Summer Vacation 2005                       

  Well I shall to type a bit with the pics and see what I can remember of our vacation.  Our first stop 

was Orlando Florida to visit Matt's side of the family.  On the drive from the airport to their house AJ 

got his first wish Taco Bell, which he got many times throughout our stay.  We stayed with uncle Jeff,

Aunt Carla and cousin Sydney.  Seemed we were on the go the whole time.  The kids got to enjoy Epcot, 

the Science center, Gatorland, Ripley's Believe It or Not,  Downtown Disney and just being to play outside 

in a real yard.  Which is something that will be greatly missed.  Oh and can't forget shopping at Wal-Mart or 

Toys R Us and I turned another year older

Atticus with his Grandma Toni                                                       his cousin Sydney

                 Jeff, Matt, Chris                                          Abby and Jack



Aiden, Abby, Sydney, AJ and Atticus at Gatorland

                                                           Yes those are real gators, well the ones Abby and AJ are on.

Sydney, Aiden and AJ got their faces painted, Abby choose to get a tattoo that I didn't get a good pic of.

At Downtown Disney by Lego Land, The dog and family, robot and dino are all made of legos

Me and my boys on my bday at Rainforest Cafe                         Aiden with Buzz                                             Matt and Aiden


Onward to Wisconsin we went to visit my side of the family. While there we did quite a few things as you will see below.   We had Atticus's

Baptized, went to the zoo in Madison, House on the Rock, the Rock country Fair and  Storybook Gardens and Wildlife in the Dells (the kids

 wanted the  water parks but with two little ones, it will have to wait).  Matt and the two older ones also made the side trip to DC to visit some

 friends, though with the lost luggage issue they didn't see many.  After Matt  left we went with my sister and her kids to Kansas to visit more family

and then came home by way of St. Louis to stop in and see Zayne.  Whom AJ loved playing PS2 with.  It was great to see them and wish we lived

closer to see more of them.  AJ also loved being there because he got to duel with his Yugi cards with Shaun and Brennen.    Aiden learned 

to ride his first bike, which he loved.  It was nice having a yard to play in and sidewalks to ride their bikes on, they will miss it.  Atticus

 learned to roll over and sit for a little bit by himself. 

     Father Kevin, Atticus, Lisa, Matt, Sandy and Jeff                            The Taylor Family                                      Ashley and Atticus

At the zoo                                               


                                                      Feeding goats at the zoo                                                              AJ with his beloved Penguins 


House on the Rock




            Abby turned 13!!!!       The cake we had at the get together in KS, to celebrate July bdays.

                                                                                                Abby at her entire name.


                                      Great Grandma, Katrina, Aiden, AJ, Grandpa John, Atticus, Abby and Ashley


The Arch in St. Louis, we hadn't really planned to see it, we were going just to see Zayne but

how could we be so close and not.

                                                                                                         This pic AJ took, I love that he got the shadow in it.

 Katrina, AJ, Zayne, Abby, Ashley, Atticus, Aiden       The 5 of us that went up in the Arch.                                                        

                                                                                             At Storybook Gardens  



The old lady who lived a shoe she had so many kids she didn't know what to do, but I know she didn't try to get them all in a pic.                               

Trina, Nic, Auty, Abby, Ashley, Atticus, AJ, Aiden, Alexia, Nate                            


AJ in the little house. All accept Atticus were in it at once.                       Nate and Aiden

At the Rock County Fair

  I think the Rock county fair would be one of the kids favorites, we had been to a county fair since Aiden was a baby so it has been a couple of years.  We went 3 days, first day was for wrist band day and the kids rode the rides from 12:00-10pm.  We went with Ashley, Katrina and Shaun and then meet up with some more friends, so they had plenty of friends to ride with.  Aiden I guess didn't no one his age in the group but he didn't seem to mind.  He did do the bumper cars with AJ a few times and then this thing called "The Fly" where you lay down and they harness you in and then it takes you flying around.  If  I had let him go on it earlier instead of the last ride he would have done it over and over I think.  He did do the slides over and over.  They had a few different ones, the one in the pics,. one where you sit on a potato sack and one that has an obstacle course before the slide.  I stood by them for a good 30m a few times while he went  down, down and down again.  We went the second day to see Bill Engval, he was hilarious.  The third day was to see Charlie Daniels and walk through the tents and animal barns. I think the highlight there was milking a goat, which they got a blue ribbon for. I however have no pics.

                                                                                They all won a can of vegetables!!

They had a corn box to play in.         Since Aiden can't make snow angels in made a corn angel!!  The slide he loved!!

Aiden loved having camera wars with Grandma Susie.         The Fairies Abby made.                           Aiden riding his bike.

Business is the way to travel, if you have to be on a plane for a day

                                                                                      The end.