January 2009

January 31st

  We did OK with Matt gone but it is nice to have him back, for me just to have here but to help with errands. He is usually the one to write the checks for cash right at work, pick up the mail, pick up AJ and stop at the store for a loaf of bread on his way home. As for me it meant loading up the boys and spending over an hour in the car to go get cash, a bit less time but still loading up the boys to pick up AJ or go to the store for a loaf of bread. He has 3 weeks of work and then he will be off for at least 5 weeks I think for paternity leave. It will be so nice to have him around for a nice length of time, instead of just a week or a couple of days. I think I will really need it this time with Aiden being Aiden, then Atticus who is really fairly easy (if you can handle the loud screeches) and a baby.

Atticus had his dentist appt. I am so thankful that we were able to put him under to do the work in one sitting. He only recalls the shot and so he NEVER wants to see a doctor again but at least he didn't have to be held down screaming while they took care of his cavities and pulled his front teeth. The front teeth were still loose from back before Christmas when the dog got him as he was crawling out of a tunnel and slammed his face into the marble floor. After that he did hit them hard on the sink and got an elbow to the mouth so I am not totally surprised. He wasn't bothered by the fact that they were missing when he woke up, he didn't even question it. The only issue with the whole deal was more mine. I asked about eating and they said he would sleep another 2-4hrs and he would be to sleepy to want food so not to worry by then he could. Well he woke maybe half an hour after we got home wanting to eat, thankfully he settled for a drink and let me rock him back to sleep for a bit but he didn't sleep at all like they had said. Which wasn't good for Aiden and I as we had gotten home at noon and we hadn't eaten either. I did get Aiden to sit by Atticus so he wouldn't roll off the bed in his half state of sleep so I could get us something to snack on and drinks. Atticus did get fruit snacks before they said but he kept waking and crying for them, I figured they were just a bit of something and if he threw them up oh well. I do want to add that watching in that half state of sleep was not something I liked at ALL!! Reminds me to much of his seizures.

On that note, that night the boys were sleeping with me. I woke up and felt Atticus who felt cold and then his lips looked funny colored and usually all it takes is my touch for him to move some part but he didn't move, when I turned his head it flopped....the thoughts that can go through your mind in the matter of seconds it took for me to yell his name... I think I was a bit stressed. His eyes popped open and was like What???, he was just really asleep and cold from the AC. Aiden jumped out of bed as well. He just said "Good Morning Mom", my reply to Aiden was "It's still night you can go back to sleep." Which he did promptly.

As for the baby, still workin' on a name. As of tomorrow I can say he is due this month. YEAH!!!! He is moving plenty and the Braxton hicks are picking up. I think I have everything I need for the little ones arrival and I figure next weekend I will make sure everything is in order a bit better than when Atticus appeared and I had to try and tell Matt where to find the clamps and scissors and such. Atticus is really excepting there is a baby in my tummy and he will come out. I just can't say "He needs to cook just a bit longer." As we don't cook babies, but what you cook you eat and babies aren't for eating.


January 27th

  Well the first 3 days without Matthew here have gone fairly well. Aiden did have one major meltdown, not that Matthew could have prevented it just one of those that last a loooong time and makes we wonder what in the world I will do in this new baby is like Aiden in that way. As well it is just hard to deal with Aiden in such a mood with this big belly in the way. We both did live through it and the rest of the day was better. Yesterday was a holiday here, so Matt missed a 3 day weekend. I did miss having the maid yesterday as it was a holiday but it was better that AJ was here. He was really good with the little boys and played a ton with them which helps me sooooo much. AJ being home gives me break and really makes taking care of the little boys so much easier. Abby did help out too, last night Matt called and she kept them out of my hair for a bit so I could talk to him longer than 5 minutes.

