Iloilo 2006





At the airport early Friday Morning.     Atticus willing to try anything, but this was sweet and yummy.  AJ drinking coconut juice


        These were taken at the restaurant  we had lunch at on Friday.



                                                                                    Pictures from the art contest I was invited to help judge.


          Here are pictures from Dinagyang.  It was simply amazing to watch. The first picture shows the costume we were given, a very special gift.




                                                                                                                                 Atticus first clapped by himself to the drums here.




Aiden and his police.  He loved  the ride on the motorcycle. The guards were very helpful in keeping track of him.



Pictures from Guimaras, where we were invited to stay at Jun and Jade's beach house.

                                            The house                                                                                                  Most of the gang

                 The boat ride to the house.


They LOVED the Hammock and AJ now wishes his bed was a hammock.



          This were from Jun's private zoo.



Poalo brought his PS2, what a lifesaver that was. Notice the glass table, Aiden took care of that, he sat on it after being told not to, not to, not to and it crashed to the floor.



Above Atticus in a shell at the beach house. Below are pictures from the first beach , AJ got a bloody nose and Abby got stung by a jelly fish






A boat ride around the islands and a stop a private island where they let us swim.


These pictures are from the house above, wouldn't you just love to wake up to that view???


They found starfish.  Do you see where the island points out to, they could touch all the way out there, since the tide was out.

On our way back to Iloilo and then off to the Chinese New Year Festival

Here is when we decided that the officer would make the best yaya for Aiden.                          Notice AJ's crying, Aiden just handcuffed  them together,

Aiden just adored him, his radio, handcuffs and motorcycle.                                                     Aiden was so happy and jumping, AJ was crying.




 Below: At Tony and Val's beach house.                 Above:At one of the churches we saw on the way. So old and beautiful.




                                                                                               Wonder what Atticus is chewing on?  a pig's tail.

The beach was rocky here, but the kids LOVED the waves.



A panoramic shot of  their backyard.


                           Atticus was diplomacy in action, he LOVED everyone, smiled and anyone and would takes hugs from all.


Abby got to meet and make some new friends.


On our way. That smile on Aiden's face was definitely NOT how the plane ride went.  He wanted to take Poalo with us and go by boat.