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I have noticed some of the photos are the site are out place, hopefully I will fix it...when time allows(HAHA)

*birthday boys   April 2010*(new)


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Most of the pictues below are from Manila, some from stay in VA and then our R&R in '05

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These go back in time but for some reason I never put up Abby's Graduation party pictures....I think I was waiting to get some from her camera and my mom's but here is what I have.


The second one I had her do just for fun.


Ashely, AJ, Abraham, Aiden, Katrina, Zachary, Atticus, Dalton and Abby


It rained a bit and what is more fun than splashing in a puddle?!

AJ, Brennen, Abby

Silly boys

Look what Aiden brought to the party and Zach was brave enough to hold.

Abraham with his Grandpa John


Abby with her daddy and yes her hair was green. Just a wash out color, but green non the less.

Abby on her last day as a senior in High School.

Jelly Belly Factory and Simmons Island (on Lake Michigan)


Abraham is wearing a reusable swim diaper from Nicki's Diaper store



          Abraham and me                           Sandy, Ashley, Katrina and a cute little quiet boy

Doesn't he looked thrilled!!!

A Jelly Belly bath

Father like Son?!! 

Aiden in the July 4th parade

Swimming 7-1-2010

Although Atticus looks ready to fight Abraham he really was just excited to get wet.

Outing to New Glarus Woods


The first picture was reality. Atticus, I don't want my picture taken and I want to go home. Abraham, I want to go over there and climb. Aiden, can I just be silly.  Then I bribed them with ice cream. 


You can call be baby all you like but I climb like the big boys.


If Aiden can, then Atticus can. If Aiden and Atticus can Abraham has got to try at least.


Aiden telling Atticus something about the berries we found.

At Kenzie's Sweet 16 birthday/fund raiser for Sturge Weber's Syndrome

Abraham loved the chocolate covered strawberries, but what a mess.

Abby with the stars, a group dance and Atticus dancing, he liked the chocolate strawberries too.

At the Midwest Apraxia Picnic

Aiden walking a therapy dog, Abraham playing footsie with a a therapy dog.

Abraham at bath time


At the Zoo

Atticus posin'


Abraham in the wool shorties I made from the kool-aide dyed yarn


Abraham in his pocket minkee Knickernappies

Abraham Loves Hugo and he is tolerant of Abraham.

Eating his toes

What AJ and his friends do.

Abraham can do the slide all by himself!!!

Lake Kegonsa

Spring Soccer 2010

Aiden taking his turn at a break, his least favorite part and really LOVED the few games when he didn't have to.

My brother who came to both boys game all season. Atticus showing off his muscles during Aiden's game.


Aiden at his puppet show

The boys in the dryer and A5 with his berries


A5 eating  a popsicle with barely a drip on him, oatmeal was a different story!!


Spring around our house

The butterflies and their babies

Atticus and Aiden are growing butterflies

The baby birds have flown the nest but a few pictures before they did.


Not the typical spot to build a nest.

The flowers I was given for my anniversary and then I added the Mother's day roses the kids gave me.

Prom 2010

Yarn dyeing with Kool-Aid 5/4/2010

I want to make Abraham some new wool shorts, they are awesome cloth diaper covers. So I thought it would be fun to dye the yarn ourselves. I let Aiden and Atticus pick out what color they wanted for their yarn and for mine I wanted a mix or red, blue and yellow and hoping for orange and green in the mix. So we picked up the yarn and kool-aid and waited for a sunny day.


First we soaked , while we met some homeschoolers at a park.

Then in the bag in goes with just enough water to cover the yarn and squish it around.

Here is Aiden's nicely squished around. Then we set it in the sun. Next is Atticus coming out to squish it around a bit more.

The water is clear, the yarn is done.

The yarn is drying and will see if the boys want to do it again to make it darker or keep it as is.

After a second round of Kool-aid

A few photos from our day at the park with some homeschoolers.


Soccer awards 5/3/2010

All the kids said their name into the mic, Atticus did great compared to most of his age group and Aiden did awesome.

Aiden's First Communion 5/2/2010




Pictures March 2010

Playing outside without jackets for the first time this year

Looks like a long road ahead for Abraham

But he has his brothers at his sides


Atticus was all about being in the pictures

Look bare feet, being a puppy, jumping, flying, up-close, not sure about the one leg up pose.


Abraham outback

Aiden looks so peaceful in the first one.

Abraham calling Matt and hanging up on Matt

Just cute little Abraham

What Abraham has been up to recently

Climbing in dryer even if the clothes are wet.

Climbing from the fireplace to the table                                    using the student desk to reach many things