing he could go swim in the pool.