Enchanted Kingdom

April `12th 2006

I ventured out with the kids to a local amusement park, about an hour away. It is spring break and we needed to do something. So off we went, with Norman, to help watch.  It was fun, enough rides to keep them busy but not so much to overwhelm. It was a bit warm but at least it wasn't crowded and the older ones went on a couple of water rides.  The park doesn't open until 4 and since the sunsets around 6, that helps with the heat too.  I think Aiden's favorite was the ball pit and tunnels. Atticus had fun just wandering but he did ride the train and I got to go on a roller coaster.  The big kids got to do go karts, but poor Aiden was to short and so mad. They had different areas, like jungle, old town, space, dinosaur as the pictures will show.



Atticus made a friend