June 2007

June 22nd

I thought I would be better about writing but with internet comes more to do and everyone wants there turn, not Atticus but the rest.  I did take Aiden in and the rash was just a virus. It looked a bit odd at times as it moved down his body. So in the beginning his face was the worst and it quit at the top of his legs but as it moved his face cleared up and his chest but his stomach and legs looked so red and bumpy I kept thinking it had to itch but it didn't bother him at all. That clear up Monday or Tuesday. Now he has a stuffy nose and the fever that comes at night. I need him to get healthy, he needs some dental work and due to the work I feel it is in everyone's best interest that he isn't awake for it, so he needs to be breathing clear. He had a filling in Manila but it has fallen out and he has two more teeth that need work.

Atticus is doing good with potty training, YEA!!  He got a rash last week and so I decided what better time to try the naked potty training route. He had one ooops yesterday, the rest of the time he told me. I don't even have to do the take him every couple of hours. I think it helps that he goes 3,4,5 hrs between trips. He woke up this morning and even with his diaper on he told me, I am taking that as a very good sign. Diapers here are not cheap, though I do have the cloth coming, it would be nice to be done with diapers. Though that is one step closer to him not being a baby.

We have heard that our last two HHE have been combined in Miami and our on there way, and the van too is coming. Hopefully it has left Miami already. The trip from Miami to here is short 3 days but clearing customs is another story. It will be nice to have our own form of transportation.

June 14th

We have INTERNET!! 

As for our health, Matt and AJ seem fine, Abby has a bit of a cough, Atticus seems much better, coughing a bit, Aiden has a rash and he is coughing and sneezing a lot. I feel better than yesterday but still wish I could hide out in bed for the day. Tuesday Matt went grocery shopping, which was needed and he had a ride offer but he wasn't home until 6:30, than last night it was 7 and he has an out reach today so who knows when he will be home all I know is it means I can't hide out in bed as Aiden and Atticus need someone watching over them. In other news our UAB arrived this morning. I will work on it but it will be slow going with how I feel. At least I had been through all the boxes of our first HHE shipment. Hopefully I can get through the UAB before either of the next 2 HHE's arrive.

June 13th

The boys are better today, Aiden is still coughing, Atticus still has a fever but it is under control and no seizures. Which means they are back to being full of energy, nice that they haven’t  been glued to me but I am not feeling nearly as good as them and keeping up with them isn’t easy.

If only I could speak Spanish I would have internet but I hope to before the day is out.

 The news on the van is not so good. It is still sitting in Miami and of course they weren’t letting us know that or that they didn’t plan to ever ship it. Hopefully now that we know we can work it out, we had talked to those we thought we needed to ahead of time before buying the van to ship here.

June 12th

We have made it through our first two weeks here. Still no word on where the van is, has we were told it only took three days by boat, even if it didn’t ship right away I hope it is in Santo Domingo and not still sitting in Miami waiting on some paper that wasn’t submitted. No internet either and no word on when that might happen. I think both of those things will make life a bit easier here, on me anyhoo.

What started out as not such a great morning, but I thought was calming down just went downhill. Atticus woke me up about 3:30, since he hadn’t woken me earlier I thought he was doing great, but he was warm.  He nursed a bit before stopping to lay upon me and proceed to throw up, what a way to start my day.  He didn’t seem quite right then but I thought he was just tired, feverish and not feeling well. I am guessing since he later had a seizure that he did then to but I wasn’t awake enough to notice.  The second seizure didn’t last long, or at least the clenched jaw and blue lips, didn’t. He was hazy a while before it and a long time after(hours).  It was about that time that I started feeling feverish too, what fun.  I did learn that the pharmacy will deliver Tylenol and that if you need a ride to the health unit that motor pool can take you. Both little boys were checked over and it is just a virus that is going around and should last about a week.  It will be a long week if that is the case for Atticus and I.  Atticus for just feeling so poorly, I because the seizures make me a bit scared.  Then there is the fact that Aiden and Atticus have been so clingy already, fighting over who I am to carry and cuddle and take care of first.  I hope once they are feeling better they will feel more at home and comfortable here. Aiden has taught “Meme” a great phrase<sarcastic voice>, “Yucky Meme”. So they scream that at each other over and over while waiting to see who gets what first. Atticus has taken to calling Aiden “meme” and we can’t seem to change that. On a bit of a pitiful Atticus note, he has one Spanish word arriba (up) and he will stand by me and crying it until he is picked up.

Another I feel the need to comment on is that Matt’s co-workers are great about asking if we need anything. Our sponsors were great, but they can’t be expect to run us to the store every week, especially since they are getting ready to go on R&R and though they are far they aren’t next door. We have a few right here with us.  Our next door neighbor has been taking Matt to work daily and another family bringing him home.

As the boys are letting me type, Atticus asleep, Aiden watching TV… Aiden has learned a few more new words, a little word explosion if you will. It wouldn’t me much for some but for him we will take any we can get. The words he has added Mew, Mew Two, Apple, Nine, Two, and usually he can get “Me”. We have tried a long time for that as he says “meme” without any issues and can do the “M” and  “E” sounds. Aiden has discovered me and thinks since I am well enough to type I should be well enough to play Pokemon.



