March 2006

March 26th

Well some how the last couple of weeks just flew by and I didn't write.  So lest see if I can think of what has been going on here.

Matt had a trip, that went well and proved useful.  He is getting ready to head to DC next Sat. for 2 weeks for some training. Lucky him will get to enjoy some cooler weather and maybe see the Cherry Blossoms.  

AJ is enjoying play practice, and the play will be the first weekend in May if you happen to be in the area and would like to see him in action. He had his end of the season baseball party and got 2 awards, one was the fat lip award( he was hit numerous times in the face with the ball), and a Heart and Soul award. He was proud of both.  Aiden and Atticus got a ball boy award, since they were at most practice and I think all but one game.  He has also got into the habit of sleepovers and thinks any night spent at home on a weekend with just his family is such a crime. I did take him, Abby and a few friends to see Last Holiday and then to jump on the trampoline.  The kids had a good time but we did loose Aiden, he ahead for a game room on his own.

Abby is doing good we just placed an order for a few course from the University of Nebraska home schooling program, she wanted World Cultures and Multicultural literature.  I had her pick a science and math, which she may not enjoy as much but needs.  I did take her to see V for Vendetta this weekend, which she choose and liked.

Aiden is still Aiden. Speech therapy is so slow going. The last session we spent the first 30min getting him to sit in his seat so it could begin. He won't learn much at this rate. I am not sure why the therapist though he needed to sit but he did and so....he didn't get much actual therapy.  I took him to an OT (occupational therapist), it will be interesting what he has to say though I am not sure I will agree with much of it or not as I didn't agree with how he handle Aiden. Aiden was having a very independent day to say the least. 

Atticus is just cute as ever.  He babbles lots, walks every and is beginning to climb more.  He climbed up on the kids table and was standing on the edge, scared me with the marble floors below him. If the gate is open he heads straight for the stairs as fast as he can, the same for an open door. He will pick up the play phone or a left in his reach cell phone and babble away, though he does say "hi dada" that is clear.

I am sure I missed some but.... this will have to do for today and I will try to keep up a bit better.

March 8th

We have our new assignment, Shanghai China.  We are due to arrive there in August 2007, in time for the Summer Olympics in Beijing. Matt will start language training at the end of October, so we should leave here the end of September.  That is what it looks like now anyhoo, but as always things can change.  Matt is very happy with it, the kids and I are working on it.  It will have a school for Aiden if he is still having as much trouble as he is now, so that is great.  A couple of downsides for me is it looks like the housing is small and it is a consumables post. Though after reading it seems as if you can get most items there but the cost and quality are in question. So maybe after talking to someone who is actually there it will help. AJ was hoping for Beijing as he has a friend here who is moving there.  Abby read a book that showed some of China's history and it wasn't pleasant to say the least. So I think they will come around.

Atticus got his 12m shot today and he weighed in at 25lbs 9oz and was 31in long. He wasn't the biggest of the 4 at a year or the smallest but they were all with a couple of pounds and inches of each other. He is officially walking no more crawling and he made it to the top of our stairs, on his own.

Our computer still has a few minor issues one being getting the pictures off the camera.  I asked at a computer shop, they said it probably need to be wiped and start over.  I have choose to try a few other things first as there are a couple of programs on here that I don't care to lose and can't find the disc for at the moment.

March 2nd

Well he did it, he made it to his first birthday. My baby is 1, it seems like only a day not a year since he made his appearance in our family. He is such a happy guy and loves everyone. He is babbling lots, walking, still crawls a tiny bit but I bet in the next couple days he will be done with that, he loves to get into everything, makes a mad dash to the door when it opens and cries when it shuts him in, he has learned when the doorbell rings to head for the door and just like Aiden best to let him answer it too. He finally got his 8th tooth in the last week and does like to use it on food, but watch out he doesn't mind chewing on a shoulder either. He has been the best addition to our family and can't wait to see what the next year brings.

In other news our computer has issues, so no pictures. I can't get them from camera to computer. If we don't answer an email, we aren't ignoring you or if there is long time between updates.... it may be that I finally did throw the computer out the window. Though it would be better just to have it looked at.

Matt, Abby and AJ went to WWE Live and LOVED it, the kids anyway.  I have pictures of that too but it will have to wait. Thankfully they has Sat. tickets. As Friday things here were not stable and I doubt Matt would have taken them. Then Sunday evening it got even more interesting. AJ got to add another reason for missing school besides a snow day.  Though evacuation  was not brought up, it did cross my mind and the whole what to bring and do the kids have winter clothes. YIKES. I hope I don't ever have to go through it.  Though it isn't settled completely things are calmer.

 Matt however has a lot going on with the Fraud conference that the US Embassy Manila Fraud Unit is hosting here. So though Matt isn't traveling for this he won't really be here at home either.