July 2007

July 31st

I need to mention Aiden and his talking, he has improved so much it has brought tears to my eyes. I hadn't given up hope that he would talk but I had really started to doubt that his verbal skills would ever be his main form of communication. He still has a long way to go but I think he might just do it. He has finally got the ability to say new words. His imitating skills are there, well somewhat there. Since 2 months ago he could not have imitated you at all, I will take even a baby step in that direction.  He said new, music and home this past weekend and he can still say them. Some are more of an approximation like when a toddler is learning but again baby steps are so much better than where we have been stuck at. I wish I could say it was do to the therapist here but his new words are never things she has tried. As well she has really just been testing him to see what sounds he can do and what therapy he will participate in.  I do have high hopes that with his own new found ability and a therapist he will go far in our time here. He is so proud of a new word when he says it, he wants everyone to know.  I hope that will stay a big motivator without discouraging him from his "talking". I don't want him to ever clam up as some kids do when they realize that there "words" aren't real words.

July 30th

Well the computer is up and running again. Hopefully we won't have anymore issues with it.

It was a good weekend, well the kids would think it was better if The Simpson Movie had come here in English. We did go visit the toy store down the road as we were invited to a birthday party on Sunday at the club. It was a nicer store than I expected, reminded me of a Toys R US that was a bit older. They had a few toys set up for playing on, Atticus and Aiden took advantage. They even had a kids cut in the back, we didn't have time that morning but Atticus needs a cut so soon. I can bribe to sit for a toy. Sunday Matt went to play golf in the morning. Abby and I tried making donuts, for a first attempt it didn't go to bad and I thought they were pretty good. Then the little boys and I went to the club for a little girls birthday party. Aiden was in the pool for most of the 4 hrs we were there. He did get out to eat a bit or two but that's about it. 

Well it is almost bedtime here and I hope to at least resize a few pictures even if I can't get them up tonight.


July 22nd

What has happen since I last wrote? Abby turned 15, all I can think is WOW my baby girl is 15, in 3yrs she will be ready for college, at the rate it feels we are going that will be just a blink of the eye. She had a good birthday or at least she LOVED her presents, she got one of her favortie meals and she had an ice cream cake. The ice cream cake counts as a present considering it was between $45-$50 for it, and even the kids said it wasn't the great. It was a Baskin Robin's, but maybe at that price they sit for a bit. She got lots of books(15), some CD's and movies.
 Her birthday also brought us our own way to get around, the Van finally is here with us. We did have to wait until Sat to go for a ride as we needed tags and insurance. The same day we walked to a nearby bakery, I thought it would just be breads but the kids found donuts and they do sandwiches too. We held off on sandwiches until today when we walked back and choose club sandwiches which were yummy.
 As for our drive on Sat. we went to find a bookstore that had advertised the new Harry Potter book in English. It took some time to find it as we didn't see it at first and thought it was in a Mall. The Mall's map didn't show it so we asked and were told it was not in the Mall but in a group of stores behind the Mall, nope not there. The guy there said it was back in teh Mall, we went back inside because there was a different book store listed. Ooopss that store isn't there anymore either. So let's go drive and I can call Abby and see if she can give us the addresses and phone number. Finally we found it, they had plenty and they had free drinks. That was nice as the little boys were begging for a drink. Matt and I also went to Plaza Lama, it is a Domician verison of Wal-Mart, sort of. They have a bit of everything and a grocery store. We need a few things for the house, like a shower curtain and pillows and groceries. It was OK, nice for one stop shopping. OH and the kids had fast food for the first time since arriving, well beside pizza hut delivery, they got Taco Bell for lunch. Without the tax it was still a bit more than I would have spent in the states, with tax Oh...$10-$15 more. That is life here, I guess and I need to accept it.
 So we do have one copy of Harry Potter and one on the way. Though at the rate AJ and Matt are reading they will be done before our pre-order copy arrives. AJ, Abby and Matt are having to share reading time. Matt offered to read it to them but they opted not to and to take turns. I know Matt and AJ are over half way done, not sure on Abby and I offered to wait as long as they keep there mouths quiet about the book.
Atticus I would say is officially potty trained. Not that an accident wouldn't surprise me but they don't happen often at all. Anyone listening to him and I in the bathroom would get a laugh. I use to tease him about the color of his pee, to get him to sit and try when I knew he had to go but he didn't want to sit long enough. So he tells me the color of his pee and he calls poop, "rocks" so he tells me how many "rocks" he has. He still likes to sit and either go right then or jump off and then need back on. He isn't good about sitting until the "rocks" come. So when he says he has to go and I carry him there often he will say "The Rock is Coming". I will never think of the wrestler "the Rock" the same again.uly 14th

Thought I should update, not that much has happened. There are photos here, of our first beach trip in the Dominican Republic that was an Independence Day Celebration. This week we also received the last of our much loved belongings. Our HHE from Virginia was brought Wed. morning and just as the kids and I were almost done, Matt's HHE from Manila arrived. My once clean organized house is no longer so. The kids have been using the boxes to make forts, I am burnt out on going through stuff and Matt doesn't have much time to go through his.  At least we have it, next is to get our Van, hopefully before the week is out but I know that it could be longer. 

