June 2008

June 28th

Curious to what I did on my birthday yesterday? It didn't start off so hot Atticus woke up whiney as can be and taking him with to speech was a disaster but we did wake up with water and the cistern problems are fixed!!! I did watch Orphanage with Abby and then 10,000 BC with AJ and Aiden and did some quilting. AJ was great helping with the boys all day. We had strawberry shortcake for supper, we did have pizza later. It was an OK day.

Matt comes home today, YEA....and he is bringing Aiden AAC device I am worried that he won't want to pick it up and use it. I pray that I can get him to use it. At first I think I would like him to use it all the time just so he learns it. I don't think he would ever become dependant on it as he is always for taking the easy way out and talking is quicker and easier than going too find the device.

Our R&R is getting closer and we can't wait. It will be nice to be back in America....though Matt has been back twice and Aiden and I once, the other 3 haven't been there in more than a year. I think we are all looking forward to walking around Evansville without worries in a clean town.

If you are reading and now off any speech therapy overseas PLEASE email me....we are starting to really think about our next spot and of course Speech Therapy is a must.


June 26th

It has been a week now dealing with water from the cistern. We are still going outside to turn the water on and back inside to do what is needed, then outside to turn it off. We can at least leaving running for a few hours and be OK. At first the landlord had said it was a city problem but I don't see how that can be when no one else here has a water problem when living off their cistern or water tank. So yesterday he brought over a tank, today he will be back to fill the tank and then the street water (it is not truly water running down the street to the cistern but I don't know what we can have street water but not water directly to our house) so the street water goes into the tank, then into the cistern and then into the house. I am not sure how this will solve the problem and I really don't care to wake up to no water tomorrow morning so I will still turn the water off outside.


Aiden wanted to go with when I went to the dentist yesterday, he often does and since he was due for a cleaning and willing I took him with hopes that she could squeeze him in. She did though instead of just a cleaning he had to have a filling redone, but no new cavities at least that was good news. He did fine with everything except having that piece of plastic in is mouth to keep his mouth open. It was usual that once that was out he still sat there and let her finish up the cleaning. Typically it has been once mad, he stays mad but he has been getting better control of that. It sure makes life a bit nicer for everyone even Aiden. Today we will take Atticus in, either he has a cavity or he lost a filling, either way it will not be fun. I mention it yesterday and he was adamant that he was not going he was staying home and playing and Aiden could go. I guess I won't tell him where we are going.

Another phrase Atticus has learned "It'll be fun", example from yesterday morning.

Atticus-"Mama want to play Darth Bader with me?"

Me "I don't know."

Atticus "Want to play Darth Bader with me? It'll be fun!! I wann be the ebil guy"


How could I say no when he says it so sweetly and sincerely.






June 22nd

a water update, we still have no water from the city, we do at least sort of have water from the cistern. The plumber came and a new water truck yesterday, to fill the cistern that we just filled the day before. It is still full this morning, YEA. However in order to have water we have to go outside and turn it on and off. So when you need to flush a toilet you have to go outside and turn it on an when done go back and turn it off, same for showers or dishes...laundry to if we don't get the water back soon. It is a bit annoying but it is more annoying to have no water. There appears to be a leak from the cistern to the house, hopefully they will come dig it up this week and fix it. So that we can always have water in the house.

We did go swimming yesterday, we went to a hotel pool. It is nice as there is a big area that Atticus can play in, unlike the one at the Ambassadors' residence. We took a neighbor boy with so Aiden had a friend to play with, though there were others from the Embassy there that he could have had fun with as well.


June 21st

We are having water trouble again. Apparently our area is not receiving water from the city and this house has issue with living off the water tank. We had water Thursday around 6:30, at least some. Then I went to brush teeth about 8;30-9 an not a drop, our cistern was empty. There was some water coming in and I had hopes that in the morning we would have water. Alas that wasn't to be, the tank was only about half full and turning on the pump didn't bring water to the house. So Matt put a call in an a plumber came thankfully quickly and I learned another step in getting the water pump to work. At least we had water, toilets could be flushed again. However shortly after lunch no water once again. I was annoyed, we had flushed a few toilets and 2 showers taken, that shouldn't empty the tank but apparently at this house it does. Once again Matt put a call in just to have things checked out and he called a water truck to fill the cistern. This morning with only flushing toilets an one load of dishes we are back to half a cistern with no water coming in from the city not even a trickle like yesterday, as well we have no water coming in the house. I am hoping adding some water to the pump will fix that and then I guess we will need another water truck today. At least Matt is here today to make the call, if we need more this week I will have to find somebody else to make the call.

