September 2008

September 22nd

Life is going along just fine here. Nothing much going on, seems like we are see where we are going, for the promotion list, to find out boy or girl. Though October should bring answers to all of those questions. Though I guess if Matt has a year of language in the states, it will still mean the kids and I need to figure out where to live. And if we find out it is a boy then the names will need to be worked on......Alistair, Axel, Alonzo....though Atticus thought Absol would be good.... Abby wants Anghel.

Aiden is doing good with school, seems like he is learning and moving forward. I don't recall much of that last year or not as much as I would have liked. As well I can actually leave him with a worksheet and let him do it, with some things anyway. If it comes to letter sounds I sit with him, because if he can't say the word right then he can't hear the right sound. Where as if I say the word he knows right away. I do let him try to say the words, but help him out if he is off base.

The little boys got a blow up pool yesterday. That should bring them some fun, and a motivator to finish school work. I do wonder how long it will last, who will be the one to put a whole in it, the dog, a stray cat, a kid.....

I am getting bigger or so it seems to me. I can feel the little jelly bean when laying down, s/he is moving alot. I don't feel the movement so much as pressure if s/he is down low or up high.  I can't wait for Aiden to feel the baby move and neither can he, he tries to already but I know he will have to wait a few more weeks. Oh and the baby is a turnip this week.....


September 15th

We are still waiting to see where our next home will be, I would guess it will be mid October before we know. Though I would guess that we will have at least a year in the States so Matt can learn a new language. I think that will be a good thing, or I guess I should say we will all like a little time in the states. I do wish we could go straight to a 3y post for AJ and high school but there were next to no post with speech therapy and safe that we could do that.

We, Abby, AJ, Atticus and I did a 5k walk/run this Sat. AJ did run it and finished first of those running the 5K. Abby, Atticus and I finished but no where near one of the first. Then there was a brunch after, yum. When they did the raffle she had thanked her spouse for the waffles and cinnamon rolls, as Aiden was right their he had to pipe up with his mom made the monkey bread. He was full of questions/statements for Karen, I went and settled him down. AJ did win a shirt in the raffle, Aiden didn't win anything and was really disappointed. Next month is the Halloween Fun Run, will see if we go or not. Abby says never again and Aiden after doing one last year won't do it.

Abby is moving along with her Japanese which is great, too bad their is little chance now of us going there. Osaka is still on the list but not really a posting we want, the city isn't nearly as good a place to be as Tokyo would have been. Her school takes so much less time than AJ's, I often feel sorry for AJ. He is up to get ready at 5:30, not home until 5 or 6 after volleyball practice and then has homework that usually takes up most of the evening. Abby is usually done if a few hours, I am thinking once we add in Math it will still be only 3-4hrs.  AJ thinks there might me a game this week, it sounds like the games will be like last years basketball, with no set schedule and so you don't really know in advance.

I am doing fine, 16w this weekend. I thought the morning sickness was done but this weekend showed that was not the case. I do hope it is ending soon, I do at least have some energy back it sure makes keeping up with Aiden easier.  I was suppose to see the OB last week but we showed up to find out she was not in. I do feel for her as her mother passed away. I have a new appt. this week, Aiden and I can't wait to get another peak at the "avocado".  The website I have been reading gives a fruit or veggie, to compare the size of the baby....too funny....


September 6th

Why has the dog decided DS games are a chew toy? He has chewed up 3 games, these are not cheap and they are small so I don't understand why on a table full of stuff he would pick that.

In bigger and much better news Aiden is on the road to reading or it appears so. It took a week to get down the first story Pat, with at words,  Rat and Fat. He did get it but with taking so long I thought we would need a week for each story. So we did other stuff this week, then yesterday he said "I haven't read my big in 49 hundred years!" ( he really likes the number 49) So we pulled it out last night and he read Pat without issue and turned the page and read Nat, which added a few new words. I was so impressed and glad I was the one not some unknown person who was helping him read. The next story had more new words and was a bit longer, he got the "AT" words fine but another couple times through before he gets the other words.  With his speech issues and sounds not coming out the way he wants, when he wants I really didn't know if reading out loud would come this year at all. So a nice surprise for me.

In the bid list news, Uganda is off.  The school was a bit misleading it what is available speech therapy wise for kids in the city. They do have some people who work with kids with speech issues but they are not speech therapist. Since Aiden really needs a good speech therapist who knows apraxia it won't work for us. I was a bit disappointed but I shall get over it and deal with where ever we end up.

We did make it through Hurricane Hannah, AJ did make it through school. I learned after sending AJ that the Ministry of Education closed schools in Santo Domingo, but alas Carol Morgan is a private school and can do there own thing. They choose to worry about getting in enough days, for there association with the United States, than the flooding of the roads and safety of kids getting there. Now we get to see what Ike brings, it is a bit further out but stronger, I guess the next couple of days will tell.

As for the newest Taylor, as long as all is looking well I think we have decided to do the homebirth here in Santo Domingo. It is really the only way we can see to have the family here for the birth. With the medivac, Matt could be late, AJ can't miss that much school and so we will hope for a uneventful pregnancy and birth.


September 3rd

 Well Hurricane Hannah turned and came back, at least it is only a Tropical Storm but the rain from it is still more than we need here. Last night I had to go get AJ after volleyball practice, I was not looking forward to the drive and trying to decide which roads would be the safest, I choose my usual side roads and figured if I had to turn somewhere I could do it. I am thankfully I went that way, I hit a few spots that made me a tad nervous, once stopped in a puddle(?) that the car in front of us had water up to the back bumper.  However Matt came home the main road and said their were cars stranded all over and some were trying to push there cars with water over the headlights.  Thankfully we have a generator as the power was out all night as well it rained all night. However AJ's school is not cancelled today. I sent him off in the rain to the bus, if he were in a younger grade I would have just kept him home. However with the high school and their overly strict rules on missed days he went off. I wonder if it will be like a day last year and the only kids that were at the school were bussed Embassy kids.  Hopefully I will hear from Matt soon on how his drive to work was.  Aiden and I were to go to therapy today but I think we will pass,  unless the rain stops. I don't  like the though of a taxi on these roads they definitely don't have a high clearance.  We can use the time to do some science experiments.

In other news AJ tried out and made the volleyball team, Varsity at that.  I should mention that only 17 High Schoolers tried out and they need 15 for the team. It is giving him a good work out, as his arms are sore. Hopefully it will keep him in shape for basketball.

I went to the Embassy Med. Unit yesterday, as they want to follow the pregnancy so that there are no surprises. While there I learned that they strongly recommend medivacing to the states for the birth. This was not in our plans at all, but now we are researching it and seeing if it really is an option for our family. Do the older kids miss the birth? They were there for the Aiden and Atticus. Can we take AJ out of school and still have him pass? Where could we all stay for the 8-12 weeks? So many questions and not nearly enough clear answers. 

I think we have a final bidlist, now the wait really begins as anyone who really wants Matt could offer even if it wouldn't be final yet. So our list though I am not sure if this is the order Matt put it in.

Kampala Uganda

Osaka Japan

Taipei Taiwan

Beijing China

Bucharest Romania

Sydney Australia

London England