October 31st

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween at the Embassy was cancelled, so our neighbor across the street, through a Halloween party at the last minute. It was fun and GREAT for the kids. Well maybe not Atticus. The first house the guy was scary as he had some robe on and was telling the kids to reach inside his stomach for the candy. Atticus was just watching from afar, he had practiced say tick or treat on the way but after that he wasn't saying trick or treat to anyone. Aiden had a blast. There were 3 house across the street and 3 houses here. I think there were about a dozen kids and then when a few more came,  all the kids trick or treating  again to the same houses. All were Embassy except the one right next to me and when she heard the trick or treaters she opened her door so we could go there. We did get POURED on, on the way back to the party after the second round of trick or treat, but at least not the whole time. Aiden was thrilled his bucket was filled, he got to trade candy with the kids. He gave up one piece and got four in returned, so he was proud of himself. It so beat staying home and doing nothing.

The Govt. educational board closed school until next Tuesday (Monday is a holiday), but because Carol Morgan is private they decide to have school. AJ didn't go it rained a lot last night and after yesterday why bother. Yesterday I did send AJ to school, as school was in session. We had gone out Monday night to the store with out any troubles. So all would be OK right, wrong I headed out about 8 Wed. morning, I got a couple blocks when I found out I could not cross the road on the route I would normally go. Turned around and headed the other direction and I did get a bit further and crossed a few puddles, if you care to call standing water covering the entire road a puddle, before I came to a lake that I watched a bus come towards me in the middle of the road with water up to the top of it's tires. I decide then that the dentist wasn't worth the trouble and I had no idea what getting back would be like. I wouldn't have sent AJ if I realized how bad it was out there. AJ was dismissed early and made it home. Apparently about 6 of the 85ish 8th graders were there was school was dismissed. There were more there earlier but most called for ride homes before dismissal.  AJ did say they played monopoly, helped one teacher move things around to avoid the numerous leaks in her room and made a refugee sign and rationed out candy.  So he had fun, though a bit wet and I would guess it will take a while for the school to dry out. There field he says is a lake, the cafeteria is in the lake.  As I type this I am having second thoughts on keeping AJ home, there is a bit of blue sky out there. I will just keep in mind that the school is most likely far from dried out.  Hopefully the sun will continue to at least peak out and we will get the Halloween at the Embassy this afternoon. I will work on pictures soon, see if I get any better ones today. I have good ones of Abby and AJ and so-so of the little two.



October 29th

If you would like to read updates on Tristan, here's a link...  http://homeschoolblogger.com/LindaI/  Aiden likes to check on him and see his pictures, I thought others might as well. 

It has been raining here since Saturday morning, that's a lot of rain for someplace who has such a poor drainage system.  AJ got to go on his first campout as a boy scout this weekend.  He told me that it was a bit fun, but far from an ideal camping experience.  They went to a farm about 45 minutes away, apparently the field that the tents were to go in was flooded and had knee high grass. I would have worried what was in the knee high grass. As well the river to swim in even with the rain barely got the feet wet.  He was with friends though so, he had to have had some fun. AJ also has no school today do to the flooding, I am not sure if the school has had the flooding issue or if they were worried about the kids getting to school. I know that one of AJ's classroom the ceiling had fallen in before so it could be the school. Though the streets here flood with just an afternoon storm so I am sure their are plenty of flooded streets out there as well.  I hope it will ease up for Halloween. The school has a Halloween Frolic tomorrow night and then Trick or Treating, with a haunted house and fun after at the Embassy on Halloween.  However Abby and AJ did get to go to a Halloween party last Friday, they had to leave early so AJ could get some sleep before the campout.

Atticus is really learning to throw tantrums. When he gets in trouble he will often hit himself and then say "I hurtin'", if I don't take notice then he starts with the "I cryin'".  He is much better about not throwing things than Aiden ever was. He will throw things but if I catch him about to throw and say don't throw it, he will find someplace where it will land safe and he gently tosses it. The one thing he does that I would think hurts and once would teach me a lesson is bouncing on the floor. You know how when say jumping on a trampoline you throw your legs up and bounce on your butt, Atticus does it on the marble floor. It rattles my teeth, as much as he has done it recently I am not sure why his butt isn't one big bruise.

