Photos of us


                  Atticus on the last packing day.                     On the first packing day he didn't nap until lunch.


What our living room looked like for a couple of days.                                     Who needs toys when you have boxes.                            




Notice his hands and feet..he loved the freedom of being in and out all day.

So is it for the baby or the one taking care of the baby? 

Taken my Matt with his cell phone.

First is what Atticus looks like after playing outside, and he walks most of the time now.

Second pic is Aiden give his "Meme" a ride and it is blurry cuz they couldn't stop.

And below is what happens after a trip outside and sometimes that is a couple of times a day.


Pictures from the Euro Carnival on Feb. 19th



Pictures from the Ferris Wheel, that AJ took. Since I had Atticus I skipped the rides this time.


Abby reading a horror story to Atticus,                               Atticus being cute,                               Atticus with his mom


AJ and Aiden on the trampoline at the Mall


Pictures from 12/28/05  Aiden went out and Atticus wanted to as well. He makes a beeline for the door when it opens.

 I don't let him out often as he gets so dirty crawling around.  At least now he walks along the walls and such.   

Aiden is up in the window to see the kitty.  Atticus is so happy to be out, notice the leaves behind him.




                              Trying to get out                                                  Hey no booty shots!!


Atticus and Matt on Thanksgiving


                           Abby and Belle                                                              Aiden, Matthew and Belle, they couldn't take a nice pic so...                 

The kids, there hats and a penguin.


The boys swimming                                                                       Atticus and Jasmine                                  


Abby before                               Abby After (11/6/05)

Matt the corpse                                                                                                        AJ.  Holly, Kayla Abby

Atticus and Aiden

Bath time

AJ dressed for Filipiniana day,  for baseball and for swimming




Matt, Aiden and the Robin Hood Cake Matt made.


Aiden made it  his 4th birthday!!!!  Oh and you can see that he doesn't believe 4 should be done with one hand.


Well I wish I had been more with it and I would have more pics of AJ this week. It has been Spirt week at ISM

 and he has dressed up each day. First was celebrity, crazy day( the bus driver laughed when they saw him),

 baby day, today is old school and then tomorrow is school colors.  That jacket is mine by the way, AJ said I used 

to have style and that I am a great mom for letting him wear it.

Aiden and Atticus 10/4/05



A nice brotherly hug.                                     Enough with the pics he is choking me.                             Oh wait mom he let go.

                                    Abby and Atticus                                                         A close up of what Atticus was doing 


Atticus sleeping                                                            This is Atticus sleeping (taken by Aiden)


"Evil AJ" by Aiden                                                                                           Aiden being Spiderman              



                AJ at take your child to work day April 28th 2005                                               Matt, AJ and Deputy Chief of Mission  Joe Mussomeli


Aiden being cute



   Here's what I got trying to get a picture of them in there truck shirts.





AJ @ Sports Day




Yes I need a bath, but the burger and ice cream was yummy.   I am almost clean, but cute just the same.


The US Embassy Softball Team fielded against the Japanese Embassy team, February 5th 2005. The US squad lost 14-10 but the sake was good. Some luminaries on the squad, Ambassador Francis Ricciardone (back row, 3rd from the right), Deputy Chief of Mission Joseph Mussomeli (front row, 1st on the right), AID Mission Director Michael Yates (back row, 4th from left) and yours truly, JO Pipsqueak Matthew Taylor (back row, 2nd from left). Photo taken by Momma. 


Sure, I look bad...but you oughta see da other guy!     Hurry Mom! I can't hold this pose forever!


                        AJ testing for his promotion to yellow belt. Yes he passed!!!


              Aiden taking time to hug Hank.       Notice how he makes himself comfy to play video games.

                            Aiden and Abby finger painting.   (Notice the beloved Yu-gi-oh shirt)


                          Aiden and Matt's hair cut,  Aiden had to have Hank in the picture.


  Aiden believes  his wings will protect him.    AJ with his lego creation, before Aiden got to it.


                          Aiden and Matthew giving a music concert and taking a bow


                                            Christmas presents finally arriving!!!!(1/3/05)


 Just cuz he is cute, too bad he isn't always so cute!!   What happens when you give a tired boy Gelato   


                         How the kids spent the night in their first Typhoon.



                Aiden is 3!!! here he is with some of his bday presents.


Abby and AJ off to school.          Matt all dressed up and Aiden in his favorite outfit.                           Lisa at 24 weeks



 Aiden at our neighborhood playground. It isn't much but we can walk to it.  He loves walking

on the teeter totter.  The shirt he is wearing is the one he would wear everyday if it was clean.



How Aiden does the dishes!!!                    Aiden was roaring and wanted his picture taken.