December 2008

December 21st

Atticus took a hit Friday he was crawling out of a playhut, when the not so small dog slammed his face into the marble floor. Lots of blood from his mouth and a bit from his nose.  His front teeth are still in but loose, his gums are swollen and bruised and scabs around his teeth. His lips looked better yesterday morning. Then last night as he was stepping up on the step stool in the bathroom, he knocked his mouth on the not so soft sink. That had to hurt so much as his mouth was still sore, so more blood and he cried himself to sleep. As well he cried in his sleep quite a bit last night after the second time I just slept with him, as he wanted my hair for comfort. He had really lightened up on the hair thing until this. 

AJ is on winter break for the next 3 weeks, YEA for him but for me too.  I don't have to get up at 5:30 and Aiden has someone else to play with.  He had semester midterms on Tues, Wed, and Thurs., so they were short days as they just to testing and they divide them up. He checked online and Aced all his test, and as he had A's in the classes already has straight A's, very proud of the way he worked the last quarter.

As for Aiden and Abby, they are on break too, though they will be doing some reading.

I am 30 weeks, so as long as this one doesn't decided to stay inside longer than his siblings I have 10 weeks at the most. Some nights I am so ready to be done as sleeping isn't going so well, however during the day I feel fine and if Aiden and Atticus are going at it, I am no where near ready for him to appear.  The thought of 2 fighting boys and a crying newborn isn't a pleasant one.

Matt's hours are still loooong and I hope a new month will bring new hours but he doesn't hold out much hope for that. He did get a very nice award this last week. He also was invited to Costa Rica for Consular leadership training, at the end of January. It should be fun for him and I will just pray it is a quiet week for me.

December 8th

News in our house, AJ made the JV Basketball team. He and one other were the only Freshman to make the team, AJ says there were many who didn't make it at all. Apparently more kids than usual tried out because the big International tournament is here this year and so Varsity and Junior Varsity get to play. That should happen about a week after the baby is born, hopefully a bit longer. One just so I am more comfortable going to watch AJ and AJ wants to host someone who is coming from another country.

Aiden and Matt went camping this past weekend with the Cub Scouts in Bonao, the same place as last year. Aiden said it was OK, there were some parts that were fun, the zip line, running around with the boys and playing in the creek but other stuff he just had no interest in. I did enjoy the day and half with no one for Atticus to fight with or no one to annoy him and Atticus went to bed before 8pm. It was a nice break for me.

We have our Christmas tree up. Aiden really wanted to put it up because it would be "So Beautiful" and even though he wouldn't be getting presents for a while yet he thought we could read stories by the tree.  We have read a story or two and watch a couple of Christmas movies which have caused Aiden to change his mind a bit. He didn't want anymore Christmas movies because it made him want to open presents NOW!!

Atticus is doing well, if you ignore the high pitch scream that he has gotten down pat. He does it when mad, when annoyed, when happy....just about anytime for any reason.

As the picture page will show the baby is growing and so and I. I am surprised that I still feel pretty good, except for the sleep thing. Getting comfortable sleeping is getting harder and I see many nights sleeping upright on the couch in my future or at least half the night. Hopefully I have only 11-12 weeks to go.... hopefully he will have a name before then. Tomorrow I have a check-up and will get the paper work for another ultrasound to check on him and rule out down syndrome and then the lab work to check my iron (which I keep forgetting to take) and glucose levels. What fun!?!?

November 2008

November 20

 I have not kept up here very well at all, guess that is because there isn't much going on here. I have put up a few pictures since I last wrote. Aiden had an outing with the Boy Scouts to the botanical gardens. It was nice enough I guess. Aiden and I just did the train ride through, there was one stop that they let you off to walk. The older cub scouts needed to go through the gardens and identify some plants for their advancement Aiden didn't need to and Aiden really is not fond of walking at all. As it was a humid day I was all for leaving. The gardens were clean and the trees pretty, I would have like to see a bit more colorful flowers, than just a bunch of green trees. 

AJ got his first high school report card and had all A's, I was impressed and really hope he will keep up the good work. He just tried out for basketball and will know next week if he makes Varsity or Junior Varsity he said there were a lot boys at the tryout yesterday and they have another on Monday so well see. His teachers are driving me a bit crazy with sending home list of things they need the next day, I don't know why they can't give a bit more far the only thing we had to go out and get was cotton I had the cotton rounds. He has done a few cooking experiments in science one was ice cream and another time they made cookies....sounds like my kind of science.

Abby is doing well with her schooling, so nice that she can do it on her own and I just check every once in a while to see that she is really doing it. I need to put an order in soon to get her a few more subjects for next semester.

Aiden is moving along with school, he has moved work time to the afternoon. He wants to wait until just before AJ or R is going to be home and be finished just in time for them. It isn't when I would choose but then there is no fighting and he does a good job so.....doesn't really matter. He is still loving all the read alouds with Sonlight and we end up reading a few days worth at a time. As well he can't seem to get enough science, so he should love one of his Christmas presents a snap circuit set that I am hoping he can do most of it alone.

Atticus is growing and really getting an attitude but thankfully nothing like Aiden's and he is so easily calmed. Though we seem to hear quite frequently "I don't like you!!" For me if I just pick him up and hug him he is back to loving me, Matt doesn't seem to have it so easy.

The newest Taylor is growing fine, I am down to 99 days left until due date, actually hoping for a bit less. I had an appt. this week and as here they do a quick ultrasound at each appt. I got to see him and he was moving a lot, no surprise there as I feel him moving it seems all the time. We went again and tried for a 3D of his face but the little boy was not cooperative, he had his face smooshed into the placenta, so no good shots. I however go back in a few weeks for another more in depth ultrasound and will hope for a good shot then. They will also check for Down syndrome then as the quad screening came back a little bit high. The OB here doesn't like to do them as there are many many false positive, but the Embassy med unit really wants it done and I went with it as if there are any signs of any problems we won't have the baby here.

My mom should have the keys to our house today!!! It is nice knowing we will have a place to go stay next summer and the whole year as well as R&R's and what not and have room for everyone. Matt and AJ will get to learn about roofing a house and cutting down trees next summer, what fun for them. I will be glad to have my mom really get to know the kids and they her. Abby and AJ know her but the little boys....Oh and I know Ashley will be a huge help with the baby.