January 2007


January 20th

I do have pics of Abby and her glasses, however they are on the laptop and I need to get them onto the desktop. She is wearing them like she should and having less headaches so it was good we went in.

We, the kids, had friends over yesterday which was fun. They are friends from Manila, there Dad is in training  here too. They choose to live farther out and out schedules haven't matched up so we hadn't seen them yet. Hopefully we will get to see them again soon. It meant no school for Abby and AJ. Aiden class went on a field trip and I choose to keep him home.  It wasn't something I thought he would like and if he didn't then I didn't want anyone to have to battle with him. As well his main teacher wasn't going, he would have had the aides that know him but I felt better keeping him out of that situation. He did well in school this week, no trouble, no running and no timeouts.  His speech therapist made a book for him and I think we will make some more. It not only will help him learn to read, which he wants, it will help him with his speech.  He has never liked flash cards, it was like he saw them as such torture, this is a way around it. 

AJ is growing and I don't like it. I have a harder time with AJ growing up than Abby. I guess Abby is the first and so I expect it but AJ shouldn't. That makes alot of sense, right. He is now taller than Abby, just a tiny bit but he is. As well he has taken to meeting some friends as they get off the bus, they just happen to be girls. He usually just meets them near the tennis courts. Yesterday he went to the bus stop with the friends that were visiting, to make sure to meet up. The girls have requested that he show up there daily, we shall see. Tonight  is ice skating with Oakwood(the apartments were in) and they will be there as well as some more friends from here.  The girls were here before us, but didn't do much as far as the activities went, now that AJ does them so do they.

Atticus is adding words like cookie, more, car (used for keys), please...he loves to play Where is it? The other day he dropped his Blue's Clues notebook and all in one sentence said " Where is the notebook? I don't know! Here it is !"  Thankfully he is cute and we love him, so when he takes a late nap and is up til 11:30 I don't kick him out the door. The late nap might have been a little bit my fault but I tried to get him down before I took Aiden to ST and he didn't go, so then when I got back at 3 he was way to tired to make it bedtime. I did only let him sleep 30min, but it seems he is like Aiden and a power nap will keep him going for hours.


January 13th

Abby has glasses. She just needs them for reading but she needed them. She choose a pair that are navy/neon green. They are not what I would have picked, but they are for her and just for reading.  I think if they were full time glasses then I would have had her pick some that would have matched any outfit. I will get a picture up soon. 

Aiden was sick this week. At least it was just a fever and it passed without incident. As well he didn't share with Atticus I am not yet ready deal with a fever and him.  Aiden is adjusting to school. He is doing well most days.  He likes to go, likes his teachers, likes the kids, he doesn't always like to do things in the order they are set in.  Most days they have plenty of center time, which is free play, with usually a activity that does need to be done at the table sometime during centers. They might have an activity with the letter of the week and they glue things on that start with that letter. Wednesday's seem to be the hard day for him. They are a short day and they have PE and art. It means center's are shorter and he has to go to art, neither of which please him.  I don't think he ran from his teacher at all this week, which is a step in the right direction.  He is doing well in speech therapy. In case you wonder what words he is working on here are a few: in, out, up, eat, open, bam, me, you....these all need to be prompted and are said at a slow rate, he is improving even if it is slow. His teacher at school does a great job of understanding him, though I guess on occasion they do a lot of guessing. Such as when talking about hibernating and he wanted to list a hedgehog, but they did get it. Which is great, I get discouraged when I see what words my 5y little boy is trying hard to say, to learn. I wonder what will it mean for him, or when it might click and he will make some big leaps or if he will. I have yet to meet another child like him. It seems if there apraxia is this severe then they have other problems as well. I am thankful that he doesn't, but  it would be nice to meet someone who has been there done that and there child is talking.  I met someone this week whom it seemed to think because he lacked vocabulary then he was slow overall. I figured as he aged that people would assume such, but it really ticked me off this time that he just assumed it.  

Atticus and AJ are doing good.  Atticus is cute as ever, learning new words and growing up. 

January 2nd

We hope the New Year has started off on the right foot for you. Ours seems to be with nothing exciting happening. Everyone seems happy and healthy in our house, so hopefully that is what the year will bring. Matt is enjoying one last day off before back to Spanish class he goes. Aiden started back to school today without incident and hopefully he will have a great day, I think I will go pick him up so I can ask in person. The teacher is great about emailing me to let me know but....I like to see for myself too. Abby and AJ had a light week last week and so today we need to get back into full force, happens to be testing in both subjects.  However it will probably take most of the day to get just the algebra test done. I usually print off copies so they can take them at the same time. However our server is having troubles and so I can't access my email which has the passwords to access the test to print. Today they get to practice sharing and do Algebra.

Did you celebrate the New Year? Were you awake to welcome it in?

For those families that celebrated the New Years apart, I hope you are back together soon.

We welcomed the New Year in here at home. AJ did invite a friend over, we did order pizza and ate junk food but that is as far as are celebrating went.  Everybody but Atticus was awake to welcome in the NEW YEAR.  Aiden was full of hugs and kisses, so unusual for him. Matt tried to call his mom and got a busy signal. So when we tried back Aiden wanted to be the one and he was still full of hugs and kisses. Aiden even woke up full of hugs and kisses to start the year off on the right foot.  I was surprised as going to bed at 1 and getting up at 9, I didn't except him to be in good form.

The New Year for me means time to get things going for the move. I hope to have a real departure date soon, instead of just the end of April. We need to schedule medical checks for all as we didn't do them in Manila and need them before going to Santo Domingo.  Everyone is due for eye exam's and our new insurance started so that is added to the list. I need to get in touch with the Speech Therapist in Santo Domingo again, just to stay in touch and make sure she will still take Aiden.  It looks like we will make a short stop in Puerto Rico on the way to Santo Domingo, I am wondering how Hank will affect that and so should look into it. I think that is my list at this time.

Matt was reading an article that talked about the top 10 and worst 10 cities in the world. The interesting part at least 3 of the worst cities were on our bid list in 2004, what were we thinking? In case you are wondering neither Manila or Santo Domingo were on the list.