Aiden's are less thankfully as his are always with much more force. Though he was thoroughly mad at me yesterday. I took Abby and AJ to decorate for the Haunted House and Aiden wanted to go, but alas the big kids need big kid time. I guess his tantrum was something to behold after I left, then he calmed down. However when I got home for the first hour at least if I was anywhere near him I heard, "Mama doesn't love me" over and over and over. He did later calm down and tell me sorry without any prompting.  His words are coming and even when there things not nice, I am just glad they are coming. As in later he need to tell me sorry for something else, he said in such a mean snotty way that it was unacceptable as a sorry. I told him to say it nicely if he wanted me help, he looked at me and said "I don't want to say sorry nice". Guess he was honest, using his words and not hitting or throwing so it was a good thing.

I took the little boys shopping after dropping AJ off. AJ has had terrible luck with getting his Halloween costume. We ordered one in July, lost in the mail and no refund yet. Then late September we ordered swords from King of Swords, they said in stock but apparently that wasn't the truth and they didn't bother to let us know this they just never shipped it, It took me numerous emails to even find out this part. His next costume required black pants, I really thought that would be easy. I found a pair on the Kohl's website, I have ordered from them a few times, this time however over two weeks went by and they didn't even ship out the pants. Which leads me to shopping with the boys, I had hoped to find AJ black pants. He is in a hard size as it is and even then I didn't find anything but black jeans that had been faded so they didn't really qualify even if I did some adjustments to make them fit. The little boys wanted to look at toys so we went upstairs to the toy section. I am still shocked at what they charge for items. On example that stuck with me was the Fisher price Rock and Roll trike,  it was 3,900 pesos or $116 plus the %16 tax.  I bought mine for $24 at TRU.  Just reminds me to plan headed for birthdays and have some toys on hand for presents if the kids get invited to a party.



October 23rd

I have started my dentist visit, there will be a few as I haven't gone in a while. I took a taxi yesterday, he was one of the more aggressive drivers. I did make it their safely and quickly, as well unlike my first trip there he didn't go on any one way streets the wrong way.  My first drive there I managed to go on 2 one way streets the wrong way, in my defense their were no cars coming at the time and their were no signs to tell me it was a one way until a block down the road, when I was turning again.

Tonight is scout night, I really wish the timing worked out a bit better. Matt can't make it home before we need to leave, so I end up taking the boys. the problem then is Aiden's meeting is first and AJ second, so then Atticus and I are there for 2.5-3 hrs.  I have come home after Aiden and sent Matt back to get AJ, but with traffic the way it is, I get home and Matt has to leave right away to make sure he does get there for AJ. Though AJ as a pretty nasty cough and was complaining this morning so he may not even want to stay tonight.  They have their first campout this weekend and it would be best for AJ to get whatever info he needs tonight. We set up our tent in the living room to check it. It was raining on Sunday so we couldn't do it outside, being an 8 man tent it isn't little but it did fit.

Tristan starts his chemo today, please say a prayer for him and his family.


October 20th

A friend of mine found out her son as Leukemia, his name is Tristan and they could use your prayers.  He is 3 days older than Atticus, so 2y8m.  She took him in for a fever and a nose bleed, thinking maybe he had stuck something up there that was infected.  I can't even begin to imagine what her thoughts were when instead of something so simple, she was sent to Children's for a Leukemia test.  The good news is that it is the most common. So give your loved ones and extra hug, you really just never know.



October 19th

Aiden did make it to his 6th birthday as you can see on the photo page. I think he had a good day. He got pancakes for breakfast, though he wondered about the pizza request for dinner he had put in, later he did get his pizza for lunch and supper. It seems with each birthday for each kid I wonder how they got to be so old. I think it is easiest for me with Abby as she is the oldest, but harder with the little guys as I realize it won't be long until they are Abby and AJ's ages.  It has been only 6y since Aiden joined our family and in another short 6y years I will have 2 grown kids, not possible in my mind.  This past year as done wonders for Aiden. He has made huge leaps in his speech and hopefully he will continue with that. He has also calmed down, shows more compassion for others, not saying he doesn't have his moments but they are not nearly as often and he will willingly say sorry after he calms down.  His writing is moving along, for someone who doesn't care to touch anything that resembles a writing instrument. He is beginning to read, not much but with his speech improving I think he will pick it up. 


October 9th

I keep thinking I will keep updating this a bit better but it just doesn't seem to happen. Maybe there will be less days between this update and the next as Aiden's bday is just a few days away.