June 4th

We made it through our first weekend in Santo Domingo. It was not a quiet weekend either as our first HHE shipment was delivered Sat. morning. We still have our UAB coming from VA, HHE from VA and Matt’s HHE out of Manila and of course our van.  With the arrival of our HHE we found many things that we had not seen in a year but as the more important things are in our UAB we are still missing some important to us items, out bedding, our silverware, non-breakable cups, towels.  We do have these things, borrowed from the Embassy but it is always nice to have your own things. As well I hope some things are in Matt’s HHE out of Manila, as there were things I thought would be here that are not. Our house did look like a HHE explosion, even without the missing items. We have come to the conclusion that the kids have way to many toys, it seemed every other boxed was marked toys. The once clean living/play room was covered in toys.  Abby and AJ who in Manila couldn’t possibly part with items from their rooms have now each filled at least one box with items no longer needed. Or maybe they just didn’t care to go through them to find the items all a spot in there room.  Hopefully we can recover from this shipment before more arrives.

This weekend also brought a trip to the grocery store thanks to our sponsor.  We opted to check out PriceSmart. It was just like walking into the one in Manila, same layout lots of the same items and as we are in Pesos the prices appeared to be somewhat the same too. That is deceiving as the rate is different and were a 300 peso item in Manila was around $6 here it is more like $l0, guess there is a reason they give us COLA. I defiantly had sticker shock looking at the prices. A side note next to the PriceSmart was a Payless Shoe.

And then late last night brought our first power outage.  I had heard to expect them daily but that the generator should kick in and we wouldn’t really notice.  I was surprised that we had yet to experience a power outage but I heard that shortly before we came a park opened nearby and that with the opening of the park the power outages and pretty much ceased.  I discovered we were without power when Atticus woke me up about eleven and there were no nightlights to light the way to his bed. As well his room was a bit warm and he was sweaty.  The generator had not kicked on. Matt did put a call into the Embassy but at ll:30 on a Sunday night there was no one to contact.  Matt, Atticus and I had a restless night, the others didn’t seem to notice. Atticus may have just been having one of those nights with the move he wakes up often and needs mommy for reassurance but he was so sweaty. They did come out and fix the generator around 9:30 I guess and around noon electricity came back on.

Aiden said “Abby” today for the first time, he is 5y7m. For a couple of reasons it brought tears to my eyes; first just because it was a new word, second because he recognized that he did it and brought it to my attention.  I worry that he will realize that he doesn’t sound like everybody else and become a quiet child. Ok sure there are moments a quiet child would be nice but Aiden needs to keep on talking in any way he can. It is good that he noticed in that maybe that will give him more motivation to try a bit harder and work with the therapist.  It is odd that Abby is the first name in our family for him to say correctly; well he does say mama and daddy.  He still calls AJ, “ii “and Atticus, “Meme”. He has only started calling Abby “EE” in the last few months he use to just call her “Mama”.  He was proud of himself.  He did revert back to “EE” later but with the prompt of “A” he could get it, it just needs to be cemented in a bit better.

June 1st

Yesterday while going through a check list of furniture we should have we discovered a new room. The list had folding chairs, a table and outdoor umbrella listed that we had yet to see. Then I came across the list that said which room everything was in and low and behold there listed was a maids room were the missing furniture should be, so now to find where the door to the maids room was. That might not typically be exciting but with no toys, no cable TV and no internet it gave the boys something to do. Once the door was found it is around back or we could have gone through the kitchen and laundry room area if we had cared to look through the keys, which we now need to do in order to open the maid’s room.   The keys will be an issue I am sure, there is one for every bedroom,  every bathroom,  the front door has a couple of locks, the gate to the stairs, the porch off of the master bedroom,  the door to the from the kitchen to the laundry room, then every entrance to the house has a gate with a lock which includes, the family room, the outdoor room, 2 entrances to the laundry room, the door between the wash area and the garage, the porch off the upstairs sitting area, the back gate and a few others that I am unsure about.  It took a few tries to find the maids one, as there are a couple that we were unsure of and then there is one for the maid’s gate and one for the maid’s door.  I am a bit curious as to how many times the kids will lock themselves out of a room and where is a safe place to keep the keys.


Last night our sponsors had a going away party/welcome party. It was great!!! I met lots of people and some live close by, it was nice to hear what others thought of Santo Domingo, where they shop and what not. I learned that if we walk in the other direction from where we headed before there is a grocery store and some other shops like Baskin Robins.  Another thing that helped was it was a kid friendly get together.  Our sponsors have 5 boys and it seemed as most everyone else had a couple of kids there.  Atticus it seems has been permanently attached to me but one we got there he went with all the others and played and played, a nice break for me. Abby and AJ made some friends as well.


Our HHE will be delivered tomorrow, the kids can’t wait. It will fun to see our things again most of it we haven’t seen in over a year.  I am thankful that our packer up in WI thought to have it on its way before we got here.  The toys I hope will help the little boys feel more settled and give them something to do. As we have only one washcloth, I really want them.   Some more blankets and dishes….I however will miss how easy the house is to clean up. So much for nice and neat it will be a lived in with kids home soon.


A side not Atticus seems to be better, his fever didn’t last nearly as long as Aiden nor did it go as high.  Dengue fever is something we have to be careful about. I think there were more than 50 reported cases in the month of May here with in the Embassy community.   I heard that some people have it and don’t really know they do they are just sick and then better. They just treat the symptoms if you have it there isn’t any special meds.