May 2006



We are back and we had a blast...I could have used a few more days there. Hopefully one day soon I will get through the pics and get them up. I do have a bit going on at the moment, but I am itching to go through the pictures so.....

We have less than 48hrs left here in the Philippines, can you believe it?  I am having trouble believing it. The kids too.  We have a few things to accomplish before we go and Matt has work.  I was hoping he could take the time off, but as he was out of town last week he has some things that need he needs to take care of.


May 20th 

Well we made it through the week. The packout went rather smoothly getting every boxed up. It was really nice having Chona here to watch them...I did watch too but with the two little ones around I did have other things to do as well. Friday was the busy day as packout was over and there was lots of errands to run but I made it, not in the best of moods that day but today is a new day.  I did learn that the paper we signed and were told was good to get everything pack and shipped and our tickets...was really only good to get packed and get our tickets. So the van and all our belongings will sit here until the travel orders finally arrive.  Matt has to stay in this house as well until travel orders arrive.  Then they can move him to an apartment.  Matt did make it home yesterday later than we had thought and no a/c on his long hot drive home but he is here.  AJ's last day of school was yesterday.  There are a couple of teachers he is happy not to have to see anymore, but leaving his friends was hard. The last middle school party was last night so he go to go and see everyone, have some fun and say bye.

We leave for the beach in an hour...their was already a delay on that. For some reason the airline decided yesterday to delay today's flight by a couple of hours. At least we knew and didn't have to spend those hours at the airport.


May 14th

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's!!!! I hope you are enjoying your mother's day or enjoyed it.  We are having a laid back day. Matt did get up with Atticus, when he woke at 5:30 and I got to sleep in.  I should have him do that more often it is nice to sleep in. He also got diaper duty all day. Then we went out to a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. The food was good and the kids did well, what more could I ask for?!

We survived the typhoon, it actually went a bit further south than we had first heard, good for us, but bad for them.  We did lose power and water from 11am-4pm. The storm however didn't seem as bad as it could have been. I still went to the Mall, AJ went with friends to a birthday party in Alabang and the rest of us went to a birthday party here in Makati. the temperatures dropped so it was actually cool out and a breeze to keep the house cool as well. Matt didn't get his Saturday golfing in but he did go for a bit this morning. As well he should get some in this week on his trip.

Our packout is in less than 48hrs, I am somewhat ready. I would feel a bit better if I could sort things into piles (UAB vs. HHE) with Atticus around it is better I wait and just do it at the last minute.  We still have no travel orders but I am told Matt can sign a paper saying we will pay everything back if the orders never show up, guess he will do that Monday unless by some miracle they are there.  We can get confirm our airline reservation as well then and get the paper work on the van started. It will be a busy week, but I guess many survive it and I will too one way or another.  I will just keep thinking of sitting, relaxing on the beach when I make it through the week and not think about the 24hr flight with 4kids, a cat and numerous suitcase to come.


May 8th 

well things are moving here, not smoothly but moving along. We had our packout survey no problems. The actually pack out is schedule for one week from today, the problem still no travel orders.  Which means the van is still here and we will be without it that much longer in the states. I will say it is nice to have it here but I am sure I will really miss it in WI where taxi's are not available.  Since the orders didn't come today the earliest the van could leave is Sunday the 20th.  I am told orders usually show up and pack outs are not cancelled, usually....hhmmm. Oh and some other good news Matt who was going to be gone 3 days next week, will be gone 4. However once I make it through that week I get to spend the weekend on a very nice beach.

In other news Jasmine had her surgery yesterday so at least there won't be kittens to worry about. She is still very sleepy, but hopefully she will come around soon. We will take her next week to get her stitches out.  Rosie went home with Chona, so no more worrying about house breaking her which has been an impossible task. It probably wasn't impossible, IF anyone had wanted to take on the time consuming job.

AJ is done with the play, though I do hope there will be more in his future. I think he did an awesome job, I am sure as a mom that I am not biased in the least.  The play was a Filipino folklore called Ibong Adarna and AJ was the oldest and meanest brother.  They actually had 2 actors for all the bigger roles and so for 2 shows he was the brother and for 2 shows more of an extra.  Aiden and I saw both shows and he really liked it but kept asking to see AJ.