In Aiden news we should get an AAC device next week, Matt will get it while in the States. This one is a rental and we have it for a month. I am hoping by the end of the month to have things squared away with the insurance so that he can have one for keeps. I hope we can learn to use it, put things on it that Aiden wants to say so Aiden can be understood by everybody.

Here's an Atticus incident, he calls anyone "Stupid" when he gets mad, a habit I would like to break. The other morning he was just saying it over and over and over and would not stop.

Me: "Do you want naughty juice?"(vinegar)

Atticus: "Yes"

we went to the kitchen and I spread a bunch on his tongue.

Atticus: "ewwww, Thanks mama" While hugging my leg.

With Aiden I got a very different reaction and he will stop whatever he is saying with the threat of naughty or sassy juice. I guess Atticus needs a different juice.


June 13th

AJ is officially done with middle school. I didn't cry at all at the ceremony but trying to keep Atticus out of trouble didn't really leave anytime for reflection on the years gone by and the short time I will have AJ at home with me. In some ways it is hard for me to watch him grow but he is such a good kid and I wonder what the future holds for him so it is fun as well. He is taking a taxi by himself today, I haven't let him to that before...he is old enough and if you are wondering it is safe, the little boys and I do it all the time..

A conversation Meme and I often have:

Meme: Know what?

Me: What

Meme: I wuv you, mama!!!

Me: awwww, followed by lots of hugs and kisses from Meme.

Me: Know what?

Meme: what?

Me: Meme, I love you!!

Meme: awww your so cute!!! with hugs

Just in case you think all moments are so sweet, like when he thanked our maid for washing his sheets(sweet)...his other favorite word I think is "your stupid" he says this anytime he is mad. He was mad the other night because he had to share and he told Matt "I go my room!! Your mean! I so mad! Your sassy! Your stupid!" He however does calm down quickly and will take a time out on the naughty step easily.

About Aiden, he likes google earth and looks for different things but last time he ended up in Las Vegas and that is now where he would like to go. He found either a water park or a hotel with lots of pools. He said he would get up every day put on sunscreen and a swimsuit and swim until it was dark and then he would read a book with me. He also thought that, it might just be the best day ever if he could.

As for Abby she is almost done with school but putting off her projects. I think she just might be the one looking forward the most to going to the states....not sure if it is the freedom to walk around, the friends or the library that she wants the most but all will be good for her.


June 9th

AJ's almost done with middle school, he has finals this week and a moving up ceremony on Thursday to officially be a high schooler, am I really old enough to have 2 high schoolers?  Or maybe I will just wonder how they grew up quite so fast, I guess that I can continue to wonder. At least I still have Atticus not in school yet.  AJ is doing great in his classes will see if he can pull off all A's for the semester...I might be in trouble if he does I think I promised some outrageous reward. He needs picked up all week because of finals and they won't run extra buses, so the 8th graders get out at one time, the high school students another and then I think regular time for the rest of the kids, I am glad I only have the one schedule instead of 3 to worry about.

A bid of an odd conversation but we were talking about were the ribs that were being came from which lead to where other things come from. Aiden knew, Atticus however had some funny ideas....Apples come from pigs or maybe a pig tree, apple juice however comes from a cow like milk does, bananas from monkeys who get them from monkey trees, oranges are inside watermelons...

Aiden is know officially a wolf, it did rain on us but not the whole time and it never poured. Aiden had a good time and that is what counted on that day.

Yesterday was the farewell BBQ. It was nice to see everyone and not so nice to say goodbyes. A few of the families leave next Saturday. The kids had a blast in the pool and just running. There is a really good group of kids here, it is sad that they have to move on. Hopefully there will be some fun new kids moving in. It was a bit disconcerting to see young Dominican kids sitting on the wall around the Embassy throwing mangos at the kids. They might have stopped if the Embassy kids didn't throw the back but who knows a guard did finally show up and I guess took care of things. I was watching from a distance, so.....

Well everyone is up, I am not sure why as it is Monday morning at 6:30....Matt and AJ are usually up and ready to leave.....Atticus is occasionally but Aiden next to never but as they didn't go to sleep until a bit after 11, I thought I would have some time to myself. At least Aiden is a good mood, Atticus needs more sleep. Abby is up to she was up when I came down about 5:30, that is about 5 hrs before she was up most of last week. Wonder if this means a crabby afternoon or early bedtime or something is going to happen that I don't know about this morning?