October 2008

October 26th

We had a good weekend with things going on. AJ's volleyball team had a tournament on Saturday that took up most of the day, Aiden and I stayed to watch and cheer. I did finally get to see AJ play. His team only had 4 games this year, the first I was at and he didn't play. Then the next one he didn't know about until he showed up for practice. The games are not often schedule much in advance so....then there was an out of town game and then the game he missed do to hurting his leg. His team did well, the won the first 2 sets of games easily but then in the finals they lost the first set. I must say the referee they had for that game was not a good one and made a lot of bad calls for both teams.

On Friday I hit both grocery stores and was so surprised to walk in to the smaller local one and find PUMPKINS!!!! I had heard there were some somewhere last year but not brave enough to drive around trying to find which store they were at.  This year was easy...they had maybe a dozen so I was lucky I think to go when I did. The kids were thrilled and had fun carving them yesterday, well the big kids had fun carving them. Aiden was excited about it and wanted to but one reach in and that was enough for him to let Matt take over.  Atticus fell asleep just before the carving began. 

Other good news, Yaneree is BACK!!! Her sister as been subbing as a maid while she was on maternity leave, which I don't begrudge her at all but her sister is a lousy maid and she doesn't understand my little bit of Spanish mixed with some English.  Last week as well AJ needed soda cans for a science project and guess what I found went I went to the store for cans of soda Dr. Pepper only two cans but at least I got one.  One more bit of good news, the loan rate my mom got for the house we are co-buying went up 6 times since we locked in our rate....good timing on that as the rate had been higher the week before as well.


October 23rd

Doesn't seem like much going on here Aiden and Atticus have a cold with a hacking cough. The first night was bad for Atticus it would wake him but not fully. He had gone to sleep early and while Aiden and I were playing on his bed I watch Atticus sort of wake a few times...once he appeared to be fighting someone, I would guess Aiden. The next couple of times he was looking for me, even though I was right there. He was running a fever as well, so I slept with him, if you could call it sleeping.  Then a couple nights later Aiden got the cough...poor boy just wants it to stop. The coughing is in fits, so he might not do it for hours and then he can't stop. I hope it ends soon, as it is making the boys so crabby, whiney and fighting over every little thing.

We are having fun looking more in depth at Taipei, I had looked enough to know that I didn't think I would really not like living there but now we are looking more at what there is to do and what life is like, even if we have almost 2yrs before we actually will live there. It is nice to look at being somewhere new.  It also appears we will have a house to go to in Wisconsin, YEAH!!!! With when Matt's job should end here and his school starting he can have a couple of months off, he has plenty of vacation to use and his home leave but to do so we really needed a place to go to and stay put. It is easier for Aiden, us to as we will be a family of 7 by then and traveling with umpteen suitcases I am sure..... as well it is cheaper for us.  We can get settled in and Matt can learn how to reroof a house....with AJ and putting up a wall or two.

Aiden gave me a scare, Matt too, last night. He wanted to make himself some oatmeal. We have a water dispenser that does hot and cold, I am thankful it isn't to terribly hot after Aiden dumped a bowl of it down his leg. It looked pretty bad when he did it but I never know what is just his skins odd reaction..... after running cold water on it and sticking him in a cold bath and putting aloe on it a few times before bed, by the time he went to bed it was just a tiny bit pink. I think there is a chance when he gets up it will be gone and hope so.

Had another baby check, he is definitely a he and doing fine.  He is moving around more,  if Aiden hadn't been so tired last night he could have felt him finally I think. We were laying in bed after reading his science book and I put his hand on my tummy and asked if he felt it, his reply "I am trying to go to sleep."  Guess there will be many more chances. Still no name.....besides A5.


October 15th

Matthew got his handshake on his new job yesterday, he shall be the Chief of American Citizen Services in Taipei Taiwan!!! It will be our 3rd tour and our 3rd island. However Taipei actually gets below 70, even down in the 50's I have read...though I also read earthquakes and typhoons are common. The typhoons are new, the earthquakes will be  new. So it appears we will leave here June/July 2009,  Matt will have a year of Chinese in DC, but I believe the kids and I will go to WI for the year with lots of side trips to see Matt.  Then Augustish 2010 we will go to Taipei where Matt will have another year of Chinese, then 3yrs for his job. So we will get 4yrs in one spot, which should be nice as long as it is a spot we like. 

