Santo Domingo House Photo's

Our House for the next couple of years.

From the gate to our house and then looking from our house to the gate.


                                                                                                         Inside our house



 Walking in you first come to the living room and you can see a outdoor room through the doors. Matt says it will be a good poker game room.

                                                                                        The dinning room and the kitchen

  The office Matt has been hoping for.                                                                    The office is to the left in this picture, living room to the right and ahead is the family room.


                                                                                            The family room, I really like this room


                        No need for a baby gate at the bottom of these stairs.                          At the top of the stairs is a nice sitting area, or game playing area. Aiden has AJ's

                                                                                                                                  old pokemon board game set up there. That is the little boy's room you see.

  A bedroom they are all pretty much the same, they all have a walk in closet and through that the bathroom. Abby and AJ do have extra high ceilings.

Our bedroom is a bit bigger but I found the closet/dressing area/bathroom to be a bit different. The first picture you can see what could be a sitting area, round the corner and that is where the second                        picture was taken,  there is a sink to the left and the bathroom to the right and ahead the closet areas. You can see a portion of mine but if you rounded the corner you would see another area just as                              big that is Matt's.  I took a picture of the bathroom door as they are a bit different. They fold open and don't really shut that well.


What the family room looked like when the kids unpacked the toys..