September/October  2009

October 23rd

Well haven't I been good about updates. I need to find more time or make more time. Usually AJ is on the computer at night and the boys have been getting up with me in the morning. I like the boys waking earlier as they go to bed earlier and as I am a morning person dealing with them when I want to sleep is not a good thing for either of us, I like the earlier to bed.

I haven't a clue what happened in sister had a birthday and Aiden want to and got to make an ice cream cake with worms in it for her. He started his testing with the school to see about speech, it was after testing they let me know he couldn't receive speech without being enrolled or actually that it was up to them if they wanted to offer it or not. They choose not to offer if he wasn't enrolled, even though his articulation was at or below the FIRST percentile for kids his age. So he is now enrolled  and will start school on Monday. I couldn't see how we could not at least try it out as they will give him speech FIVE times a week and he will get reading help either daily or 3x a week and he only has to go half days.  He will join a class for social studies or science (depends on their day), recess and a bit of silent reading. We tested it out this past week and the first day wasn't so good, but the second was better and I think he will do Ok. I worry most about him not being understood and giving up trying to be understood, for the days he was there he was all about raising his hand to give his answer.

We had plenty of soccer it started off hot and needing to cool the kids off and ended with bundling them up under their soccer shirts. Aiden had frost covering the ground for his last game, but Atticus had SNOW for his second to last game. Atticus started off not doing so well, if he couldn't have the ball or be fastest he wasn't playing. He played for most of his last game and he did like the practices but there he has his ball to kick around. I really like both of the boys coaches and we will see them next April when the games begin again. Hopefully Atticus will want to play more and Aiden will be more aggressive in going for the ball, never thought that would be a problem.

Aiden had a birthday and is 8!!! Matt got to come the weekend before that and have birthday cake with us. That was the weekend it snowed at the soccer game. We got to try out the fire place that weekend, it was nice to have fire. We were going to go as a family to the pumpkin patch but instead Matt took the 3 older kids and my nieces to do the corn maze and wagon ride, just to cold to have the baby out for such a thing. It was nice to have Matt home but to short a visit. Aiden loved having daddy here to play his new Mario Baseball game. He won't be back until Thanksgiving.

The weekend after that we went to just get pumpkins at a smaller and closer place...Aiden was full of energy so he went and ran around the pumpkin field even though the pumpkins were already picked. He really really wanted to show me something so I got to walk out to the end of the pumpkin patch to, guess what he showed me?  A rotten pumpkin with a hole in it....there were many but he needed to show me that one. When I said something about it, he said "I just need to learn things!!"  So he does...we went to the apple orchard after that, YUM!!  My uncle had brought us some from another farm that were delicious but they were gone and so these are almost too, I think I may go see about some more and make some yummy apple desserts.

Abraham is scooting about getting faster but still slow enough to get him before he gets into trouble. He has two teeth on bottom and 3 on top, still waiting for one of the front top ones to appear.  He can pull himself up on things if he is sitting by them and he thinks he can just let go and stand there, which I guess he can do for about a second. I am so going to miss his jumper and saucer, they contain him happily. He is eating a bit of  baby food and has liked his veggies so far and he LOVES apples. I have a mess holder for him and he will mash a couple of apple slices in that at a time. I have also give him a bit of rice and macaroni from my plate.

Well think the boys have given me all the time I will get this morning.


Sept. 6th

The past few days have been busy busy busy. Abraham had his six month check up on the 3rd he weighs 22lbs and was 28 in, he got a couple of shots as well. Then that night we had  Lia Sophia party here. Friday was the delivery of our HHE, finally. It was nice to get it but it just reminded me of the money I had to spend because I didn't get it earlier. If they had not let it set a month in Santo Domingo I wouldn't have had to buy 18m summer clothes for Abraham amongst other things. Now I really need my closet finished so I can put away all the clothes. I just need to get the organizers, we went the other night but I hadn't thought about having all the kids in the van and the lack of space. I will probably be in Janesville 3X this week so I should be able to get them bought.  Friday night we also gave Abraham his first solid food, he did well. Ashley and took pictures and we have a ton of pictures. Saturday Matt gathered his things together, worked a bit on the closet with my uncle, unpacked a few more boxes and we had Abrahams baptism after mass.  This morning I took Matt to the airport, he will start his Mandarin classes Tuesday in D.C. Guess I am a single mom for the next 10 months, with hopefully Matt coming home one weekend a month. At least I do have family here to help out some and the 2 big kids are old enough to be helpful too.  Next week doesn't appear to be any quieter, I think we are going shopping Monday. Aiden could use some soccer shoes and he has practice Monday night. Abby could use some outfits for senior pictures and since Ashley is going and they are going to do a couple pics together it would be the best time. The Tuesday and Wednesday 3 of the kids have dentist appts. in Janesville and we have some Pizza Hut book it coupons to use. The there is all the usual stuff Speech therapy, school, house work......

Well Abraham has had enough of sitting in his bouncer and his telling me time's up.


Sept. 2nd

We made it through the first day of school. (Pics on the picture page) I think it helped that he didn't have to be there until 11:45, they let the freshman start first and have the high school to themselves. Aiden made it through his school work with only a few threats of no TV the rest of the day or going to public school if he didn't want to work at home. Hopefully once we get more of a routine it will help. Though I don't know about that happening this week. We didn't start until Tuesday, today we have speech at 8:30 and there is a home school picnic in Madison, Thursday we should be able to get school in between getting ready for a party that night and then Friday our next shipment for the Dominican Republic arrives finally. It will have the rest of Abby's work, she is only doing Chemistry and British Lit this week.  At least Matt will be here when it arrives, however if they had sent it when they packed it instead of a month late and they had made a better effort to contact us when it arrived we could have had it 6 weeks ago. For someone reason they said they couldn't reach us, they had no trouble reaching us for the air freight and all the contact info was the same.

In other news Ashley turned 18, Happy Belated Birthday!! She choose to take the family to Chuck E Cheese, I think more for the little boys but the big kids have fun playing games and got a ton of tickets. Atticus and Aiden I think LOVED it, they still are talking about it a couple of weeks later. Aiden I would guess will want to go for his birthday but time will tell.

We had a yard sale the day after boy was that a bust....we had it at Sandy's old house so on a busy road and she put an add in the paper but next to nobody stopped by and I didn't sell any of the baby items. I have never had a yard sale were I didn't sell all of the baby stuff so seemed like wasted time but I did chat with Sandy a bit and the boys ran around outside.

Aiden and Atticus are getting ready for soccer. Atticus got his shirt and a ball but won't start with practice until the 12th were he will have his practice and games at the same time. Aiden starts practice tomorrow and he will have a few practices before the games start and then he has 1 or 2 games a week with some practices thrown in. I hope the boys like it, they are excited about it now.