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Matt's present but he had to share in the naming and I get to share in caring for. Meet Super Dog Iggy Pup or Iggy Pup Super Dog, unless you ask Atticus and then his name is Hitch.


Kisses for all!!!


The best present all my kids were home for a bit.

I loved Abraham's face while opening his first present, in the second picture he had tossed out the pillow pet and was thrilled with the box. Atticus however had waited a hundred days for this perfect pillow pet.



The penguins were more interesting.      Will just tear a little at a time.           Maybe he will be a plumber?             YEAH my own angry birds.

A trip to Danshui or now Tamsui

You may notice a flat Juliette in the pictures that we are hosting. It was fun lots food, shops for some souvenirs and games for the kids.

Why go the easy way and around when you could climb over and have people stop to take pictures of you?!

Super tall ice cream and games, what more could a kid want? Ahh yes fireworks, which we did find.



A visit with Santa Claus (aka Matthew)


Sleeping boy, apparently when tired enough he can sleep anywhere.

He loves to eat shredded cheese, however not much ends up in his mouth, at least he went to get the broom when he was done.

Practicing Baby wearing....not safely but it's a start.

  Abraham drew a smiley face and then to the right a shooting star.

Back in the land of rain....



Fun with bath crayons. Warning: don't use it to close to the eyes. It didn't hurt their eyes, but the real soap to get the colors off was tricky.

Abraham helping hand out candy

one batch of trick or treaters

Abraham in his usual attire

Another birthday for Aiden




Fun with the Taylors in Florida

Which one is mine?

Abraham climbing                      Abraham and Atticus Climbing                       Atticus sliding                                Abraham sliding

Sydney and Abraham jumping, the other 2 choose not to.

Aiden's 10th Birthday... yes this was his reaction to the underwater video camera I got him.

I gave it to him early as they were swimming.

He did recover later when he got what he was really hoping for.



Petting Zoo at the High School, it was part of homecoming

Homecoming parade in Evansville


Love his laugh but he was laughing at the police and fire trucks coming.....

What I got the boys doing


Sandy's birthday and Abraham reaction to the cake.


Atticus strikes again with the camera.


Fun at "the sand park"


The roofers are here.... Why do they get to play on the roof?

Off to Chuck  E Cheese and the Zoo while the roof is being redone.

The third picture shows my monkey, keeping up with the big boys.

Abraham loved feeding the goats and laughed after every bite he gave them.

What's the matter, it makes a perfect breakfast!!

Atticus LOVES Christa, he is so adorable with her.

Ahhh happy boys


Atticus posing, if the shorts look small they were 2T's and Abrahams...


Pictures with Grandpa John


Atticus  with a camera while waiting at Sonic

Tattoo weekend... Katrina had to wait and Grandma Susie decided she wasn't ready.




Sandy's                                                                         Ashley's


Sandy's                                                    Abby's


This picture was taken for Aiden, but I love my little white boy with a belly in the background.

Abraham found a willing victim. He LOVES to take pictures

An awesome new playground in Clay Center


What's a trip to Clay with out a trip to the Zoo?!!

Lots of Cousins on the Gier side...to bad they couldn't all be there but there were plenty to play and have fun with.



AJ to the rescue.... and drying out after


Back in WI and fun with a sprinker!!!


Notice the Rainbow?  Doesn't everyone need goggles with a sprinkler?!


Today started off with some innocent fingerpainting, if a bit messy.


However it didn't take long to include more than fingers


And then to include more than just my boys!!



Homemade play dough fun with friends.

Peanut butter bird feeders

We have checked and something is eating them, hopefully it was the Blue Magpies and not the squirrels.

Fun with edible play dough and friends.


At the Dragon Boat Race

There was a mini carnival, that include games, food and fun.

YUM watermelon chunks or watermelon smoothies!!


Yum Fried Squid?!

Abby has had it before and likes it!!

The Dragon Boat Team and Cheering Squad!!

Pictures from the Chinese Opera Museum. We had a tour between seeing the Acrobats and the Opera.

 Abraham is all about Homeschooling his baby!!

He is such a smart boy he spelled Dad a couple of weeks ago, although he was pointing to Chinese writing on a wall. Then a couple of days ago he spelled "STOP",  I have no idea where he got that from. I say it enough to the boys but I don't spell it.

Our third tour and our third house with geckos.

Random picture of the boys in the rain and our little loaf of bread.

What did you get in the mail today. We got Kool-Aid and games. I do wonder who thought the looong box was needed for that one game.

Today we walked to McD for lunch and stopped by the "hardware" store for butterfly nets. Then on home to catch the butterflies.


So much for the warm sunny days. It has cooled off a bit and the rainy. I know rain is needed. I actually like a rainy day here and there. However day after day after day of rain with 3 boys is no fun for me or them.  Thankfully it isn't so cool we can't play out in the rain like it was for the winter. It isn't nearly as warm as it was in the Dominican Republic but I guess I will take it and accept it as a good thing.

One of the many messes Abraham made that day.  A day I didn't take them out to play in the rain.

Abraham joined Aiden for Math. he did some scribbles but mostly he did the little writing while saying numbers usually 8 unless Aiden said another and he would copy him.

Apparently even flowers can be colored on.

Water fun, just before the neighborhood joined in.

Abraham thinking?!  Butterfly catching.


Apparently it is fun to tape your mouth shut!! If I would have known they liked it I would have done it for them a long time ago.

