January 2006


Jan 23

We had a good weekend, not much going on.  Matt, Atticus and I went to a dinner on Saturday. I got to meet his friends from Iloilo.  We had a good time and I can't wait to see them again at the end of the week when we go to Iloilo for a week. Well part of the week will be spent their and part on Guimaras Island.

AJ made the middle school play, he was excited and I hope he has fun. He won't his part for a bit as they haven't been assigned. This week should be a fun week for AJ, no classes. It is a week of classroom without walls. They have a field trip Tues.-Friday, with Monday being a day to learn more about the trips.  They are going to Corregidor, Ayala Museum, Chinese Cemetery, Intramuros.  I think it is neat that he will get to see these. He will miss the Cemetery as we are leaving Friday morning for Iloilo.



 Ordering online, we do a lot of and I thought I would mention a couple of places. The first if you are in need of incense www.scentsnmore.net is great. They have lots to choose from, fast shipping and since they had to substitute a few like apple pie for apple they gave us a few hundred extra, Matt did order 700 sticks to begin with.  Another site I found usefully to order Matt a Christmas present  was www.bigheadcaps.com, it advertise for the cranially endowed. Matt got a baseball hat that fit and they had lots to choose from.  Amazon of course is a place we use a lot, Matt makes weekly purchase there it seems.

Jan. 16th

   We had a good weekend with little going on. AJ had baseball tryouts for the National Team, He did OK. However most of those boys have been playing for years and with 45 or so trying out and only 15 or so making he doesn't have much chance but it was good for him what ever may happen.

  Atticus is getting better with his steps. This weekend he actually made it more than 2 or 3 steps. He got maybe 3 feet or so. He also spun in a circle which takes some balance. I have mixed feeling about him walking, it will be good so he can go outside and not have to crawl on the concrete. However he will be the last of mine I get to watch take first steps.

  Matt discover a whole new world for his Ipod with podcast, just incase the books or music weren't enough. He can get video or audio podcast and in just about every topic you could want.

  I got a DVD burner and have it installed and working. Just need to learn a bit more about burning movies from our camcorder. Sometime when I am not getting help for two little boys, which is often. Aiden has decided once again that 11:30 is an ideal bedtime even with no nap and getting up by 8.

AJ got his roller blades and Aiden likes his bike so I am hoping maybe with some more outdoor time I can get his bedtime earlier again.  I am sooo not a night person.  I am thank full that he is my only one who was/is a night owl.  Abby is a bit of one now but she is old enough that I don't have to worry what she is doing.

Well Aiden has come to play, he has now discovered albinoblacksheep.com and would LOVE to play games all day.  Too bad for him that he has a family he has to share the computer with.



Happy New Year!!!! A little late but better than never right? I hope yours is getting off to a good start. Ours is except for the first few days that Matt spent laying in bed with his back hurting, it was nice to have him home for a bit though.

We had a good New Years Eve, we invited a few friends over who brought some fireworks. So we got to join in and stead of just watching.  It was fun and I know next year we won't be lighting off fireworks in the street in front of our house. There are some video clips up if you care to see, what sounds like static is really just the constant fireworks. They are dark as it was near midnight, taken with a digital camera and some nice neighbor had knocked out the power to the village with his fireworks.  Aiden was so excited and running every which way to look and see them.  Atticus was actually sleeping even with al the noise.

Atticus has taken his first steps. No more than three at a time but it's a start. I tried to video it but first the dog walked in front of the camera, then a non-dressed 4y and then Atticus just wanted to get to the camera. Maybe another day it will go better.

AJ has tickets to WWE Live here in Manila, Abby and Matt too.  The kids are so excited. The little boys and I went to get them and ended up standing in line for 2hrs and it wasn't that the line was long but there was just one person selling them and they were slow!! The  boys did great the first hour and thankfully the second wasn't that bad considering we didn't move more than 10 feet, there really were maybe a dozen people ahead of me. Oh well we lived and I hope the show makes a lasting impression on them.

Well Atticus is trying to help me and since he isn't really a good typist yet..