February 2006

Feb. 24th

As usual Matt came back with gifts from Iloilo. A box of mangoes from Guimaras, happened to be one of the gifts. And I found two new recipes one is mango cobbler, the other mango sorbet.  I thought they both turned out well.  

I don't think I have mentioned Aiden and the new diagnoses of verbal apraxia.  It is a motor planning speech disorder, if you care to read more click here. Knowing this we now need to make sure therapy is available where ever we may go. Which brings up El Salvador,  when bidding I knew he was at least a late talker and would probably need therapy, but a year and half is a long time.(the time we had before arriving at a new post) We did choose places that I felt had a good chance of having therapist but we did not contact each post to confirm it.  El Salvador has a learning center for children with learning differences and I thought they would have speech therapy, they do not.  As of yet we only know of one English speaking ST and she is due to leave shortly after we would arrive. So it appears as if we will not be going to El Salvador.  We hope to have a new assignment with in a month but in reality haven't a clue when we will know.  It may be another Spanish speaking post or Matt mentioned to them a Chinese posting to give Aiden an year of stability in the states.  In time we will know where we are going and what language we will need.



Feb 19th

Wow the last two weeks have flown by. I did get through the pictures and got them up if you haven't seen them.  I will leave the story to Matt as he is a better writer, though he does take his time. 

We, AJ, Aiden, Atticus, a few friends and I went to a Euro Carnival this afternoon. It was fun for the kids. They had a few fair type rides that they all enjoyed. It wasn't crowded at all no lines so that was great. Even though it was a bit warm there was a breeze so that made it nice too.

This week Matt was back in Iloilo and a city near there for most of the week. We have enjoyed our daddy free time.  AJ had his first baseball game play off and they WON!!! AJ got a hit and scored!!!! He was lucky, his hit went to third and the player fumbled a bit before throwing, then the next batter hit it to the second baseman who barely missed AJ when trying to tag him, then the catcher miss a pitch and AJ wasn't paying close enough attention to his third base coach and was late when stealing third and he barely made it. However he did make it and that was great. I feel a bit for the other team as they were short a player and the lost in a mercy ruling. After the game AJ went swimming at a teammates house and then off to see Pink Panther with most of his team. So it was an awesome day for him.

Aiden has started with a new speech therapist.  Not sure if I wrote about the last one quitting with no notice. She said she didn't feel she would be able to make enough progress with Aiden by August, with his inability to sit and repeat words.  I didn't mind her quitting, but I wish she had given us some notice.  We have started with a man and I hope that maybe he will have some better tricks up his sleeve to make it fun for Aiden. This therapist has been practicing for 10years so...I am hoping.  That has been a big part of the last few weeks. Finding a therapist and trying to decide if Aiden would do better if we took him back to the states.  I think we are staying here but that could always change.  We are also in the process of seeing about his medical clearance as we believe it needs to be changed and would rather do it more on our terms.

Atticus is getting to be a walker. He still falls often but he can make it across our rooms and when he falls he will usually pull himself back up to standing on whatever is closest. He has stood himself up a few times without anything to pull up on.

Abby is doing good. She is looking into volunteering at a children's home once or twice a week. She would like 2 or 3 but I am only willing to drive her so much and I don't know about the boys hanging around.  

If you heard about the mudslides and wondered they are on a different island than us, so we are OK.  In case you needed to know the Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands.

I am sure there is more but it will wait.

Feb. 3rd

Just thought I would do a quick post to say we made it back from Iloilo, alive and well.  Hopefully I will get something up about our trip, which was an awesome experience.  Everyone had a great time and lots of fun.  The pictures will take a while to go through, I think I have close to 400 and then one of our friends their gave us a Cd with around 100.