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October 2010

October 25th

  Last week it rained, rained and rained some more. Typhoon Megi was close by and although Taiwan was only hit by the outer bands it still brought strong winds and lots of rain. Matt and AJ said the winds were stronger than from the typhoon they had a few weeks back. Thankfully power was never lost as I realized I was not prepared with enough canned food and such. I am still learning where to get what and what to get. 

Aiden and Atticus have started school. Atticus has most of his school work here but for Aiden it has been light school. Hopefully just another week of light school and then we can get into it a bit more. AJ has had nothing to do for school, though I think we have the language figured out so he can start that this week and next week hopefully add in more of his classes. If you are interested here is the plan for the younger boys:

Aiden 3rd grade

  • Math-Math U See Gamma
  • Social Studies-Sonlight Core 3, Interactive 3-D Maps American History, History Pockets Explorers of North America
  • Reading-Sonlight, Edmark
  • Writing-Writing with Ease, Handwriting without Tears Cursive
  • Spelling-All About Spelling
  • Grammar-First Language Lessons
  • Science-Apologia Land Animals, Lego Education Simple and Motorized Machines
  • Art-I can Do all things Art
  • Music-Classical Kids CD's and Getting to know the World's Great Composer books Bach, Beethoven, Mozart

  • Math U See- Primer
  • Reading-Sonlight, Headsprout, Explode the Code
  • Grammar-Learning Language Arts through Literature
  • Writing-Handwriting without Tears K
  • Social Studies-Sonlight Core K
  • Science-Lego Education Simple Machines, Apologia Land Animals
  • Art-I can Do all things Art
  • Music-Classical Kids CD's and Getting to know the World's Great Composer books Bach, Beethoven, Mozart

    AJ we have his list that he needs for the next two years and have ordered History and English for this year. Now to decided what to do this year and next and get it ordered so he isn't doing school all next summer.

    We went to a lunch buffet this weekend for a few of the new families. I like getting out to meet people but I also need to remember that Aiden is not typical even when it seems some days he is.  He had a hard time when someone started playing the piano. It was sort of loud and the apartment area was not big but....I didn't expect Aiden to react that way. It isn't as if loud noise is  usually an issue for him. Though recently there has been a few times he complained about noises bothering him that he has never mentioned before like tearing paper. Hopefully he just needs to settle in here a bit more and thankfully no more moves for four years. Aiden did however ask how long we were here, he was annoyed with the cartoons being in Mandarin. It would appear that he listens and feels the need to understand them more now than he did in the DR. Atticus and Abraham still don't seem to care.

    Our house has two doors on either side of the fireplace that lead to the bedrooms, they are usually shut at night. This morning however I heard knocking and wonder who would be knocking on my door so early(6:45). Abraham had gone to the living room and shut himself out of the bedrooms, silly boy. He is talking more and more. It is often in sentences that you get only a word or two but I find it adorable. He likes to tell on one of the kids or even Daddy if they make him mad. He is still a climber, the kitchen he can pull out drawers to boost himself to the counter or in the bathroom he uses the drawer handles as a ladder.



    October 15th

      We are in Taipei Taiwan. It has been two weeks tonight, WOW that went by fast. There is so much going on that it should have been no surprise to me that time would fly by.  The boys started with the 2 or 3 am wake ups but slowly they got better. It was about a week when Aiden and Atticus were sleeping pretty much on a normal schedule. Abraham didn't take the flip flopping of sleeping and eating so easily. I think he has it down but it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to eat half the night and wake at four tomorrow morning. I guess one day I will sleep like I want.

    Almost all our shipments were here and scattered about. The movers unpacked the boxes which is nice in some aspects. I however learned I would rather open the box and find where the items go, than have piles of stuff everywhere and then have to find homes for it.  The rooms are slowly getting put together....though the toy area may never get put together. So many toys...why didn't I give more away??

    I have been to a few grocery stores. The first one Matt took me to was RT Mart. It is really a multilevel department store. I had only been here two days, it was Sunday and crowded, WOW. I really am not fond of walking through new stores looking for things that are somewhat familiar to make meals to feed 7 that they will eat.  We didn't do to bad. Though we did learn that the local Plum juice isn't going to cut it, it smelled like bbq sauces and tasted like it tad, then one of the local bbq sauces is nothing we would want.  We did try the sarsaparilla soda and that was good. They have  Costco here and I think that will be useful for some things. Then the grocery store that we can walk to is Wellcome and though you pay a bit more it beats a drive down the mountain for a couple of things. The other stores are an easy 45 min drive. I have not been to the Carrefour but I am told it is a good place to shop as well. 

    The boys and I went on a homeschool field trip to the Maokong gondola, did some tie dying with plant dyes and lunch at a tea house. We only had so-so directions but I thought the GPS would get us there. It got me across the street from where I belonged but I didn't know that at the time. So while looking I apparently cut a light a little to close and was pulled over. Great my first real drive and I get stopped. He was more concerned with the fact that I had no license plate, but I did it was in the window as it is a temp plate. He did let me go. The the other mom I was with called someone in the HS group who came to our rescue. He literally ran down the sidewalk to us, then hopped in my van and showed us where to park. The gondola ride was great, such pretty views. The boys really liked this. Then a walk down the side of a mountain, it was hot and humid. The boys did OK. Then a bit on the plants, we missed most of this but some nice person translated for us. Then time to do the dying Aiden was done by then, Atticus was doing much better, Abraham was getting bored in the carrier.  We did get the scarves tied up, some with sticks, some with marbles and AJ just with rubber bands. As the dye was hot, we waited around for this part. With hot, sweaty, tired, hungry kids it was a real fun wait.  Time to find your scarf and untie it, the boys were back in the game. They really liked the way they came out.  Then a short walk to the tea house.  It was a simple lunch but I thought tasty. Abraham liked the noodles and rice, Aiden and Atticus just ate the chicken though they did try the noodles. I am pretty sure AJ ate it all but with keeping tabs on Abraham I didn't notice.  Time to go back to the gondola, up the mountain. There was suppose to be a bus, but we only saw one going down that mountain. Oh well they got plenty of PE in. A gondola ride down and the a van ride home with only a minor wrong turn, thanks to the GPS we did make it home.  I think the GPS will make things so much easier learning where to go in the city.


    We have done a few other things like swimming at the QA and a BBQ at AIT for the newcomers. We are learning to accept mail whenever it comes even if only once a week.

    Aiden turned 9 two days ago. He really is growing into a helpful boy. He still fights with his brothers and does things just to annoy them but if I need a helper he is good for the job. He is completely obsessed with Halo. He asked AJ a few times a day to play, though he doesn't get to play that often.