May 2008


May 31st

Ever have one of those days where things just go wrong left and right....I turned the wrong burner on for the pancakes this morning, it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't wanted to see if glass explodes or even better I hadn't had a glass pan sitting there. Thankfully it was only Meme and I up and he was in the other room and I was filling the measuring cup with water so no one was hurt. Then while pancakes are cooking Meme hollers "I need a towel!!"....he didn't get his pants off in time to get on the potty. Still cooking pancakes and I pulled something out of the fridge and the eggs came with it crashing to the floor...thankfully enough were saved to make the cookies for today and the dog likes raw eggs, it made clean up a bit easier.  We were to go to the pool and swim before the Scouting awards ceremony however it is pouring buckets and buckets.  The rain plan is to crowd under two tents and the restaurant their that is not close at all to where the food is being cooked. It doesn't officially start for 2hrs so there is hope right?!!  I did take Aiden and Atticus to get hair cuts and at least that went well. Aiden's isn't short but it is out of his eyes and he is happy, Meme's is short...and so cute. 



We had a lot of fun at the beach Friday, Saturday and Sunday....There will be a page about it with pictures shortly.  We also said Goodbye to some great friends and neighbors. They will be greatly missed. Matt, will miss playing golf and just hanging with G and the little boys will definitely miss L and N, they could just go over to their house whenever, which they did almost daily, then L who was fun to just hang with. I think the best thing was everyone got along, OK the boys had some moments but they were friends. They are off to Mexico next but hopefully we will see them again one of these years/tours.



May 17th

The Dominican Republic Presidential Election was Friday, it appears President Leonel Fernandez will stay president. It didn't really affect us except for no work on Friday for the elections and no school for AJ Thursday or Friday, some were off Wednesday as well if they were any where near where the rallies were taking place. The President had declared everyone should stop working at noon on Thursday and there were rallies planned that covered every way that Matt could get home that night. His normal 30 minutes drive took more like 3hrs, but he did make it home and gets a 3 day weekend.  This coming week will be a short week as well, there is Corpus Christi a National Holiday on Thursday and Friday we are heading to the beach, YEAH!!! There is a group going so it should be fun.

I am hoping that mail will go back to taking the week, instead of the two weeks it has been, though I guess the holidays will mess with that. I order AJ clothes for his 8th grade graduation and he really needs them. He has grown far to much to wear the black dress pants he has, unless boys wear capris?! The printer I ordered is lost out there somewhere and I hope the pants don't join it.  We did have a good mail day on Thursday a USB thingy for the Wii game so the kids can go online with it, the AERA drink order was in so we have lots of Root Beer and Dr. Pepper and  the Sonlight order came, school books mostly for next year for Abby and Aiden but as they teach through reading of books not text books there are some of Abby's that should be just fun reading and same for Aiden.  Aiden is doing really well with the Learn to read in 100 Lessons and he likes it, they are short and easy for him right now, he likes that Atticus is joining us and although Atticus needs a bit of help he seems to know the letters and can remember the sounds. I don't expect Atticus to read but he likes to join us and learning letter sounds is great for him.  

Aiden is still obessed with being woke up in the morning, he isn't easy to wake up and I don't really care to so I end up with a mad boy often. I will try but if he doesn't wake easy then I let him be I like my alone time in the morning. At bedtime he always as me to wake him up and will ask how I wake up and then to make sure I wake him up before AJ or before Atticus. Sometimes it helps with getting him into bed but he is often the last one asleep.

Abby is almost done with 10th grade and we are talking more about colleges. She has a couple years yet but we need to make sure she gets the credits she needs. I can't believe my baby girl is old enough for such things. On that note I have wondering about getting her a drivers license not that she could use it here but as lots of kids get them at 16 in the states it would give her a bit of normal American life. So maybe this summer, though I am not sure I am ready to have her driving. Isn't she still just a little girl??