Our generator burn out something, I think the motor, so we have a temporary one sitting in the back yard. At least it works as power has gone off and on quite a bit recently.

Friday morning Atticus woke me at 5:30 wanting to play video games, he must have had a vivid dream as most mornings he only wants to nurse when he wakes. Then Aiden woke a few minutes later wanting ice cream, Aiden too must have had a good dream he often isn't up until after 8. So I told Aiden we would get some later in the day, which thankfully he accepted it nicely. So the kids and I walked to the local ice cream shop, I had heard it wasn't so good but Aiden wanted it and it was within walking distance. I thought it was OK, maybe not top of the line but definitely not bad and the price was fair. Unlike what I paid for Nestle at the store. If I remember right that was $9 for a half gallon.

Abby had a friend over today and that seemed to go well. There are a couple of boys in our residencial that come over, 2 are young(4 and 2)and with the Embassy, the other a bit older maybe 10 and I think a local. He only speaks a little English but he is good with the kids.... I will have to remember to lock my door if I don't want visitors as one of the younger ones just walked in but he had been here earlier. I am glad they want to come play. They have come a few times to see if Aiden wants to play but he usually won't but Atticus always wants to and then sometimes Aiden will join him. Usually AJ is playing video games with Aiden and Aiden won't go.  I still have yet to check out the school for him. I thought the Embassy would provide transportation like in Manila but they don't. So I put it off and was going to go Friday but when I called to see where the school was and if the person I needed to talk to was in, I was a bit put off.  I will just chalk it up to the person who answered didn't speak English and hope when I actually go that it goes better. There is the option to homeschool him and I wouldn't mind but he needs to socialize and with my limited Spanish I worry some on that part.  There is scouts that we will do, the neighbor kids and I think Abby will do horseback riding so I could do that with Aiden as well.  I guess I will have to see what is best for Aiden.


July 3rd

We have been here just over a month and things are going OK. Our van has finally left Miami and hopefully with in the next 2-3 weeks we will have our own form of transportation.  With taxi's and help from neighboring co-workers we have done fine without it, but it will be nice to be able to go when we want and to some other places besides the grocery store on occasion. Matt will like being able to leave work when he chooses. Though I must say I like him leaving on time.

Aiden is doing better, no rashes, no fevers, just a few sneezes in the morning and he is good for the rest of the day. So I think that is allergies.  He has started speech therapy. The first time went so poorly I was worried that we would be ending it. However we went back yesterday and it was such a turn around he did excellent.  We did have to take our own toys. The ST is just starting up and office and has few toys and none that interest Aiden. He has made such big steps (big for him) since we arrived that I hope to see more with the ST. He has added words, he seems able to imitate a bit better. He discovered he could say  "you love me", which is so much nicer than the "you don't love me, nobody loves me" he has been saying. He had been having a rough time I think with the move and not feeling well, he however has made a turn around the past couple of days. I can hope my sweet boy is back, the little boy who was hitting, throwing things, dumping things was hard to handle and have fun with.

Atticus is doing well with the potty training and learning new words all the time. He gives us lots to laugh about, like pretending he was a rock and saying "rock, rock, hurt leg" OK a rock with a hurt leg hmmm... His brother was a Lion needing a vet, guess he didn't want to be left out. He still LOVES to scare you, I think I am the only one that gets comforted after with a "It's okay" and a kiss. Just to let you know he isn't all sweet and innocent, he does his fair share of starting fights with Aiden. Aiden is getting better about ignoring his "YUCKY MEME", which of course Aiden did teach him.

Tomorrow is American's Independence day, I wish we were there to celebrate it. Even though we have lived overseas for a couple of years it will be my first July 4th overseas. We were on R&R for the first and then we did the SMA and so were home for the 2nd one as well.  There are no plans for tomorrow. The Embassy has an event in the evening but the family one isn't until next weekend. It is at a beach not to far away but with no car we need to find a way there. Since we are a family of 6 we can't just hope in with another family. I am sure something will work out and it will be fun. Guess I am still settling in and missing home, wherever that might be.