Las Terrenas Trip

a view of the Atlantic coast from the Cordillera Samana mountains



We just had a great weekend at the beach, we went with the specific purpose of seeing the whales, which we did. We left Sat. morning and  on the way out of town at a red light we bought Matt a pair of sunglasses and AJ a phone card, sometimes it is nice be able to buy things at the stoplights while waiting. The trip was to LasTerrenas on the northeast side of the island on the Samana Peninsula, so about a 4 hour drive across the island. It was nice to see more of the Dominican Republic but the roads leave a lot to be desired. The roads are paved but the rains must do quite a number on them as the potholes are everywhere. We did see the rice fields, small Dominican towns but the best part was the view from the Cordillera Samaná mountains . The mountain road seemed a bit iffy, with the potholes, coming around curves to other cars in your lane or the portion of the road that where falling down the mountain. Since I didn't have to drive it, it was worth it for the view of the mountains and ocean. As we started up the mountain we saw Samana Bay in the background and on the other side you see the Atlantic ocean, we have a few pictures but I really don't think they do the view justice it just how pretty it is.  The hotel we stayed at was all inclusive and a nice place. We have a few issue to take up with the hotel chain and the travel office as they moved us from the nicer hotel we paid for into another not quite as nice, as well they put the kids upstairs from us and didn't give us the number of beds we had booked for. So at this point I would not recommend the Wyndham. The whale watching portion of the trip wasn't as impressive as I had thought it would be. However we did see humpback whales in their natural environment which you can only do in a few places and I did learn quite a bit about humpback whales that I did not know. We followed a couple around and saw them come up quite a few times, AJ saw one breech, I however was looking in the wrong direction. Atticus missed it all as he slept through it, which was fine as I don't know how he would have handle the waiting to see one appear. For me it was worth it. Then after seeing the whales we were dropped off at a tiny island for lunch and playing in the sand. This was a true white sand beach, so pretty. There was a cruise line ship out in the bay so I would guess the sea lion we saw was with them and although he was only for a small group we did see him perform a tiny bit. On the island they had a walkway of stalls and the funny thing is everything was priced in US dollars which of course we didn't have but we still managed to buy everyone something. As we stayed in Las Terrenas but the Whale Watching trip was in Samana it did mean a trip over the mountain about an hour drive this road was a bit better than the one we took to get to Las Terrenas and again great views. We arrived back at the hotel and it was straight to the beach for the little boys and I. Aiden LOVES the waves, he is so happy playing in them and I could easily become a beach bum of a mom. Monday was our last day there so I woke the little boys up to have some breakfast and hit the beach again. Aiden played there all morning, Atticus was so fond of it and only played a bit before heading in with Matt to watch cartoons. AJ joined us and as you can see by the pictures had fun in the waves, Abby wasn't feeling so good but she did enjoy some time in a hammock. Hopefully we can make it to another beach before to long, this time it will probably include golf for Matt.


Photos by Abby from our drive there:

The rice fields



The Beach at Las Terrenas


The pictures will show you, Aiden LOVED the water and waves but Atticus kept to the sand, as for Abby and AJ they didn't hang out as much at the beach so few pictures of them.


All four kids in one picture, amazing

"AHHH the waterfalls coming" Atticus kept calling the waves, waterfalls...guess the weekend at the waterfalls mixed him up.                       

This was Aiden's face the whole time he was in the waves, smile, smile, smile.





Samana Bay pictures from the boat and the beach we had lunch on.

                                 Atticus when the boat ride started, and                                  the what he did the whole time looking for and finding the whales






The Humpback Whales, these photos are all by Abby, I was holding a sleeping Atticus.

The whales spouting