May 12th

Happy Mother's Day to All the mommies out there. I hope you had a good day. Mine was OK, I have a tooth that was hurting a ton and so eating wasn't happening, a nice dinner out would have been great. I didn't get to see my mommy either, which I really wish I could have. However the kids were good, AJ was helpful with Aiden just to make my day a little easier. I did get to hear Happy Mother's Day out of Aiden and Atticus for the first time ever. It was great to hear Aiden say it, last year we really didn't know if we ever would and Atticus with his cute toddler voice, too sweet.  Aiden didn't help with the gift, so he really really thought he should go out and buy me something, he was insistent throughout the day. I couldn't think of anyplace to take him where I would want to just let him pick something. The kids and I did for for ice cream and since he went and got money from Matt and held it, that he feels that was good enough. At least he didn't mention buying me a present anymore. It was great that he wanted to and I will have to get on Matt to have Aiden help with presents in the future, or let Abby and AJ know as they are the ones who knew what I wanted this year, it was a CD with 80 songs from the 80's.

I think I fixed the links I posted on the 8th.


May 8th

Matt is back to work this week. You would think that would free up the computer a bit more and I guess it does but it also means the little ones need me more. Aiden has been wanting me to wake him before AJ leaves, he usually just comes downstairs says HI and Bye to AJ and then falls asleep on the couch, sometimes he barley gets the Bye out. Though I made the mistake of not brining him down one day as he wouldn't wake up, he was soooo mad, that now I carry him down if need be.

I thought I would mention a few kids that I know about who could use your prayers and share their links Philip is 3 with Leukemia, Tristian is another 3y with Leukemia these boys are on  a baby board with Atticus.  Emery is a 4y old who has had a double lung transplant and then Grant had a mass on his neck removed and it was diagnosed as Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor.  I really pray I never have to have a site like that for one of my kids, I pray for them daily and Aiden will usually include "all the sick babies in the world".  Just a reminder to enjoy your kids, family and friends while you have them.


May 2nd

Aiden has been running a fever but I think it is finally gone, he did have a headache with it but nothing else. He first complained of a headache on Wednesday evening, I thought it was due to his head hitting the floor and was worried about a concussion.  Then later that night the fever showed up and I was hoping it wouldn't be a tummy bug, thankfully it wasn't. 

Aiden asked me the other day what I played when I was little so I mentioned playing house. How we would use our rooms as apartments and invite each other over and such. Care to guess what Aiden wants me to play daily for llllooooonnnnngggggg periods of time.  He looks kinda cute caring a baby around, that said he often has the baby upside down or drops him or forgets where he puts the baby. Some names he has used for his baby, Tape, Zorro, Jip....then a couple I couldn't pronounce or spell.  Atticus plays with us as well and he is funny as he is always wanting to trade babies with me or pick up action figures to be his baby and half the time he doesn't know where he left his baby. However if he is holding her nicely he is adorable.  We have one black baby, which lead to an interesting discussion on adoption, foster care and how a white mommy or daddy could have a black baby, or how a blue eyed mommy has a brown eyed baby....another discussion from house somehow we ended up with how girls pee without a penis.  I don't recall house being quite so involved.

We did go to the dentist and Aiden has a few loose teeth and 2y of his 6y molars are in the other 2 are coming in, with no sign of new cavities. YEAH!!!! This was one outing Meme opted out of going on, I don't think that has happened before.  He wasn't due for a visit but maybe when Aiden's molar come in and we go back for a cleaning I will take him just so he can hope in the chair and have nothing done but his teeth counted. Unlike the last time where he had to be held down to have the cavities taken care.

I guess it is speech day so I should gather up what we need. Aiden is back to liking to go. We started the star chart and rewards, along with new games and him choosing some, the therapist choosing the other and he likes it. There has been a time or two when he didn't want to leave. That is totally something new. Recently they have been working on getting the "t" at the end of words, like fight and float  or fighting and floating.. he was substituting a "k" and fight became f**k, so not good while outing playing with kids.

And still no AAC device news.... I may just pay for renting one and see if we like it and if not go with the other that I am pretty sure will work and do it through insurance.