October 13th

 Aiden is 7 today....thinking back 7yrs ago I had no idea he was going to finally come out when I sent Matt and AJ to the Cubscout campout.  Now Aiden is the Cubscout, a wolf just like AJ was that year. He is enjoying it. He has come a long way in the last year with his speech (even if he still has a looong way to go), with maturing, with his willingness to do school, he really is growing up. We did his party and dinner out last night, as AJ has school and volleyball practice today and likely won't be home until 6:30ish.... a bit late by the time he cleans up for the boys to go out to eat and a looooong day for Aiden to have to wait for presents. He knew about the dinner out and was dissappointed that the Tomato Factory we were going to go to was closed, he wanted to play on the toys, so he just wanted to come home and forget about eating out. However we went to Friday's and he did enjoy it, everybody did. AJ and Abby have been there with friends before but Matt and I hadn't. The food was good and it looked just like a Friday's back home, Oh and FOOTBALL was on the TV!!!  As we have no cable we haven't seen a football game in ages.  After eating I took the little boys down to climb on the frog, which was the substitute for the climbing toys at the other place. Matt got the ice cream and we headed home, where Aiden got the SURPRISE of having his cake and presents!!! After opening them and having cake, he kept saying "Me so happy", I will have to put up the picture of one of the presents, that he was thrilled with his happy face doesn't really look so happy, maybe shocked. Last night when I was tucking him and told him it would be the last time he would go to bed 6, he was wondering what it would be like in the morning when he was 7. He was really hoping he would grow some overnight. Yea, he can't wait to pass me up like Abby and AJ have.

  In other news, AJ hurt his leg early this week but it was just a strained, pulled muscle.....he spent a few days on crutches and is better now. He was really happy to be done with crutches. The crutches showed him how much walking he really has to do from class to class, he didn't even bother trying to get to the cafeteria for lunch and just ate by his classrooms.

We are still waiting to here where we are going next...though really feel it will be Beijing or Taipei, hopefully the wait isn't much longer.

As for me and the littlest Taylor, we are half way there or as I hope to go a bit early over half way there and all is going well. I am feeling pretty good, except for sleeping that is getting more and more uncomfortable but at least I am not wishing I could sleep all day, nor am I throwing up. His movements are getting stronger Matt and AJ both say they have felt him, I know I have. I hope it isn't to much longer before Aiden feels them, he can't wait to push on the baby and have his little brother push back. I think he is the one most excited about the baby, at least at this point.

My 20th reunion was a few weekends ago, I didn't make it....wonder why. However I got the class updates this weekend and it was fun to read, I wish more people had written in. There is one who is already a Grandma, YIKES, and at least one with a son in college. I am close to college one but not there yet and many years before I will be a Grandma if you listen to Abby and AJ talk, which I am fine with.

October 6th

I haven't written lately as it just seems to be the same old same old going on here.  However Friday was a notable day. Matt got to work Friday morning and the promotion list was out and he was PROMOTED!!!!!  That was good news as without the promotion list there was talk of the bidlist being held off which we don't want. We really want to know where we are going next summer. 

Then in the afternoon it was time for THE ultrasound, Aiden went with and was told that he would just have to accept it if it was a girl and that he could not get mad an run off. It really is pretty cool to see the little BOY moving around, his legs going going going. At one point his little feet were crossed and his hands were on his knees...hard to believe how much he moves around and how little of it I feel. I can tell when he moves his whole body but the little kicks I don't notice, yet. The Dr. was really nice and took a long time checking out everything...all the measurements, heart rate, blood flow in the brain and the cord. She was a little hesitant at first to say it was a boy, but he made it obvious many times over....she would move to get other measurements and he would move to make sure we saw it. Guess he doesn't want to be called Annabelle.  However he was so cooperative in getting a 3D profile picture....she really tried but he tucked his face in as low as possible and faced my back.  We could see his face with the regular picture and watch his mouth open and close but that looks like a skeleton, not nearly as nice as a 3D profile which would look like a real baby. SO she said that we could come back in a bit and she would try again....as well they can do DVD's off him moving about. I don't know if she will do that when I go back shortly or if we can do it when I go back in a few months to check on his size again.  Aiden was happy it was a boy and though Matt would have liked a girl, I think seeing him moving about and so alive it didn't matter so much.  However now the tough part comes of finding an "A" name.

Today is an anniversary of sorts, 18 yrs ago was the first date for Matt and I.  It really doesn't seem quite so long ago, until I think of all that has happened in that time. We have had our share of good times and bad but I am so happy that the bad were never to much. I can't wait to see what the years to come will bring.