December 2006

December 31

It is the last day of 2006, I am bit amazed as I seem to be each year at this time, at how the year has seemed to fly by. I know I had days that I thought would never end so how did we reach the end of 2006. I think it has been a good year. We have had many ups and downs but my family is together, we have a roof over our heads, food to eat and a source of income. Not everyone is so lucky. There are many families celebrating the holidays thousands of miles apart, families who have no idea what they might eat today and those who have lost their jobs. I am happy not to have to worry about such things at least for today.  We did miss Matt this past summer and so happy that, we are done with that. We do know it could happen again but we will hope it isn't for many years. It did allow the kids lots of time with their extended family which was nice.  Thinking about the kids and how they have grown over the last year. I think Aiden's behavior has changed the most, which we are so thankful for. He still has his moments but they are neither as frequent or as dramatic.  AJ finally got to join Abby in the taller than mom least it should be another 7years before anyone else joins that club.

December 28

  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoyed yours.  We did enjoy a quiet Christmas at home. The kids enjoyed opening their presents and playing with them even more. You can take a look on the Christmas 2006 photo page.  As they received gift cards and money, it didn't end on Christmas, and they still have some presents to look forward too.

 I was reading a friend's blog ( ) and she mentioned checking stats on the website. I haven't done that in a long time, so thought I should. It was interesting.  I was surprised how many hits we had over the summer even without updates. I had forgotten how much info they keep track off. I could tell what words brought up our site, some made since like Philippines, some were a bit off like Christmas Sex( That was the picture of Matt with the Sex Bomb singers). Another surprise was seeing AJ and Aiden's bedroom in Manila picture on a strangers website. It really just said his brother would love a room like that but still it was strange.

The kids are doing fine. AJ is feeling better and it appears that he didn't share his germs with anyone else. Abby and AJ are still doing algebra this week, though it really is sucha  small part of the day, they have plenty of time to do whatever they choose.

I have a job, I was just volunteering but she said she would feel better if I was hired as a temp and then she doesn't feel bad asking me to do things.  It is right here at the Oakwood apartments and I go to most of the activities already.  I will do things like Bingo night, Kids Power Hour, Kids movie night and help with the Sunday Breakfast. So not exactly hard but I can earn a bit of cash doing something I would have been doing already.


December 20

As you might guess by the lack of post from November to now, it didn't go smoothly jumping back to posting updates. I forgot the password and the notebook with the information is in a box in Madison WI.  We have a new password and hopefully I will get back to updating on a regular basis.

Our biggest news, Aiden started school. Today marks a week at school. How is he doing? Well he is still Aiden at school. You know some kids go to school and you are surprised at how well they behave, Aiden isn't one of those kids. He is doing well, with only a few things he needs to work on, The biggest is running away, or somewhat running away. He has not run from the classroom. He has run out of art and music, both times class was almost over and he was just done and ready to go. The other running happens outside when it is time to go, he needs to learn to get his things and join the line. He doesn't shy from new situation, so he had no problems walking into the class and checking it out. They have a lot of center time so he can choose what to do, blocks, computer, water table, sand table, paint, read, play games or puppets. They do have a bit of  "work" they have to do during centers and he will do most of it. They have art, PE, music, library and Spanish one day during the week. They also have jobs to do, like weather person, flag holder and such. Aiden wants to be line leader, she said he can as soon as he learns to walk nicely in line. About the class: it is a small class with only 8 kids, 4 special needs and 4 "typical peers".  They have a teacher and 3 teacher aides so the ratio is great.  His teacher so far seems like a really great teacher. She knows a bit of sign and is more than willing to learn as they go so that Aiden can learn more sign. The ST comes into the class to work with the kids, some as a group and some pull aside. The pull aside is nice in that she can work with words he needs in his daily activities.

Aiden has also started with a private ST. It is slow going, not due to the ST or Aiden, but just because his apraxia is so severe. He works well and tries a lot with her. It is PROMT therapy, which involves her touching him and he didn't back away a bit. I didn't think he would, but it is good that he didn't. She has worked on the "m"  trying to get him to say me, bam and such. As well she worked on "up".  It is kind of odd with apraxia, he says down fine but he says it for either up or down. As for me, he says me,me for Atticus not a problem, but when referring to himself it is more of eum.

We have a van. That made shopping easier, which of course leads to spending more money. Oh well it's only money and the kids will have a good Christmas.