Yesterday was also a day of kids say the funniest or maybe the last one oddest things. First I will tell about Atticus...the baby had the hiccups and AJ wondered if he could hear them so he put his head to my stomach and got kicked. Then Aiden tried it and didn't get kicked so AJ got teased a bit more on being kicked in the head by the baby already. The little boys LOVE to wrestle and beat up on him. Then Atticus put his forehead to by belly and yelled "Kick Me, Kick ME!!!" He however didn't get kicked either, but him yelling at by belly was to funny.  Another one, he was playing with AJ and Aiden, AJ had either killed or harmed Aiden, who was laying there at AJ's feet. Atticus was standing over Aiden facing AJ, with his arms out stretched making electric type sounds and said in a low serious voice "What did you do to my son?!", he did this over and over. I asked him "Are you Sith or a Pokemon?"  His reply "I'm a good guy.", "A Jedi?" " No, a Mystic Power Ranger!!" and back to the outstretched arms shooting AJ with some electric volts and "What did you do to my son??!!"  Maybe you had to be there for that one but it was cute and funny.

Now for Aiden, he really is one to take very little for face value, he "wonders" about everything. Yesterday we were sitting eating dinner and he got up to use the bathroom. Then came back and began to ask question "Do you need to go pee?" "What if you never went pee?"  I tried to be quick with answer and get the conversation, but AJ left anyhoo, so I just let Aiden go on and ask all his questions about how to pee and why to pee an so forth.  Even when he was so sick, he didn't want a movie and would just lay in bed and stair at the wall or ceiling, he was full of questions about fevers, medicine and how it works, virus and so on.  I think back to Abby and AJ at that age and Abby was somewhat curious but more in exploring what was there and willing to try new things. AJ was bright for his age but he just soaked up everything you taught him. I don't recall either of them being full of so many questions, but I LOVE it and think it is a great thing for him.

January 24th

I really do intended to do better with updates..... Anyhoo the boys are better, it took 2 weeks for them to be over everything but they are. It was a day or two after that when I really knew Aiden was better, he ate a good supper and then for a bedtime snack ate 2 apples and 3 bowls of oatmeal. That's my Aiden....he has even ate breakfast on occasion which isn't typical, like last Sat. he ate 4 pancakes, usually he will do 1 pancake if it is for breakfast.  His sleep schedule is way off for my liking, I think just prefect for him or any other night owl, bedtime between 11:30-12:30 and getting up at 9ish, though even the days I woke him at 7:30 for speech he stayed up late. I soooo do not stay up with him, I am ready for sleep by 8 but I hold off until Atticus is asleep which is usually 9ish. Though Aiden does wake me a few times before he goes to sleep and then when he is ready to be tucked in. He is usually playing his DS, until he wakes me one to many times and I make him turn it off, but it doesn't make him go to sleep any earlier.

Matt left this morning for Costa Rica and his training. So if you don't mind saying a pray I could really use an uneventful week and little boys who listen to their mommy. I have had little patience with them, Aiden loves to bug Atticus and Atticus is really got the screech down pat. Thankfully most days know don't involve all day of such activities, when they were pretty much better but not really the screeching seemed to be constant.

All is going well with the new baby and I. He is growing but for once I measured on target....I didn't ever do that with the 3 other boys. I am sooooo hoping that maybe this one will be closer to average size and stay baby size a bit longer than his brothers or even Abby. I can hope at least. I will have one more ultra sound in a couple of weeks and get a better idea on size, as really measuring the outside of the belly can be truly deceiving as to what size the baby is. I think we have everything we really need for the little guy, including the home birth kit and somebody willing to come to the house if need be. I am hoping he will appear one month from today, it is Matt's uncle's birthday and we are using his name for a middle name. As well Abby was born on his wife's birthday.

 Today also marks 5 months left here in Santo Domingo and then off we go to Wisconsin, Matt will get to hang out there until early Sept, the kids and I will be there through July 2010. So anybody care to visit please do...we can make room for you at the house or Evansville actually built a hotel.



January 8th

Well the boys are better, somewhat. At least they are up and about and not just laying in bed, staring at the TV or the walls. They slept fairly well last night Aiden slept 6pm-8am with a bit of being awake around 3am and then at some point before that he moved into bed with Atticus and I. Atticus however had taken a nap the day before and didn't go to sleep until 1am and was up a couple of times for the bathroom but they didn't last long. We are still planning to go to the beach this weekend, as long as no one is worse tomorrow. It is already paid for and non-refundable, Abby and AJ have been great through all this and fending for themselves and I think some outdoor time will be great for Aiden and Atticus. I was lucky that Matt has been able to be home for all this. Especially yesterday when we had to do some running around getting the boys checked out.