I am typing in what I would consider fall colors, wishing for the pretty views of fall leaves and the cool sunny fall days. That will have to wait for another year, it is still swimming weather here and it will be at Christmas too. That isn't really all bad, it is nice to only need to worry about shorts for the boys and they can play outside just about any day without worrying about bundling them up.  It is nice to go to the pool on the weekends, well the little boys and I go, sometimes I can get AJ to tag along. Matt does his golf thing at the same club and meets us there after.  A couple of weeks ago there was a crab in the pool, not a tiny one either. Thankfully I spotted him before one of us stepped on him. Then last time the pollen was falling like snow from the trees, I was a bit worried about Aiden but he didn't see much worse for the wear. He wakes up sneezing daily already,  but usually once he is through his morning sneezing he is good for the rest of the day.

What else...cub scouts is going well, Aiden likes it and hopefully they will have some fun outings coming up soon. AJ's boy scout pack went on a hike, he got to do 10 miles. There was a beach and food at the end to keep them going. He said there were some nice views and he wished he would have had a camera. Next time I will either have to send the camera with or hike with them.  

I went to the driving range, maybe one day I will actually make it to the golf course.  Our neighbors were going and so we tagged along. It wasn't so bad and I can actually hit the ball, so maybe just maybe I could make it through the 9 hole course there.  I guess we will find out one of these days.

Atticus is talking up a storm, it is so adorable. He still has a bit of gibberish but only a little, most of his speech I find understandable.  Though he was saying what sounded like "Miah" to me and all I could think of was our friend from Manila who I knew Atticus wouldn't remember so was completely lost for a while. He meant Mario, his brothers have him hooked on video games. I would bet that he will have his own DS in the next year. He plays Aiden's and does pretty well. He likes the Pokemon game the best, he battles the Pokemon and then will want me to find him more Pokemon to battle. Some where he learn shake hands and say "Thank You Very Much, Thank You very Much",  which he will do after defeating a Pokemon.

Abby is progressing right along with her homeschooling. Thanks to her Unlce Jeff she has a very nice new camera to use with her Photography course, which I am sure she will love. That will be one class that I won't have to worry about her wanting to do, unlike Algebra.

September 2007

September 8th

 It has been a busy weekend or for us anyhoo. We went to a Welcome party Friday night and then the DCM had a BBQ on Sat., after which Abby and AJ went to see Evan Almighty. AJ has a friend over today and Matt did his Sunday morning golf. The little boys and I need to get back into going to the pool on Sunday's as they both really enjoy the pool and the one at their they can both touch in.  The party was very nice on Friday and Sat. the BBQ chicken was yummy. The DCM has a really nice back yard and pool, the kids hope someday to have such a place.  As for the movie neither Abby or AJ thought much of it, but Abby got out of the house and AJ was with friends so...AJ did go see Rush Hour 3 last weekend and really liked that. We also went to the beach last Sunday. Laura, the kids and I left earlier while the guys were golfing. It was an all inclusive resort on Guayacanes  beach called Playa Esmeralda., so you pay for the day and you get lunch, drinks, use of the beach and pool. It wasn't bad but I doubt I will go back again as the beach was so rocky. Matt says it was due to the hurricane, which maybe but I want a good stretch of sand so the kids can be splashed by the waves. There was a small spot that they could just walk into the water and it was OK in the earlier hours. Later in the day you would get strong waves, not constant but you didn't know when and they would have not only knocked Aiden down they could have knocked him into the rocks. We did have fun looking at the rocks and the impression on them or the shells stuck in them, they got to see a crab crawling along the beach as well. So the day was fun, the food OK but I would have liked more beach/water for the boys.

As for school AJ is doing good, Abby is still waiting for books and Aiden is moving along.  Writing will be the challenge with Aiden, he dreads it. I will keep it to a minimum but he has to do some everyday, with rewards after. Usually that just means he gets to see if the neighbors can play or I get to play Star Wars Lego. We are doing Math U See, which has a video for each lesson. He LOVES that part, but as the concepts are very basic the videos are very short and he always wants more. I think if he didn't have to actually write out numbers he would fly through this early math. He understands it very well but I am making him write numbers which is as much fun as pulling teeth. At least he likes the videos and likes the reading.

A friend took Matt to a video store, so we can rent videos here, though I don't know yet if they will be mostly subtitles or not, time will tell.

Matt is surviving at work, seems he has plenty of stories on Americans and what they expect when they call the Embassy. I am staying busy with the kids, reading a bit and crocheting. I want to learn to quilt, so I figure if I finish the blanket I am crocheting I can then get into quilting. I want to make a memory quilt with Atticus and Aiden's pictures using the baby clothes I have left from them. I wish I could do Abby and AJ but I didn't think to save their baby clothes. Though maybe for Abby's sweet 16 I could do a picture quilt, time will tell.

Atticus is awake and my time is up.