A sad sad boy(no I did not tape his mouth shut)....I wouldn't let him play with the paints his way.

A much happier boy with the paints. Yes he did taste them and replied "MMM tasty!"


  I am not sure if he wanted to be a smurf or just decorate himself. Yes his friend is in the background and he too joined in the coloring and X box games.

Formosan Blue Magpies just outside our bedroom window

Some photos in the tree. However I learned my lesson and will not let Abraham up there again until he can safely climb on his own. He did well at first sitting when I told him to as he was high enough.  He is not afraid so what to keep going up and I didn't have AJ this time to reach up and grab him.


Egg Coloring

Notice Abraham really concentrating to color, he loves to draw.


Aiden and his new friend

Yes Abraham is licking a newly dyed egg and I am taking pictures while Matt watches.

Easter morning hunt


Easter Egg Hunt and a Visit from the Easter Bunny

Abraham was intrigued by the Easter Bunny and wonder about the big guys sitting on the bunny too.

Abraham's First haircut

He has been swiping his hair out of his eyes for a while so the time had come to give him his first haircut. I debated between going to the local barber or going to a fancy kid place with cars to sit in and TV to watch. The kid place I thought would entertain him but it was 4X the price and down the mountain. Then yesterday morning I thought it would be nice to have his hair cut for pictures with the Easter bunny and I hadn't found a good time to take him down to do it. I am happy we went up here. The barber did a good job and was quick. Abraham sat with Matthew and he didn't cry, scream or try and get away much. He did about have way through start asking "Done?" it a cute pitiful voice but he lasted. I now know we can easily go back there and get French fries and onion rings when we are done. The barber shop is under a hamburger place.


During, The second picture shows Matt catching some to save.


I love the look he is giving the barber in the second one.


One of Atticus after and waiting for fries.

Dr. Fish Spa

Just getting started

The fish are getting their fill. It tickled a little and tingled a little but I think I would need to go daily for a long while to take care of my feet.

What you might see if you look in my kitchen window

After enough of the Maritime Museum we walked across the street to Liberty Square. In Liberty Square they have the National Concert Hall, National Theater and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial. It was a perfect place to be after the museum where they couldn't touch anything. They ran, ran, ran and there was hardly anyone around to bother.

Abraham insisted on walking the stairs without holding my hand.

We missed the changing of the guard, we will have to go to see that some time.

A surprise reward after, vending machines with bouncy balls.

Feeding the fish



AJ is 17

So the sun was shining and it seemed warm when we went outside this morning, which I thought meant a good day to go pick some Calla Lilies. Off we went in our short sleeves and no jackets. The Calla Lily farms are just a couple of miles up the road from our house, boy did the temperature drop and the wind pick up.  However for 300NTD we got brought home 24 Calla Lilies. Abby and AJ actually went out and picked theirs. Atticus was to cold and so we waited, inside and took home some of the pre-picked flowers.


This is where Atticus and I waited inside, out of the cold wind. Though as we did go out a bit, we were cold and the hot water they gave us was welcomed and didn't seem so odd this time around.


I will have to try again I think, the white dots you see are the flowers but these pictures don't show them well. It does show a sulfur mine in the background.

Apparently Abraham likes blankets weather they are finished or still in the works.

Fun with Finger Paint

Aiden did join in but he is adamant about not having his picture taken.

Abraham is mad that I wouldn't give him the paint bottles to use on his own.


Fun with Rice


In his Mickey Mouse (Mo Mo) trainers




Where I found Abraham one time, the second picture shows what he wanted a light switch.

What you can find Abraham doing on a daily basis.

A couple of pictures of what I have been doing when not getting Abraham off of things.

Cloth napkins and second crochet wash/dish clothes.

Christmas morning pics are all like the one below, someone adjusted my camera settings and I didn't know. So just posting one out of focus.

Atticus checking out AJ's present. The look is because it wasn't on and so it didn't make any noise.

 More Christmas fun...I think they changed clothes a 3 or 4 times due to the water toy. Thankfully they had Buzz and Woody PJ's , one to wear and one to let dry.

Christmas Eve

There looks sum up there thoughts AJ was happy with his, Atticus wondering how to play and Aiden wasn't thrilled though he wants me to read it hours on end.

I wonder if this will be his last Christmas wishing for his two front teeth.

Christmas Caroling with the Neighbors

So my kids didn't do so much singing but they had fun.

What month is it?

In the first picture you see some leaves changing to red and ready to fall.


AIT Christmas Party

I have to get the Santa pictures, but Abraham really didn't want to be on Santa's lap. However even though he doesn't look so happy in the first picture he wanted to meet Kung Fu Panda.

The only picture I got of Aiden, he had fun running with the kids.  The proof the Abby and AJ were there.

This is a lousy picture but Abraham sat down between to women he didn't know to watch the skits. He would laugh or clap whenever the women did. He would even lean forward laughing if that is what they did. The skit was way above his understanding. It was too cute. His hands and face were purple, he discovered the blueberries on the table.

Atticus posin'

Cute Abraham

Ice Skating with the homeschool group

The parking garage, they can lift the cars up for stacking. I was really glad to come back to find my van not lifted.

The pictures tell it all, Aiden was brave enough to give it ago. Atticus was really scared.

Below is the Buddhist Temple we stopped in.


A snake we found in house.



Dog crates are great entertainment