February/March/April  2009

April 22

It hasn't been a month and yet I found my way back to the website to update, I have a few things to mention and A5 is asleep, A3 and A4 are playing nicely on the Gamecube.  Well I got one sentence typed before being interrupted. The gamecube is off. 

Matt and AJ got to meet Hilary Clinton and a meet and great last week. I opted out of going I didn't think it would be much fun with the crowd and the little boys, Abby stayed home to she wasn't impressed by the opportunity. I kinda wish we had a picture of Abraham with her but life goes on. Matt and AJ both have pictures when they met her. Matt also has some from at the airport with her.

As for me I think I have a new hobby or maybe it is a twist on a old one, crocheting soakers/shorties/longies.  Soakers and the like are wool covers for diapers, that are suppose to be great. I had planned on doing cloth as soon as Abraham hit the size mediums but I hadn't thought about wool covers until recently. I did cloth for a bit with Abby mostly velcro diapers and plastic pants. Then with Atticus I found out how much more was out there besides just prefolds, the pockets, fitted, AIO(all in one) and there are so many choices of each. I like the pocket and fitteds though I  don't have much left from Atticus I did have a few I hadn't given away. As I needed more I have added a few fitted and needed covers, which lead to me asking others about wool. They are not cheap to buy, which lead to me asking a friend about making some and then the thought that maybe they don't have to be knitted but could be crocheted which I can do. So as soon as the yarn gets here I can give it a go...I have some fitted that already fit the not so little guy to try them with.

Time is up once again....


April 13th

 So an update once a month? That is not what I was aiming for, but first their were website issues that I needed time for and then I need time in front of the computer with 2 hands to type. So I hopefully I have a few minutes with the A5 asleep, A4 playing a video game and A3 watching a movie so there shouldn't be any fighting. We do have a play date in just a little bit, that hopefully will go well and Aiden will have a new friend to play with for the next couple of months.  We are counting down the days, well maybe not the kids. Abby has just under 3 weeks and she doesn't like to think about it, I think because then she would have to start getting a bit organized. AJ is happy here with his friends and what not so he is counting either. Aiden thinks the flight will take to long so he doesn't want to move.  Atticus however is ready to go to Grandma Susie's anytime, so I try not to mention it to much by him as he gets his shoes and heads for the door.

 Life with Abraham is going well, he is a good baby and his schedule isn't bad at all with waking about 2x a night. It is fitting it in with the others schedules that gets me, Aiden is not a early to bed kid and AJ needs to be woken at 5;30 so those are what gets me. Last week was spring break for AJ and that was nice not getting up so early. It was also the week Matt had to go back to work, he was missed but it means we are closer to leaving and it was a short week so that was all good. This week might be a bit more interesting as it is a full week for Matt and Hilary Clinton is coming. I know today will be long for Matt as he is picking up someone at the airport at 10ish tonight and he left for work at 6;30 this morning. Oh back to Abraham he checked out well at his one month appt. he is 11lbs 11oz and about 23 inches so growing nicely.

AJ is now 15 and around 6ft need to measure him, haven't a clue what he weighs....he got an Ipod touch for his birthday. I think I really had him convinced he wasn't getting one but I found a good deal so he did. He has been having fun with the applications for it and so have the little boys. Thankfully he is such a good and willing to share big brother.

We went to the Easter party at the Embassy yesterday. It was fun, the food was yummy, nice to talk to adults, show the baby off , the kids got to color eggs and run, run, run outside. Hopefully I will get through the pictures soon to put up. I think the only downside yesterday was when the big kids didn't listen and instead of going to their area to get eggs, took the eggs from the under 4 group and some of those didn't get eggs. Atticus was one who got not a single egg from there but thanks to his big brother Aiden he did get to find some eggs. Aiden first had more than the 4 allowed so he hide those for him and another boy who had got none and then he went looking for more so Atticus too could have his 4.

My time is up...or will be shortly as I hear Abraham and I want to publish this...

March 10th

Abraham has been with us for almost a week and it is going fairly well all things considered. He has been such an easy baby to care for, he sleeps plenty, nurses well and so far isn't a fussy baby. What more could you want from a week old baby.  Abby and Aiden hold him whenever possible. Abby was banned from holding him for a few days as she had a cold. She was thrilled to be able to hold him again. AJ was gone so much with his basketball tournament that lasted Thursday-Saturday that he barely saw anybody here. Then Abby was nice enough to share her cold with him, hopefully he will feel better asap as he is to go to go climb a mountain, Pico Duarte, the highest mountain in the Carribean. They leave in a couple of days and I think 2 of the days are all day hiking. I am not sure if he can't breathe how he could possibly handle that as well as sleeping outside in the cold. Hopefully some meds will help him out. 

Matt is still home with us thankfully, I would be lost without his help. I am hoping he will stay home until Abraham is a month old but will see. The first few days he brought me my meals on a little tray, very nice of him but then the little boy too wanted their meals in bed with mommy on a tray.  I can see Aiden being a help with Abraham he likes to be asked to watch him for a few minutes here and there, not that anyone is far away just in the bathroom or gone in the other room to get a drink. Atticus hasn't taken much interest, he doesn't dislike him but he isn't gaga over him either. He spends a few minutes here or there to see where he is or try and play with him but that's about it.

Feb. 13th


WOW, I didn't think it had been quite so long since I update.  We are all doing Ok, Aiden has a minor infection and is on antibiotics and then AJ is just about recovered from the basketball tournament last weekend. He had sore muscles and somehow managed to get this throat stepped on by someone on his team.  Those tournament games were the first his team had got to play and so they didn't do so well.  They did have two more games this week but I didn't make it to see them. From AJ's point of few they did OK in the first and one but the second one they didn't play so well and lost by 1 point.

We are still waiting for A5 to appear, no surprise there as the others all waited until really close to their due date. I am however hoping that today is the last ultrasound before he arrives and our last big shopping trip, which we do every two weeks.  It is a bit hard to believe that in 2 weeks or less their will be a new baby in the house. Hopefully will adjust as well as they seem to be. Aiden has thought we needed a  new baby for a looooong time so besides being full of questions I am fairly certain he will do fine. Atticus has now accept that my big tummy has a baby in it. He will say he loves the baby and kiss my tummy, as well he is a fairly easing going boy so I think he will be OK with it, as long as he can still hold my hair when he wants.  I had been trying to break him of needing that at bedtime, but then when the boys were so sick I didn't really want them left sleeping alone as if you heard "I gotta go!!"  it meant right now and you better get me out of bed if you don't want to have to wash the sheets AGAIN!!  As for breaking them once their were feeling better, I just don't have the energy at bedtime, so I try but if he starts crying with the " But I will miss you, I need you and I LOVE you!!"  I cave in and lay with him and let him hold my hair until he is asleep.

I should mention AJ's report card as he got straight A's with a semester GPA of 4.6 and made principal honors.