March 2008

If you would like to see a slide show of Atticus click on the picture above of Atticus just minutes old.


March 26th

An article on driving her in the DR....

You know those days you have and hope to never have again, that was yesterday for me... It didn't start off great but not terrible, I needed to make cupcakes for cubscouts and thought I would do a batch first thing in the morning while I was the only one up, but I had no baking soda, I had used it all up on a cake on Sunday. We have speech therapy in the morning so we can go by the store after that, not a big deal. However on the way to speech therapy, Atticus was to busy planning his DS get off the elevator, usually I go off last but I had gotten on first and with Aiden's bag of toys and Atticus bag of toys I just walked off thinking they would follow, but when I heard a "mommy, mommy", I turned the elevator doors were closed and no  Meme. AJ was with us thankfully, though the reason he was isn't so thankfull, AJ raced down the stairs and got Meme a floor down where he had walked off the elevator. Then into speech, I will say Aiden did great, which is awesome as he has been having a tough time, however Atticus threw up in the waiting area, he got not only the chair and floor, he got himself and my purse as well, what a nasty smell and no extra shirt with me. He seemed fine so my guess is it was the video games in the van and elevator. Then off to the grocery store with the boys, Atticus sat in the cart but he wanted to hold my hair and Aiden was cold and wanted to walk between me and the cart to stay warm, what FUN. Once home Aiden was just in a mood, he is to full of energy and seems to use it aggressively. His allergies are acting up and the hives that I thought he was getting just when getting hot from playing seem to just appear whenever so I am hoping his attitude will adjust if we get them under control. We have some prescriptions for him but needed to do a blood draw first. Guess when we did it yesterday. Aiden does not like having his blood drawn. So first he hide the keys, then he locked himself in his room, then while I was putting my shoes on, he unlocked the van(that was OK) but hide outside....then we got to the lab, he tried to hide in the van. Once inside at least he didn't get back out until we were down, but it meant AJ or I had a hand on him at all times. Have I mentioned I don't speak Spanish and well they don't speak English at the Lab... I did get Aiden checked in with only one minor screw up that took a half hour to fix after the blood draw...I tried to tell them before about the client number so the Embassy can get the results but she didn't get it as I said the words backwards, client number instead of number client....the blood draw wasn't so bad, myself and a nurse held Aiden and one did the draw, it has taken more than that before. It was bit hard once he quite fighting and was just sobbing, Aiden's anger I am use to, his "I HATE YOU MOMMMY!!!!" doesn't phase me a bit, his sobbing "Why mommy? Why do it to me, mommy?" was a lot harder to take.  It's done, results in 3 weeks to see if he is allergic to wheat, eggs, grass, dust mites, coackroaches(not one I would have picked), casien, milk proteins... I think that was it. Hopefully the meds will help before that.

On a better note cubscouts was in the evening and that went well, Aiden ran with his friends, I talked with adults and Aiden earned his TIGER badge!!!! The kids were asked if they wanted to say a few words when getting their badge, the younger ones had opted not to but the older ones were thanking people and saying what they liked. Then Aiden went up, I doubt anyone understood a word he said, I didn't but he wasn't afraid to go up, which I am thankfull for...he needs to keep talking and talking if he is to ever overcome his apraxia.

Since I last wrote, we did an Spring Egg Hunt with the Embassy, the kids LOVED it. There are pictures up on the picture page. We have a BBQ coming up at the Embassy which should be fun, the kids have a great time running around, usually it means less fights for me to break up so I am all for it.

We still haven't settled on a device for Aiden, I can't get a yes or no for renting any of the devices....which would really help in deciding.


March 12th

Aiden and I made it back from Florida and better yet Atticus did great without me or so I am told. I know this morning I heard him say "mommy, mommy" upon awakening but he quickly changed it to "Abby, Abby, Abby" and excepted DH right away when he went it. I was afraid he would be clingy upon seeing me but he hasn't yet. Guess this means I can leave Atticus with Matt a bit more.

Our trip seemed long and exhausting even if it was just two days. It was many hours at airports, something like 8hrs and then the 4hrs flying time. I did make it to Target and bought a few things and we did eat at Ruby Tuesday's where Aiden got his Root Beer Float and me a Dr. Pepper Float, that was a good way to end the day. Aiden LOVED having access to Cartoon Network and wanted to stay in the room to watch TV, which I tried to let him as much as possible but we did need to eat. It is a good thing for him I didn't rent a car as I would have wanted to gone shopping Tuesday morning, but with the cost of Taxi's and Aiden not wanting to go we stayed at the hotel and relaxed before his appt.  His appt. went OK I guess as we were there just for a AAC evaluation, they had hoped to do a bit of speech evaluation but Aiden revolted against that with running out of the run and stating "I not talk!!!" They did switch to playing at that point and they got to see a bit of his speech not great for scoring but it was something. They are recommending one of 2 devices the Tango or the DynaVox V, they are very similar and I need to choose which I think Aiden will work best with. Aiden was willing to take either home with him, so I can't judge much by that. He did play with them both a bit.  I am hoping to talk with someone who has used a Tango as that is were I am leaning with one issue, you have to scroll more to get to the word you want. Hopefully I can find some to say that wasn't an issue for the child who is about Aiden's age and is a fairly typical child.

