Independence Day Celebration

Atticus all painted up

Atticus with the clown and a chick....... Aiden about to pull a dove out of the hat

Aiden doing what he has learned to LOVE

Abby and a friend                                                                                                        Lisa and Mat                        



The view of the pool and ocean beyond.... so pretty

Atticus being cute and AJ all wet

I don't want to say about Matt and AJ here, though Abby took the pictures.

AJ's 8th grade graduation

Aiden's Scout ceremony with Ambassador Faninn

Atticus during the ceremony, he took his sandals off because an ant got in and bit him a few times. Then AJ and a friend....none of Abby that aren't blurry.


Matt turned 40, lots of candle and lots of smoke!!!!

                                                  What is appearing on Aiden, that I keep referring to as hives, I think it is a fairly accurate picture though a little puffy in person. I think this picture shows his dual eye color nicely too.    The first picture is from a wrestling match with Atticus, again it was puffy and a bit redder in person. I should mention this is from his dermatographia, not that Atticus is that rough.

What we did for part of school one day

Cinnamon sugar writing for Aiden, Atticus went straight to licking.


I am trying to learn to quilt, I like it even if I need work on getting things straight and even. The above is the top to a quilt I worked on this past weekend.  This quilt was to be given away but Aiden really thinks we should keep it, will is my first quilt I will finsih. Below is a quilt I have been working on since Christmas.

Embassy Ball Game(4/12/08)

The middle picture is Atticus all wrapped as he said "I cold!!" I just checked online says it was a "chilly" 85 degrees.


As you can see the day wasn't just about softball, but fun.

Aiden hunting for eggs Easter morning, Atticus didn't care to hunt he just wanted the Pokemon toys that were in his basket.

My pretty Sunflowers


The Egg Hunt at the Embassy

Above Ambassador Fannin and Matthew

Below...YUM, well at least the frosting which is all he ate off of 2 cupcakes!!

The hunt was on...they both seemed to enjoy hunting eggs, but chocolate sitting inside eggs in this weather??!! they had to wait a bit to dig into the goodies.

As you can see from above there was plenty of other treats to be had.

Isn't this just perfect for facing painting at an Egg Hunt?!! AJ was calling it a flaming Hobo and then talked to Matt and switched to a burning

a close up

These next pictures were taken to show a cute picture of our Cat cleaning our puppy, however as you can see it doesn't really show that


We had a visitor today..



These are from the Dominican Carnival on the Malecon yesterday

                          I wanted a picture of Atticus in his mask, however he wouldn't look at me(1), so I ran in front of him (2), which made him made so he went to hide(3) but I still took                           a picture so he went for a better hiding spot(4).

Atticus is 3

                     Above, I was putting the last of the decorations up and the guest were to be there very shortly. Atticus looked at me and said "My party is today!!" the put his head down and was asleep within seconds

Below, the first present had purple paper and he was having trouble finding the "present"  inside but he held up the purple paper and said "YEA purple paper!!"


The picture above on the right is his birth minute picture, if you just go by the time and we don't worry about what time zone he was born in.

Below the cake Matt made once again. He has done it a couple of times before, I think AJ was 7 at the time, so 7 years ago. 



A pretty flowering tree at the Embassy

pictures of what you might find outside Abby's window

Jasmine and Bryson, good friends or does she think she is his mommy?

Bryson's spot has turned into a heart

Pictures Abby took of Atticus


AJ's Basketball Game

At the pool January 20th

A scene from by the pool

One request Aiden had for Christmas was paint so he could paint his feet and walk on paper. He got the paint and we finally did the walking yesterday. No pictures during, I was busy making sure they didn't paint more than there feet or hands. Then there is a start to "Taylor Academy Art Gallery". Below are the artist hard at work.

I was busy opening my own presents Christmas morning and did take any pictures during, so here are some after shots...Still need one of Abby.


A couple of the favorite things for Bryson to do.

Naivety set made by my brother

Our newest edition, "Oreo Cookie"


Meeting "Santa"


Random pics of Aiden and Atticus

He was sad in the second picture because he wanted a present, we were on our way to a bday party. You can see that he got over it quickly.


Abby and AJ got their sword/cane that were suppose to go with their Halloween costumes.

Atticus got a haircut, if you compare to the pictures below he looks like a different boy.

School's in session and Aiden's the teacher. A reason I like Homeschooling, if not Aiden would be gone 6:30-3, 5 days a week.



This picture is the last picture I will have of him at 5y, it was taken the night before his birthday.

His Cake and the face I got when I asked him to look at the camera instead of the cake for a picture.

Aiden was thrilled with his presents. I don't think I have seen him this excited over presents EVER.

A couple from the restaurant we went to for Aiden's birthday. It is a nice sit down place, with a playground, called The Tomato Factory.

Aiden LOVES playing in the rain.

The first one is where I found Atticus when Aiden was out in the rain, he didn't want to join in. He is under the computer desk at Abby feet. The second one is what I found after leaving him to eat his supper.

Atticus dressing the baby, he is much gentler with babies, than Aiden ever was.


What we found in our yard Weds. morning, it has a new home already. Abby's first day of school picture, she didn't care to pose but with a kitten, she would.

Atticus with the maid's daughter



What Atticus likes do to, ride the skateboard and then die.

School on the beach, the waves were to strong and the beach rocky for much playing in the waves, but we did look through the rocks, even found a few shells in them.


                                                                Aiden first day of school, sort of, as we had really                             Aiden doing Math

                                                                started a few days before doing just reading. He looks

                                                                thrilled, LOL, it was the picture taking that got me that look.

It was box day yesterday, Aiden's school books arrived. Atticus was looking to and exclaiming, mine.

Yes, Aiden has the book upside down but he was so excited he had to show me.

AJ's last first day of middle school

We were ready to head to the beach when it started pouring, it put off us leaving but not the boys getting wet.

Look at that belly, it means he is still a baby right?




I don't know why she won't stop taking my picture, HEY some privacy, guess I will have to leave for privacy

Abby's 15th Birthday

Atticus playing his video game, or at least he thinks he is.                                       Aiden and AJ discovered they can sit on the roof .                      


Atticus with his big brown eyes.                                                                                                    Neighborhood duel


Abby in her new glasses


                 Sleepy heads    Atticus was napping, woke up to come find me, however I was rolling cookies and couldn't pick him up right away so he went back to sleep.


My innocent boy, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil



                      Atticus                                     Aiden with his backpack, and our "Christmas tree"                  Matt doing what he loves         

Atticus playing in the dryer

Aiden's 5th bday