July/August 2009

August 19th

I really need to get better with updates, I hope to try for once a week. I did finally put up some pictures on the family page and Abraham's page. Abraham is sitting, though he still tips over some. I finally got him in to the doctor and he was 21lbs and 28in. He has two teeth which leads to chewing on everything he can and drooling everywhere. He rolls over now just about every time he is put down asleep or awake. He started rolling over the day before Abby' birthday.

Aiden has started speech, that will cost us more than I had thought. However they did say they will try to become a preferred member and then it isn't nearly as much. Of course if the session continue like the last one they may not want Aiden back. Actually it wasn't that bad, he did not run away or throw anything, hit, kick or bite anyone. Yes he has done all but the biting at therapy a few years ago. I do hope they don't try the activity again that set him off for a bit.

AJ is enrolled in school and has his classes chosen. He did get to take "skinnies" or short classes so he can have lunch with a lot of the kids he knows who are in band or choir, even though he is in neither. He has the basic World History, Biology, Algebra II, Trig, PE II, PE III and Spanish.  His electives Wildlife and Food I  he wanted a drama class but the only one offered he had other classes when it was offered.

As long as I am listing classes Abby has Chemistry, British Lit., Algebra II, American Govt., Psychology and maybe something on interior design.

If you look at the pics you can see we went to the Rock County fair again this year. It did rain a bit on us but the kids still had a blast. They got to ride all the rides they want, play a few games, eat fair food and see some animals. Ashley and Katrina had friends in the cow barn so the little boys got to ask all the questions they wanted and sit with the cows too. Abby's photos earned her a blue ribbon(1st) and two red ribbons(2nd). One of the reds she was told was a red instead of a blue because she didn't file down the poster board the pictures were on. The boards were handed out by the club and no one mentioned filing down the boards. Who would of thought the edges of the boards were to count, not me for sure. Hopefully we will be here next year for the fair and Abby is participating again.

Matt packs out next Monday and our HHE is still out there somewhere.....but the UAB did arrive.


July 22nd

I am still not being good with writing. Finding time where I can write without little boys around is not easy, especially with the sleep schedules they have been having. I can hope that I have them on a bit better one now but we will see how long it last. As well I have been sleeping in with them which is nice when I am up late with one and up once or twice with another. Our bedroom is "The Dungeon" or the basement and has no windows so there is no sunlight to wake me, which is good for me for sleeping in but bad for me waking before the boys to get things done.

Abby is now 17 and WOW how did that happen. We just celebrated with a DQ cake and BBQ with my sisters family, we will take her out to eat when we have our van back. Another WOW would be her hair but posting pics will have to wait until Matt is home and has seen it. Matt is in FL getting our van and seeing his family. It will be nice to have a vehicle that can fit our whole family and I think the little boys will like to have "their car" back. 

We have yet to recieve any of our shipments. Though at least the air freight should be on it's way. Matt called to check on it a month after pack out and it was still sitting in Santo Domingo. Our air freight should take 2 or 3 weeks, it surely shouldn't sit there a month without any notice to us. Thankfully I am not planning on moving with Matt and that we have an extra long home leave or our freight would be arriving after we left.  However the warm clothes, toys, baby things that I put in it I didn't plan on going six plus weeks without. The sea freight I can hope truly leaves this week and doesn't take too long it has at least half of our school supplies/books in and Aiden needs to get back into doing school.

As for being in the states it has been sooo nice if a bit of an adjustment. The weather has been cool, which makes me wish I had packed the boys warmer clothes in suitcases, but other wise it is nice. We have a park just a couple blocks away that we walk to or the school playground a block away, that seems to have become a evening thing as long as it isn't raining. I LOVE having an outdoor place to take the little boys to play. 

I found a speech therapist in town who I hope can work and help Aiden. If not we will have to drive to Madison, lots of people do it daily but if I don't have to I would rather not. Aiden isn't fond of the drive either. I am still thinking of taking him to an apraxia expert for an evaluation and I would hope some tips. I will make that my goal for today to look into such a thing.

We had a wet but still fun July 4th. We went to the parade where the kids got a ton of candy, Atticus had no idea what a parade was, Aiden at least had some idea. Then we went to my cousins for a cook out and just to hang out. I enjoyed that and so did the kids. Then home for a bit and another walk to the park for cheese curds, shakes and fireworks.  Abraham cried just a bit for the fireworks, Atticus said he was scared and cuddled with Abby but he seemed to enjoy them, Aiden did like them. I was thankful my sister had thought ahead and my mom's car was close by so that the little boys and I didn't have to walk home. We had walked everywhere else during the day and that was enough for them.