January 4th

Well so much for a nice start to the New Year. After the last post things went down hill fast. Atticus wasn't feeling well he spit up some and then did more of a throw up. So I thought nothing of letting him fall asleep and he didn't feel warm when he went to sleep. Well he must have spiked a fever as he was sleeping as he had a seizure, but that one was mild and he had been sleeping so I didn't catch it, and I thought he was just sleepy when he woke up throwing up. Then he had another real one, with the blue lips, clenched jaw and all. I will NEVER get used to that and not want to do something even if I know I just need to let him be and he will be OK in a bit. With Matt here I called him and didn't feel the need to keep it together so much, and I am 7m pg so crying over nothing I can do, watching Atticus seize definitely brings on the tears and doesn't really comfort Abby and AJ much. We had no Motrin and Tylenol alone does nothing for Atticus...it was New Years Day and I didn't have a clue their were 24hr pharmacies, now we now there are at least 2 not far. Aiden started with a fever too a bit after Atticus. Then came the diarrhea that was frequent....we did more laundry that first night than I normally do in a week. The next day the boys did eat a banana but they threw that up and getting Aiden to drink was next to impossible so dehydration became the worry. I woke him frequently to sip, sip, sip... at least Atticus was drinking. Aiden didn't eat anything after the banana on the 2nd until this morning when he ate a few bites of jello, Atticus was eating a bit yesterday not much but something. Today Matt got to drive to the lab and drop off a stool sample, but we now have some antibiotics so hopefully that will help. As well today was the first day they got to skip a dose of Motrin, they were fever free this morning, but as typical it came back this afternoon. They both ate noodles for supper so that was a good step. Hopefully tomorrow will just be better. Atticus has been pretty good with it clingy and when he stomach hurts he screams, which worried me the other night as it seemed to go on for some time but he was tired and wanted to sleep and couldn't because of his tummy.  Aiden however Mr. Question everything has taken this a bit harder, and wants to be better, he would do anything to be better. He has question why, why, why, how, how, how, what, what, what...and if you mention one thing that could have made him sick he says he will never do it again. I mention about getting germs from other people, he said he never wanted to see anyone else again, so I did explain more. He wants to know how the meds work (motrin for fevers) or why minutes after taking the antibiotic he wasn't better. If you made it through this and feel a bit jumbled up, that is how my last few days have been, they don't really sleep on any schedule...last night they both slept from 9:30ish until 1 and then someone was awake and going potty or thinking they needed to until about 4 or 4:30 and then they both were out until 7:30ish. Maybe they will be a tad better tonight and we can get a bit more sleep.


Christmas pics are up.....here  Christmas 2008


January 1st 2009

I hope this year will bring you Healthy and Happiness and that you were able to end 2008 on a good note. We had a fairly good day yesterday, Atticus did have an attitude issue but then he napped from 7-9pm and woke up in a much better mood to ring out the old year and ring in the new.  We just spent ours at home, played a few games, ate some yummy snacks and Aiden was waiting for the fireworks. Thankfully there were a few to see, as he was so excited about them and started asking as soon as it was dark out. There weren't as many as last year and no where near what we got to see in Manila. Oh well I would guess next year there will be even less and running around outside in just shorts won't cut it either in WI on New Years Eve.


As for Christmas we spent it much they same way a somewhat quiet day at home. We did go out to a friends house for Christmas Eve supper. The food was good and the company was nice. Hopefully I will get through pictures soon and put some up. The kids I think made out pretty good on the presents not an overload but all things they wanted and liked. I was a bit worried about Aiden as he mentioned wanting a submarine the on Christmas Eve, he had mentioned in October but dropped it and so did I. I could see him counting on it and not caring about anything else, but he didn't. He was happy with what he got and didn't even mention the submarine on Christmas.  He has really mellowed on the anger issues with the Manna Bears.


Atticus is up and wanting his turn.... guess when I get the pictures sized, I will put them up and add a bit more.