Photos 10/08 to ??

Atticus first soccer practice/game

The first is before we headed to the game and then one when is was playing nicely and how he felt at the end.

Below shows how it went...maybe it will get better??!!



September 1st 2009 First Day of School

Trip to the Madison Zoo



Can you find the animal behind the kids?

             What can I see from here?                                                                   King of the Mountain!!


The End

Ashley's 18th family party

My mom and sis with Abraham


AAbby with her colored hair.

A couple of pictures from lake Mukwanago....

From the Rock County Fair

First they are checking out the cow up close, then Atticus was whispering to the cow and below checking out if cow's make good pillows. (They were told they did)

From the Easter Party with the Embassy

This is to show Abby and AJ were there even if they didn't want a picture with the Easter Bunny.





AAtticus with his multicolored hands

Abraham in his sling were he spent most of the party sleeping.



Some water play fun!! (2/16/08)




The Aquarium in Santo Domingo (pics outside of it)

These two Atticus took, he LOVED the turtles!!!


kTurkey cookies Aiden, Atticus and I made.

Aiden at the first awards ceremony of the year.


A rainy day

Cubscout Outing to the Botanical Gardens




Trick or Treat with the Embassy was yesterday(10/29), the boys had a lot of fun, got a enough candy and played some games. It was so hot and humid, I am happy that most of the walking was indoors and that Atticus walked up and down all the stairs by himself, he often wants carried still. First Bobo Fett and Captain Aiden



At the party after trick or treating they had bobbing for apples, Aiden had a bit of trouble as he is missing a top tooth and the bottom on the opposite side...he got it finally with a bit of help.

The eating donuts on a string with no hands.....Aiden thought that using your shoulders would be fine....AJ was the only one to actually eat the donut, Aiden fell to the ground and Atticus who did catch his tossed it to the ground.



I found PUMPKINS!! The first one of Aiden is completely staged, he wanted nothing to do with touching the insides of a pumpkin, he let Matt clean and carve it. There are no pictures of Atticus as he got mad that he couldn't run around with the carving tools right before we started and ran up stairs to hide where he fell asleep.(10/26)


AJ playing volleyball at the tournament on 10/25/08



The quilts I made for the baby boy....the first one was started before I knew boy or girl and so once I knew I wanted one a bit more boyish. The first is crib or lap size and the blue one more baby size. As well the blue one has different textures, really soft, a bumpy, satiny smooth and the the flannel.


Pictures of Aiden the Wolf Scout,(10/14/08)

Sometimes you just have to take what you get with pictures and then let them go play.

These were taken on his actually birthday, I asked if he would stand nicely for a picture and you can see what I got at first such a sweet angel, LOL...then one with his hands down. He is wearing his FAVORITE outfit by the way, he does prefer black but the Dinagyang is the shirt he always wants clean.

Aiden's birthday, the day before he really turned 7

The second one above, does he look happy? He was thrilled with all the presents.....

Do you think he likes fire? It was so hard to get a nice smile and with the cake or presents.


CA couple of pics from the pool


After cracking his head on the sidewalk at the back to school/end of summer wasn't really even bad enough for stitches, but the nurse did shave around the cut and tried to put the butterfly strips on. One reason he is in need of a hair cut but we are waiting, with it long you can't tell it was shaved and he would NEVER go for that short of a cut.

The First quilt I have finished, I have finished one top but still no backing and another that I have been working on since last christmas, but this one I but the back on and quilted it. It was to be for the baby and I am sure he will use it but I found another one that I want to make for him. It is a rag quilt and I am using different textured fabric...hopefully it come out cute.