Puerto Plata

Well we made the trip across the island to Puerto Plata this weekend for a beach stay. We had a half off coupon that needed to be used, had already made the reservation and paid for it, the boys were doing better and we needed out of the house. The drive wasn't a fun one for me my back and hips didn't care for the 3hrs in the van, it wasn't great for Matt as roads aren't marked and you never know when you were going to come around a curve to a car going 20mph on the highway.  We got there and they had the kids on different floors so we had to wait around while they fixed that, but they did at least get the kids just down and across the room and we had the right number of beds. The kids safe didn't work, which they did fix, the kids phone had no cord which they never did fix...oh well lots of up and down the hall for us.  We did go out to the beach after settling in but it was a bit cool and everyone was hungry so that didn't last long.  It was all inclusive with buffets, which were OK, not great but I didn't have to do the cooking and their was food to choose from. Saturday morning we woke to a rather cool rain, not what we had planned at all....at least they had cable for the little kids, the big kids to but AJ wasn't nearly at content with that as Atticus and Aiden were.  Atticus had been asking for French Fries since the night before and the buffet didn't have them but the beach snack place did so about 3 we headed down there and a bit after that it finally cleared up and the sun came out.  AJ played a bit of volleyball and then he too played in the ocean with Aiden and Atticus, Abby even walked a bit in the waves (Matt got pictures).  It was nice for me to just sit on the beach in the sun, I LOVE just sitting at the beach. As well I really like how happy Aiden is with the waves, the others like it as well but for him it is just a bit different.  We went back up to the room to shower, change and the little boys and I were eating at the buffet but Abby, AJ and Matt had reservations at the Mediterranean restaurant, they would have preferred the Asian place had it been open. However Aiden didn't make it to dinner, he feel asleep at 6:30 and not a peep out of him until 6:30 the next morning which was just an "I'm awake" and then he was back out for another hour. I think the beach was good for him but he isn't any where near 100%. Even after all that sleep he managed to take a nap in the car on the way home. Atticus was still waking a few times at night for potty breaks but last night he slept through, it is 6am and he is still sleeping.   Sunday we woke to sun so went to the beach right after breakfast and played until it was time to clean up, pack up, eat  and head home.  AJ had hoped for windsurfing but without enough wind he had to settle for a kayak ride, which he did enjoy. 

Now for some pictures, though they look just like the others for different beaches....

Abby was there!!!

AJ just relaxing!!!

My four guys!!!                                                                                                                      I did it!!!

Aiden lovin' the waves                                                                                                          Where did he go??

Playing in the sand.... Aiden buried his shoe about a foot deep and needed helped finding it.



AHHHH the waves are coming!!! I am sure the couple who were cuddled up LOVED him running by screeching!!


An interesting tree with odd roots.