Atticus is doing fine. He did give us a scare, last week(12th), he had a febrile seizure. I thought I was holding my baby and watching him die. It is a feeling and sight I am not likely to ever forget. I had given him motrin for his fever(104ish) and he had fallen asleep. As I sat holding upright in bed, watching House. He seemed to open his eyes and look at me. Then his eyes rolled back and he went limp. I was yelling his name, when he went stiff and his lips turned blue. I carried him into the living room, yelling for Matt who was walking Hank. I laid him down, Matt came in, I grabbed the phone, Matt gave him a breath and as the 911 operator answered Matt said he was breathing. He was still not really there, but his lips weren't blue. He was back with it when I hung up and we could already hear the sirens. He was doing much better when they got here and we checked his temp, it had dropped 3-4 degrees in 30-45 min. and that is what caused the seizure. The medics were great, reassuring and said they were there if perchance we needed to call again. I felt a bit bad that Atticus was fine, when they got there. Almost like I wasted their time. They were great and never hinted at such a thing. We opted not to go to the ER that night as there was nothing they would have done. We did take him to the doctor the next day. He didn't even really do anything, just say it was a febrile seizure. He will get meds at the sign of a fever from now on. I had been told under 101 not to. His went up fast, I had been watching it as he had been running one for 2 days but it never reached 101. He may or may not have another, at least if he does I will know what it is. That time I didn't have a clue what was happening. I am so thankful that I was not home alone and that Matt was here, that I was here and able to dial 911 and that they were close by.

Abby and AJ.... nothing new with them, doing their schoolwork at home.  We did drive up to Rockville this past weekend. They did a lot of reminiscing,  drove my our old house and their school. We didn't plan it in advance unfortunately so we didn't meet up with any old friends.

Matt is doing his Spanish which seems to be going well and golfing when he can. The weather has been nice enough that he has gone a couple of times recently.

I hope to put up some recent pix soon. 



Guess who came by for a visit last night... Santa Claus on a fire truck. The fire fighters were passing out candy canes. I was surprised that they came through the apartment complex. As we were on the first floor and can go right out our back door, it made getting a candy cane easy. Aiden LOVED it, Atticus seemed in awe.


November 2006

November 14

    It has been a few months...we made our trip to Wisconsin and stayed for the summer. We have recently made our move to Virginia, so Matt can learn Spanish.  The move has gone fairly smooth.  We are still waiting for our van. They wouldn't allow it on the SMA orders and Matt's travel orders were late in coming so although it is coming it will be a few more weeks.  Our UAB should be here soon, which will be nice.  For those who don't know, UAB is just a small portion of our actual belongings(900lbs).  Most of our stuff is sitting in storage waiting to go to the Dominican Republic. It will be like all new stuff, by the time we see it it will have been in boxes for a year. It does make keeping the house neat much easier. It makes keeping the kids busy harder.   We are staying in an apartment in Falls Church and it will do fine for the 5-6 months we are here.  They have a few activities throughout the week for kids or adults.  Aiden loves the kids power hour, they play games. He is one of the younger but does OK. Most importantly he has fun.  I took the to kiddie time. That however was more for mom's and babies, good for Atticus. They have something on Wed. for the kids too, last week was a fire truck visit.  As well they have a acting class for kids, bingo nights, movie nights, Sunday breakfast and other things throughout the month. A few other bonuses a playground, a weekly maid, a free shuttle for Matt to work or us to the metro and wireless internet.

 We are looking into Speech therapy for Aiden. We actually have a therapist just need to go meet her. We have also contacted the school system so that he can get some ST through them as well. He isn't talking more, but he does pick up signs fairly well.  His favorite thing to do at this time is Star Wars Lego II on the gamecube and go play at the activiites center. They only do that twice a week, maybe a good way to work in days of the week for him.

Atticus is growing to fast for me. He loves getting dirty dishes out of the dishwasher, climbing on the table, watching Dora and eating popsicles. He says popsicle like Aiden which is a licking kind of noise, it is too cute when they both are standing at the freezer doing it.

Abby and AJ are back to doing school work. We took time off when Matt joined us to go to FL and then get moved. They are doing algebra and English at the moment. They decided to do two subjects at a time and spend more time daily on them. They are actually doing well so far. Math is not Abby's favorite or best subject. However if is tries she does really well, just need her to think positive.