Care to know what I bought at target, Super Smash Bro. Brawl for Wii, Aiden wanted a Wii bought there to so he could play it NOW, he had to wait. I aslo bought Atticus a Little Einstein toy, some shorts, a shirt for Aiden, sandals for Matt, Fried Onions for Green Bean casserole, Gummy vitamins, fun band-aids,  Easter candy, Aiden picked Captain Crunch....oh and yes Root Beer and Dr.Pepper they even made it through the airport and airplane ride intact. There was a lot more I could have bought but only so much suitcase space.

Another side note that really shows how much Aiden and I like his Sonlight curriculum. I had brought the next read aloud, I should have brought more, but we had a couple of hours waiting at the airport in Santo Domingo and Aiden choose to read the "school book" over playing his video game. I was surprised and impressed, though I shouldn't be I guess because he wants to read and read most night before bed. He is the same child that at 2,3,even 4 wasn't found of books.  I so glad he likes them. The book we read this time was Twenty and Ten, it was a good story and Aiden liked it. I like that Sonlight keeps giving us great books that I wouldn't have thought to read to Aiden.


March 10th

It is very early Monday morning here, Aiden and I leave for Florida soon, he is FINALLY getting tested for an AAC device, a mini computer that can talk for him, with him choosing what to say. We won't get the device for a while but at least we will get an idea of which one will work best for him. I have wanted one for him for over a year. The only problem is we have to leave Atticus here and he is such a mama's boy, he doesn't like me going to the store without him. I know he will live through it and Matt will too.  I just hope he doesn't mope and whimper through it, Atticus or Matt for that matter. We will be back very late tomorrow night so it is only for 2 days.  I am excited because in order to come back tomorrow we have to go through Miami which means I get to rent a car. Which means we can go shopping!!!!! It isn't as if we will have a ton of time, but I am excited to get to go through Target.....I miss the wide clean isle, the big carts the knowing you can get what you are looking for.....

A little scarey story from earlier this week....It was raining out so Aiden put his swimsuit on and went out to play with Noah. I checked out and he was carrying around the neighbors kitten not wise but the kitten didn't seem to mind so I let it be. Then check on them again when I heard some noise, the neighbors dog (who is the friendliest), got out when Aiden, with no shirt on holding a kitten, was in front of their house. Thankfully our guard was their to help Aiden out. When I looked out Aiden was trying to pass of the kitten but the guard was trying to get the dog away, so then Aiden held the kitten higher which just made the dog jump on him more. He did finally dropped the kitten and the dog was right onto up if, but Antonio beat the dog away and the kitten has been seen and played with since. Aiden came running at me holding the side of his face and I was so worried about what I would see as I could tell if the dog was biting at him or not. It was a bad as I thought, the kitten had gotten him behind his ear so although it hurt a lot it wasn't the wound I was afraid of. Aiden had a ton of scratches but he was OK enough to run back out in the rain when it started coming down hard.  I was a bit  upset that the neighbor came to say anything or check on Aiden. As Aiden is OK I let it be, we do have to live next to them for a while yet in this compound.

March 3rd

  We have had a busy but fun weekend. Saturday Atticus turned 3 year old.. I think he is doing well and a pretty good 3y old to have around. A bit feisty and dramatic on occasion but almost always willing to say sorry and give a hug. We celebrated his birthday by having a few family and friends over for supper, presents, a piņata and cake. Atticus did fall asleep at the dinner table as I was putting up the last of the balloons and just a half hour before guest were to arrive. It was to cute, he said "It's my party today!!!" he sounded so excited and then seconds later he laid his head down and was out. So he did sleep through the early parts of the party but he woke up in time for the fun. He loved opening his presents and was happy with everything he got. The piņata was a hit, even though no one hit it, it was a pull piņata. Atticus only managed to get one piece of candy as he was to busy eating it to grab up handfuls like the other kids. I had saved aside plenty just in case, so all was well. Matt did an excellent job on the cake even if the frosting kept getting to warm and making it hard to work with. When I saved the cake pan from AJ's 7th birthday I didn't think I would be using it for a 4th child's 3rd birthday but I am glad I held on to the Pikachu cake pan. He seemed to have a good time, which is all that matters on HIS birthday.

Sunday Matt went golfing he had hoped to go some place different but when they arrived there was a golf tournament going on so they ended up going back to their usual spot. Abby opted to stay home and enjoy a quiet day as Saturday was anything but quiet. The boys and I went to a Dominican parade on the Malecon. They have them throughout the Dominican in the month of February which is the month they celebrate their Independence day. You can read a bit more about it here  I had been wanting to go but I knew Matt wouldn't want to and not so sure about safety in the crowds especially as I would be worring about the Atticus and Aiden who doesn't seem to feel any danger about running off. However I got an email from another family here that they were going and were going to watch from a hotel.  So we tagged along, we got there early enough to avoid crowds coming in around the hotel which was nice. We had lunch, and then hung out around the pool waiting for it to start. I did watch most of the parade on the hill by the pool as that is where Atticus preferred to me. We did walk up once to the rails and then another time barrowed a pass to go up into a seating area. AJ took most of the pictures as he spent more time up in the seats and took Aiden along as well. The kids all managed to get free hats and the boys some free ice cream.  The costumes were amazing and fun to see.  I was pleased that we got to go.

Pictures from the party and the Carnival are here....